Oprah Winfrey, Top Contender to Interview Jaycee Lee Dugard

September 04, 2009 03:45:31 GMT

In order to have the 29-year-old woman who was abducted when she was a child on her couch, Oprah has reportedly sent a personal letter to her.

Oprah Winfrey, Top Contender to Interview Jaycee Lee Dugard
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There are whispers that Oprah Winfrey would like to land the first TV interview with kidnapping victim Jaycee Lee Dugard. The team of "The Oprah Winfrey Show", according to San Francisco Chronicle, has sent a personal note from Oprah to Dugard to convince her in coming and telling her side of story through the show.

Sources also said that Oprah is among the top contenders to have the exclusive deal beside Barbara Walters from "The View" and Diane Sawyer from "Good Morning America". Not only Jaycee, the interview reportedly will also bring in her two daughters, Starlight and Angel, whom she bore through the rape. There has been no word from the Harpo Studios about this.

Dugard is a victim of kidnapping and years of raping by Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife Nancy. She was abducted at the age of 11 while waiting for a school bus. Ever since her reappearance on August 26, media have been battling to get an inside story. So far, only the close relatives of Dugard and neighbors of Garrido have opened up to the press.

The story of Dugard is taking a huge national interest that there are reports of a possible book and movie deal being offered.

Meanwhile, "The Oprah Winfrey Show" will begin a whole new season on September 14 and 15 with Whitney Houston as the first guest.


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posted by JP on Sep 17, 2009
I am a father and what happened to Jaycee is my greatest nightmare. I pray for her,her children and her family. Also I urge you all to boycott Any media sensationlism promoted by these scavangers. If we do not watch then the Ratings won't be there. Oh and Opera if this ever get's back to you "shame on you" if you truly Planned on exploiting this poor girl agai!
posted by Pat on Sep 17, 2009
Sounds like Oprah is doing a bit of Damage Control. Jaycee and her family have been going through a horrific experience and Oprah is publicly announcing her ďRating BoastingĒ wants. Let Jaycee alone, send some of you millions to help the family get through these trying times, and donít invade the familyís privacy. This is a very important time for their healing, donít force your schedule on how long it will take.
posted by Sarah, Sydney, Austr on Sep 10, 2009
Jaycee should not have to deal with any pressure from the crazed Media to tell her story. They should respect her privacy and keep their distance and just be thankful that she has been found without feeling the need to explloit her. Jaycee is safe now and hopefully she can start to heal and rebuild her life with the love of her family and help of professionals. She has been in my thoughts a lot, and i am amazed at the strength and sheer will of this young woman to survive her circumstances and take care of her two daughters. She is truely incredible. My eyes well up with tears when i think of the happiness Jaycee and her mother must have felt to hug eachother again after 18 years. Im sending my love to them.
posted by Lily on Sep 10, 2009
if this is true about Oprah, she should be ashamed ... if she is so concerned about Jaycee then just donate some money to help her family.
posted by lily on Sep 10, 2009
The Media make me ill - and the people who are so desperate to know about Jaycee - leave the poor girl alone, she has been through enough. Why can people not be content just knowing she has been rescued and is now with her mother, and just send love to Jaycee in their thoughts rather than falling all over themselves to get the a quick fix of gossip.
posted by CelesteK on Sep 09, 2009
Why don't they just leave her alone and when she wants to talk about her experience she will.
posted by Pat on Sep 09, 2009
I live in Tahoe and was here when Jaycee was kidnapped, we all looked in every car and shopping mall for Jaycee, we all were saddened by the events and we all felt the parentís pain. The anger we have towards her kidnappers, the story of sick minds of her abductors. As the news media moves in to sensationalize this story, let us all be careful to help Jaycee and her children heal, do not invade her privacy. Jaycee and her immediate family deserve our consideration. It saddens me that Oprah feels she is a child advocate and wants to rush in for money & fame without considering the personal consequences. Please take a second look, there is no way Jaycee is able to respond to such a media circus
posted by Patsy on Sep 08, 2009
Jaycee and her girls need privacy. They also need everyone to send money to help their family furnish their many needs - medical and dental care and all the nice things that they have missed out on. Everything should be good for them from here on. They've suffered more than ANYONE can imagine. It breaks my heart. Let's help them and not try to force them into getting financial help through a movie or book deal. It's not our business and can't help them to have everyone peeking into their horrible past. Send good thoughts and money if you can.
posted by freak on Sep 05, 2009
i'm just waitin to hear the girls side, this so called heart warming story... while i agree with all of you i must say when i saw this story hit the news something about it just seemed overwhelmingly fishy
posted by chime on Sep 04, 2009
The girls as well???This media frenzy is not really going to help the family. And yes many paparazzi are paying money for any bit of info they can "gather" from people!Many people are just too curious and intrusive.They have absolutely no privacy????
posted by xpzhan on Sep 04, 2009
As a father of a daughter and a sun, I think this country should have death penalty to deter this kind of crime!
posted by sad storry on Sep 04, 2009
poor jaycee i think it her step dad should be able to see her and then oprah can interview her step dad because its to much for them to have paparazzi every where.I also think it would be nice for her srep dad to have just one picture of jaycee and the kidssad storr
posted by crimstudent on Sep 04, 2009
I agree with the point of privacy. Given that Oprah is the richest female celebrity, if she really cares, donate a couple hundred thousand to Jaycee's Trust Fund with no strings attached.
posted by Sarah on Sep 04, 2009
people have no idea how terrified Garrido would have made Jaycee so she would have been too scared to even try to escape - she was 11! Its so heartbreaking when people comment on her not attempting to escape. NO ONE knows what this girl has been through except her. Then she had two children to think about later - knowing what he was capable of she did the right thing to just try and survive .. As if he wouldn't be monitoring her emails/phone calls either .. of course he was!
posted by Sarah on Sep 04, 2009
I am surprised at Oprah. She should know better. The Media need to leave the poor family in peace,, let Jaycee and her girls heal, its so typical the media are like desperate vulchers.
posted by curious on Sep 04, 2009
I am as curious as anyone else to see Jaycee and her daughters but the truth is.. they need their privacy. These girls have been through enough and will never have a chance at normalcy if they are plastered through the media. Good luck to them.
posted by Merrie on Sep 03, 2009
Goodluck to Jaycee. I know she feels only love, that is what saved her. In survival, submission is key to staying alive. I send love to Jaycee and her family. Aloha MCB

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