Mindy McCready Denies Leaking Eric Dane's Threesome Tape

Mindy McCready Denies Leaking Eric Dane's Threesome Tape

Firing back at Kari Ann Peniche's accusation of her leaking the much-talked home video, Mindy claims Kari is the one who sold the tape for money.

Troubled country music singer Mindy McCready has denied Kari Ann Peniche's accusation of her leaking the threesome tape that has Kari, actor Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart taping themselves in various states of undress. "I did not want to be dragged into all this," Mindy told Access Hollywood earlier this week, adding "I did not want to be a part of this."

Mindy then fired back at Kari, who has publicly stated last week that Mindy is the one who leaked the home video after stealing it from the hard drive of her computer. "She is evil personified, she is evil in human form. She will hurt anyone she can to make money," claims the 33-year-old entertainer.

Back on Monday, August 17, Gawker.com unleashed a video that showed Kari Ann Peniche, Eric Dane, and Rebecca Gayheart videotaping themselves naked in a bedroom and bathroom. Soon thereafter, a lawyer for the actor publicly confirmed that a legal action will be pursued against anyone who leaked the footage.

On Tuesday, August 18, Kari exclusively told TMZ that the threesome tape was shot at her apartment more than two years ago. At that time she stated her ex-roommate Mindy McCready might steal it from the hard drive of her computer after they were involved in an argument over money before then leaking it. Kari herself has told E! News there is no way she leaked the video. "If I was going to leak it, I would have done that a long time ago," she argued. "Nobody raided my house; I haven't had any contact with LAPD."

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department is still conducting an investigation on a possible "criminal activity" in the case.

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