First Season 6 Promo of 'Grey's Anatomy'

August 26, 2009 06:39:04 GMT

The question of who will survive in the last season's finale becomes the subject lifted by the promo.

First Season 6 Promo of 'Grey's Anatomy'
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"Grey's Anatomy" expects some tears from its viewers when it returns this Fall. A new promo has just been released for the show's sixth season, highlighting on the emergency situation involving two of the beloved characters, George and Izzie. One of them will survive while the other won't be so lucky.

True fans of the show have been exposed with the fact that T.R. Knight won't make a return to the show due to an internal conflict with the producer, Shonda Rhimes. Meanwhile, Katherine Heigl has confirmed that she will be back for at least another season. Thus, when Callie (Sara Ramirez) is seen in the promo crying in shock, it is assumed that George does not survive the bus accident.

To support this theory, several on-set photos have leaked earlier this month that reveal a funeral scene. Izzie, with a headscarf is seen next to George's mom. "The doctors are processing this huge moment of grief," Jessica Capshaw who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins spilled. "My character previously lost her brother, so I'll be helping Callie process this horrible loss."

"Grey's Anatomy" is coming back on screen with a two-hour season premiere on September 24.


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posted by fub on Sep 09, 2009
love it love it!!!!!!
posted by ..nee on Sep 03, 2009
really dont want george or izze to them both! how's grey going to be without georgie?
posted by Julie on Sep 01, 2009
GEORGE!!!! :( NOOOOO!!! IZZIE!!!!! :( NOOOOO!!! lol, don't fricking LEAVE!
posted by frune on Sep 01, 2009
why do people have to die?!
posted by caz on Aug 30, 2009
when is it coming to the uk!!!! we love it too!
posted by Isl on Aug 26, 2009
I'm definitly gonna toon in!
posted by Kama on Aug 26, 2009
you guys all need to tune in!
posted by sas on Aug 26, 2009

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