'Smallville' First Look: Tom Welling in Superman Suit

September 05, 2009 04:51:27 GMT

Hang onto the idea that the early version of Superman is having him dressed like Neo from the 'Matrix' trilogy.

'Smallville' First Look: Tom Welling in Superman Suit
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With nine seasons running, the writers of "Smallville" are moving forward with Clark Kent's transition to become the man of steel. A photo is released via LilMissX to reveal the first look of Clark in his Superman outfit. Instead of the red and blue tights, the outfit is pitch black with a silver "S" symbol on the chest.

In the promo released for the ninth season, Chloe told Clark to embrace his Kyrptonian side and accept the fact that he is destined to save the world. The ninth season will be opened with an episode where Clark tells Jor-El that he is ready to start his training. However, Jor-El sends him back to Metropolis to cut ties with Lois before he can begin.

Premiered on September 25, "Smallville" will bring a set of new DC Comics characters into the season. The villains are General Zod and Metallo while the heroes are Wonder Twins, Speedy, and Justice Society of America.

On another news, Allison Mack confirms in an interview with ComicBookMovies that there will be a season 10 where Tom Welling has been signed to. She said, "Tom has signed for season 9 and for a season 10, so the show will go until season 10. I will be completed with my contract next year, and I am looking for new and exciting ways to carry out my character's exit."


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posted by Dannie Elliott-Mauld on Apr 26, 2012
I LOVE Smallville, would give anything to actualy meet Tom Welling!!!!!!!!!! I don't care WHAT kind of suit he wears, as long as it is him & hes still on TV! I would totally watch any kind of superman shows with Tom in them, I would watch him on TV until the day he dies, I love him that much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM WELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to meet you some day!
posted by x2770x on Mar 06, 2011
Please do a superman series after smallville, you'll get a lot of fans from slallvile & Attract new ones.
posted by Jbones on Oct 06, 2010
Tom 4 Superman, I wont pay 4 anyone else!
posted by krypton on Oct 02, 2010
Tom Welling doesn't seem to want to wear the red tights, and is rapidly getting too old for them, at least in the "original" universe. The "neo" outfit just tells me he don't do the red tights and don't want to. Sad. If you're gonna be supes, you've gotta be superman, *not* "superclark" with the cool hair do.
posted by Troy on Oct 01, 2010
dude i dont care if he doesnt want to wear it people want to c him in it,dont get me wrong im a big fan of black but they shouldnt change his suit like that. HE NEEDS THE CLASSIC SUIT!!!!!
posted by lex complex on Sep 28, 2010
there must be life afther smallville like superboy/man tv series we had one in the 0's now im hoping tom wil do a show like that in the suite as superman/clark now is realy the time for a tv show of superboy/man look how great smallville looks,bring that in to the new advanctures of lois&clark superman tv show. and you have a top 1 rated tv show
posted by Anthony on Aug 28, 2010
Tom Welling has earned the right to be given the chance for the Superman role in the rebooted film and he's proven himself for the last ten years and has the most experience and most potential and becoming a very respectable actor in the process. Pete, even Tom himself that he's alway been open to the idea! it would do justice for Tom and for Smallville and Superman fans as well and I'm hoping the future producer and director can realize that. He's earned it.
posted by Smallville 10 season on Jul 13, 2010
Ive heard alot of comments on smallvills latest season and i must admit i have run out of finger nails to bite hahahaha the exitement is killing me and i cannot wait to watch it whooaa
posted by slavic dash on Feb 17, 2010
suit looks great... thanks for 10 season. will there be a 11? love your suit tom. smalleville rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!1 go tom!
posted by Pete on Oct 13, 2009
Looks very cheap. SuperPunisher. I think it's true that Welling doesn't want to wear the classic Superman suit..
posted by sue on Sep 23, 2009
wow tom is so awesome looking .. best show on cw
posted by joyce on Sep 23, 2009
tom welling is just wonderfull as superman.. was blessed with looks that on one can handsome..
posted by nancy on Sep 23, 2009
love smallville.. tom is great best looking guy on tv..
posted by eternalwaterfall on Sep 07, 2009
lana? lol we will never see her again...remember how she left. She's Kryptonite, literally. Clark can't be near her ever again. Glad that's over though, no chemistry there. Love Lois and love Chloe. Great chemistry between Clark and those two characters. Can't wait for the new season! Suit looks great :)
posted by smasrk on Sep 05, 2009
hav'nt seen lana with clark for a long time ...they better show more scenes ov her in the upcoming episodes ,appreciating lois's scenes though !!
posted by smasrk on Sep 05, 2009
i've got to admit we miss lana very much! lana we miss ya big times!!!!
posted by smasrk on Sep 05, 2009
woooow!! finally somebody confirmed that there will be season 10 .. i love tom!i love erica ,alison and all the work team of "smallville" ... smallville rocks guys
posted by Shelly on Sep 05, 2009
Wow look awesome! Haha and yes I know he looks like Neo but still it looks awesome!
posted by Justin on Sep 05, 2009

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