Carrie Ann Inaba Shows Leg in New PETA Ad

Carrie Ann Inaba Shows Leg in New PETA Ad

Carrie Ann Inaba brings one of her three cats to pose for the Broadway-themed poster which encourages people to stop breeding animals and killing them eventually.

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba shows off some leg in the new ad campaign for PETA. Along with one of her cats, Shadow, Inaba is raising awareness about Animal Birth Control by encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter their animals.

There are two versions of the posters which will be featured on 100 billboards across Los Angeles. Both feature the same pose by Inaba, only the landscape one bears more information about the free spay-and-neuter clinic, The Sam Simon Foundation. "Don't Miss a Step - Spay or Neuter Today!", the tag is read.

Like other animal-loving celebrities working for PETA, Inaba also gives a reason why she loves her animal and why they must be taken care of. "I think we must be much more kind and much more sympathetic and to try take time to understand what their needs might be because they don't have a voice," she said in the accompanying video.

Regarding the cause itself, Inaba said "First of all, it's really important to spay and neuter your pets because there are so many. What's so sad is people are breeding them, and then we're putting them to sleep. We are breeding ones that are never gonna be loved, so why do it in the first place?"




    Aug 30, 2009

    Last I knew PETA wanted -all- animals "returned to the wild" INCLUDING Carrie's pet shadow and everyone else's.

    Aug 27, 2009

    OMG!!! I can't believe Carrie Ann fell for the Peta crap. Peta wants ALL animal breeding to stop so that NO animal will ever be loved and owned by a human. They are a fundraising organization that harms more animals than it has ever saved. They operate no shelters or sanctuaries. How on Earth do Celebs still buy into their crap? Don't their PR people do their homework? If they want to support humane treatment of animals they should look at respected adoption/rescue organizations. Celebs should really look at local no-kill shelters and sanctuaries and give their time, money and status to those who really care about animals. They should also look into supporting ANY activity that educates pet owners and gets them out there working and socializing their animals as animal companions, service animals and family members. If Peta has their way, these precious resources will no longer exist for the people desperately in need of them. Responsible breeders are NOT evil. Learn the difference and stop punishing everyone for the stupidity/ignorance of the few. I love DWTS as I competed in ballroom dancing. I am sad that I can never watch it again. I will not support anyone who supports Peta.

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