David Cook Considers Naming His Band The Anthemic

August 24, 2009 07:58:59 GMT

David Cook says The Anthemic, which may be used as his band's name, refers to the direction he wants to take with his band.

David Cook
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In a recent interview with Darren Ferraira of KHOP 95.1 in Modesto, California, David Cook reveals what he has in mind regarding the name of his band. "I think the name of the band we're going to go with ... the one we're thinking of is ... The Anthemic, David Cook and The Anthemic," he said.

"It's an anthem, it's epic, it's big. That's what I feel the band has the potential to be, it's where we want to go," the champion of "American Idol" season 7 explained the reason of listing The Anthemic as a possible name for his band. "We tried for months for band names, and it's the one we're shooting for at the moment."

David Cook has dropped his eponymous major-label album "David Cook" in 2008. Its latest single "Permanent", which is dedicated to his brother Adam who died earlier this year due to brain cancer, was released in May as a charity track.

As for now, David is traveling across U.S. for a roadshow. His next stops include South Dakota, Oregon, Michigan and many more. During the gig, he said he has started working on new materials for his next effort. "We kind of noodle around out here on the road. Actually yesterday we noodled around at sound check and probably for the first time put a whole song together. But it will be good to get into a studio (in 2010) and really get to work," he said.


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posted by mona lisa on Nov 07, 2009
why dont you do like other singers and just keep your own name as the name of your group!!! to me i dont understand that. I have liked you from the begining of American Idol. you have no idea how you and your music inspire me. i was in a really deep depresion my youngest son had been killed in a car wreck,and listening to you on tues helped to motavate me. thanks a lot. your biggest fan!!!!EVER mona lisa!!!!!
posted by Heather on Aug 30, 2009
I like it...makes sense since he wants to do big anthems and a lot of the songs on his cd ARE big anthems. As far as having his name before the band name, would anyone call Paul McCartney pretentious with "Paul McCartney and Wings"? I think it's important to keep his name. Would people want just "The E Street Band" without Bruce's name in front of it, or "Wings" without Paul's in front of it? Definitely works for me!
posted by Kelly on Aug 30, 2009
It took me a few days to like it, but I think it's fine. And personally, since David Cook is the lead singer, I wouldn't want them to drop his name. Like others said, it works for Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, etc. Love him and his music, so adding a band name on is up to them IMO...
posted by Monica on Aug 28, 2009
I wasn't sure about the new name at first but now that I've had a few days to think about it I really like it. It seems to suit them very well.
posted by it sucks on Aug 28, 2009
it sucks... and everyone knows it. the anthemic.... naw dude, this sounds awfully pretentious and conceited....
posted by peggymgr on Aug 28, 2009
I personally love the name. It fits the goals David has said over and over again that he has for himself and his music and his band. And as to him dropping his name...he is the lead singer and the band is built around him, not the other way around. Among that list of Tony Orlando, Tom Petty, etc.(and I am showing my age here but) does anyone remember that little band named Eric Burdon and the Animals?
posted by Matt on Aug 25, 2009
New name sounds great to me. I hope they get back to my area again cause I'd like to go see them no matter what they are called.
posted by Cathie on Aug 25, 2009
I love David Cook! But, ugh, not digging the band name.
posted by tnas on Aug 24, 2009
I am not too fond of the sound of the name, but I guess it could grow on me. I agree, the music is the essential, no matter the name-- a rose, you know, by any other name....
posted by tnas on Aug 24, 2009
I am not too fond of the sound of the name, but I guess it could grow on me. I agree, the music is the essential, no matter the name-- a rose, you know, by any other name....
posted by DCIAT on Aug 24, 2009
Honestly, I'd go see David Cook if they called themselves The Shit Faced HaHa
posted by mm on Aug 24, 2009
I think he has to keep 'David Cook' to satisfy the label & for name recognition. My guess is it will slowly evolve to just the band name, if he has his way. It's a bit weighty, but accurately defines the band, it's style, and it's aspirations.... so, good luck, Anthemic (featuring David Cook)!
posted by Marian on Aug 24, 2009
Why doesn't he just call the band Anthem. David Cook and Anthem. That I like.
posted by Lizzann49 on Aug 24, 2009
I love the band name. & it is the band name not his name. That is why it's David Cook and the Anthemic. For all you who don't understand go look up what Antheic means & then you might get it. lay off My man.
posted by Joy on Aug 24, 2009
Maia said " It's so tacky when people put their full name as a band name." Be sure to tell Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Neal Young, etc that. Band names rarely make much sense. They don't really matter - it's the music.
posted by cougar40n on Aug 24, 2009
Just wanted to mention that the current hot single is Come Back To Me -- Top 20 on VH1 for almost 20 weeks now -- much as we all still love Permanent.
posted by pegster on Aug 24, 2009
At first I thought "ugh" -- too close to "anemic" -- but letting it marinate overnight, I think it works. And they already have their concert closer to go with the name: "A Daily AntheM". If his bandmates are good with it, go for it. As for putting his name in front "David Cook and the Anthemic", hey it worked for Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers), Prince (and the Revolution), even Tony Orlando (and Dawn). The dude wants to sell records, after all. I don't think the name is pretentiousness as much as it is a goal. Can't wait to see what the next album sounds like --
posted by pweller7 on Aug 24, 2009
Why is this name pretentious? Ummmm there is a band out there where the lead singer actually has the name of the band tattooed across his back for crying out loud! lol! AND the name of the band is his Last Name? THAT is pretentious too then!! Give me a break here people!
posted by Maia on Aug 24, 2009
I don't like how he has to separate himself from the band. I kind of thought he was done with putting his name out there.. It's so tacky when people put their full name as a band name. He and his band should just be known as "The Anthemic" or whatever they decide and they should become an authentic band.
posted by Lane on Aug 24, 2009
Since he's mainly built his fame with his own name, I can see why he had to leave his name in the band name. Must have made picking a goup name difficult. What they chose doesn't roll off the tongue, but probably they'll eventually be able to get rid of the David Cook part and just call themeselves "The Anthemic". That sounds more cool.
posted by latina on Aug 24, 2009
He is a word nerd, so it's not a surprise to me the name "The Anthemic". I bet some non-fans will go straight to the dictionary (Urban dictionary that is) to find out the meaning of the word, lol GO AHEAD, GOOGLE IT!!!!!! Not everyone will dig the name but he can't make everyone happy, it's impossible! I'm a big fan of his music and talent and this band really gets along very well so I will support "David Cook and The Anthemic" and whatever name they decide.
posted by Mindy on Aug 24, 2009
I love the new name.
posted by Donna on Aug 24, 2009
I kind of like the name - it fits. Pretentious? Not even close.
posted by lmao on Aug 24, 2009
this is the stupidest, most pretentious sounding band name i've heard... the anthemic - seriously david... the amemic... the anorexic... lmao.
posted by karen on Aug 24, 2009
doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...I get the connection, but not liking it at the moment. Love David what's in a name, I guess....

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