'Halloween 3D' Developed Sans Rob Zombie

August 31, 2009 03:14:41 GMT

Though 'H2: Halloween 2' failed to take first slot at the weekend box office, the Weinstein Company reportedly gives thumbs up to a 3-D sequel which is planned to be released summer of 2010.

'Halloween 3D' Developed Sans Rob Zombie
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Beaten up by New Line Cinema's "The Final Destination" on the race to the top of North American box office over the weekend didn't stop The Weinstein Company to plan for another "Halloween" movie. Los Angeles Times reported that the studio has begun talking about a 3-D sequel, "Halloween 3D", being in development.

On Sunday, August 30, the studio's co-Chairman Bob Weinstein revealed that the 3-D movie is slated for release in summer 2010. Noting that director Rob Zombie who handled "Halloween" and "H2: Halloween 2" won't return for this project, he added that the studio is in talks with new director, whom he claimed to have "experience in horror and has a 'different take' on the franchise".

This "Halloween 3D" will be the eleventh installment of the "Halloween" franchise. The tenth movie was "H2: Halloween 2" which was debuted in theaters across the U.S. last Friday, August 28. The latest horror thriller film revolving around serial killer named Michael Myers opened third at the box office with approximately $17.4 million in its pocket.

"H2" tells the story when Michael Myers returns home to sleepy Haddonfield, Illinois to take care of some unfinished family business. Unleashing a new trail of terror, the serial slasher will stop at nothing to bring closure to the secrets of his twisted past and will continue his murdering 'Halloween' rampage until he gets his baby sister, Laurie Strode, all to himself. But the town has got an unlikely new hero, if they can only stay alive long enough to stop the unstoppable.


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posted by eric taylor. on Oct 29, 2010
Its hard to say how a movie will turn out. if rob zombie not going to direct it then i think the series needs someone on the same level as rob zombie for h3 to work
posted by M.B on Aug 11, 2010
This is SO stupid that Patrick Lussier is going to do it. All Bloody valentine was was killing and blood. I mean thats what Halloween is, but it has a great story line. Rob Zombie was best for the job.
posted by S.C. on May 14, 2010
Man the above poster is totally in denial. Rob distoryed Halloween and I'm glad he's gone.
posted by Jesse.Boosh101 on Apr 05, 2010
Without Rob Zombie H3 will fail miserably. robs take waz totally different and no one can make a film like Rob. Patrick Lussier sucks and cant direct watch that colossal size mess that is My bloody Valentine 3d and youll know he has no talent. i respect rob and knows he has talent. and if H3 is a sucess it will be only because My b. Valentine made bigger bucks then the genius H2. im sorry Rob that they r about to destroy your awesome series

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