Nelly and Ashanti Reportedly Break Up

August 22, 2009 07:03:28 GMT

The two music stars are reported breaking up after nearly six years of dating.

Nelly and Ashanti Reportedly Break Up
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Nelly and Ashanti are kaput, the New York Daily News reports. Both music stars, who have been together since 2003, are said splitting up over different directions they want to take regarding the future of their romance.

"Ashanti was ready to settle down, while her beau wanted to sow his wild oats," the New York Daily News claims. Adding fuel to the break-up report, Nelly reportedly has been seen spending time together with model-actress Melyssa Ford in Las Vegas and Miami.

Nelly and Ashanti have been secretly dating for years when he told reporters in November last year that their romance is "serious." At that time the hip-hop artist said, "That's the thing between me and her, we just like having fun ..... I think it's always serious when you can hang with a person continuously and [still] have fun."

As of the press time, there has been no confirmation or denial obtained from both Nelly and Ashanti.


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posted by big dick on Feb 23, 2011
all own here who was talkn bad about ashanti and nelly yall probably lame yall selves
posted by aj on Feb 23, 2011
man all yall own here stfu
posted by ruddyboth on Nov 19, 2010
I HAVE A SONG FOR YOU TWO Why Did You Break Up I Feel Sad That Your Not A Happy Family I Wish That I Was Your My Parents And I Will Help You Because You Guys Are Kute Couple And You Made Me Happy But When I Heard That you Guys Break Up SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ........................ >2
posted by nya on Nov 19, 2010
you guys r so pretty together u guys should talk about the next dom reason about your break up u r a family and quit being stupid and kisss!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by ruddyboth on Nov 18, 2010
aww sad why but she is prety nelly you are sexii and she does to think that to.go run back to your baby and get back to gether with your family
posted by ~Ni3Ni3~ on Nov 18, 2010
All everybody talk about is how cute couples are and think they know what they seen but you just never know until he/she tells you themselves. I learned that it was never how cute a person is or how cute is the couple is and should get back together just because. I been told and I told myself that, it's about the person personality, and what you think of them. If the person has a good heart then your lucky. If not then your not so lucky after all. Always listen to your heart and follow your heart. Sometimes you can follow what your mind says. Your mind sometimes can be right and help you. But most of all your heart. It's your decision how much chances you would like to give to the ones you like/love. A saying that I was told, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” You also have to remember your not alone. There are others out there that will be behind you 100% thro thick and thin. Basically what I'm saying is everyone that commented said the same stuff. It's just people need to realize the feelings and why we all make our decisions/choices. Do what makes you happy. You can ask for advices but at the end it’s up to you. It’s either get hurt or move on and be happy. Whatever works for you and do what’s best for you.
posted by dwoww on Oct 27, 2010
i think that every relationship fails but when it gets so good, people tend to do some wrong and realize that they had someone who loved them, i think ashanti and nelly should get back together because i know everyone deserves a 2nd chance. if it doesnt work, then they can move on, but really, can you picture them with anyone else? i can't. they seem well put together [:
posted by BB GNR on Oct 24, 2010
posted by Sister N on Oct 24, 2010
All those tricks coming out the woods for Nelly, he don't want any of those tricks!!!!! Nelly N Ashanti been together for years I don't care what he says he loves her only!!! So step off!! Dumm Bitches trying to get some, you all look so stupid!! He loves ashanti they have children together and no other woman has a kid by him so stop hating and get your own man!!!
posted by Msbossy on Sep 24, 2010
Yall act like the really gna read this and take yall advise! Lol wow
posted by Sexyb on Sep 24, 2010
I really think yall should work things out and that sayn is not a true once a cheat always a cheat some men do change for the better...u and nelly was the perfect what ur heart tells u to!
posted by jessica on Sep 23, 2010
posted by hazel on Sep 15, 2010
i think nelly and ASHANTI is a cute couple and ASHANTI i dont kn y u break up wit nelly wat he do to u so like i said get bak togther and stay togther i think its goin to work out
posted by Sexyslim on Sep 12, 2010
ashanti and nelly need to fall back and move on. Even tho i love seeing thm together. If it cant work and they tried there best to work it out.
posted by cryst on Aug 24, 2010
happy need to stfu u dont know wat u talking bout so i suggest to keep ur mouth closed until u get ur facts straight
posted by Im*just*sayin im pro on Aug 12, 2010
Nelly and ashanti was a very good couple i mean most relationships dont end up like a fairytale i pray both parties can serparate like adults cuz sometimes its hard when emotions are involved
posted by ocean on Jul 14, 2010
ashanti i can say 1 fing 2 u leave him once a cheat always a cheat ur pretty got a good life find a man who can take care of u give u lovly kids n be loyle 2 u always and melyssa asnt got nothin on ashanti she is just an hoe who likes showin off her bits while ashanti is workin good for her money stay away ashanti xx
posted by xxxbabiixxx018 on Jun 16, 2010
jay-z sucks he can suck ma dick!!!!
posted by Happy on May 27, 2010
NELLY CANT RAP OR JAY-Z HE IS A PUNK.....the real deal Chris Brown gave herpies to Rihanna thts why they fought cause rihanna sayed to chris it was rihanna was callin her friend to pick her up thts when the fight broke out ...but anyway Chris gave herpies to Rihanna an Jay-z had sex wit rihanna Jay-z gave herpies to Beyonce so she told Jay-z to put a ring on it or she was gonna tell the world....thts what tht is all ashanti need to stay away from nelly...
posted by Happy on May 27, 2010
Anshanti is fine azz hell her body is better than any celeb i have seen,an nelly is a dum azz anyway,ashanti loved him, cause thts alot of time 4 nuthin...Nelly just want some new?puzzy just like all dum azz men,i am glad she is not wit him..she is stupid an cant rap noway and Jay-z cant rap they sound like beginners..they need to go in training from somebody an Beyonce need to find her some soul in her songs..she is a fake an her sister cant beyonce got herpies, Jay-Z gave it to her thts why they got put a ring on tht...the secert is out .......cause Jay-z an rihanna had sex 2
posted by hotmomma011 on Mar 29, 2010
i dnt care wat people say but they make a pretty dang couple. i dnt think that melissa ford is made 4 nelly. i so to all dese ppl who is hatin on ashanti n nelly they need to grt bck 2gather and dat iz real.
posted by 2626 on Mar 26, 2010
i am not a hoe i said that they need to say to gether u is the hoe
posted by mrx.cherry on Mar 24, 2010
i think all you hoes out there is hatin on them nelly nd to leave melissa ass alone. and go bak to ashanti she is the take home to your mama girl melissa is a take home n neva show your mama she is an average hoe. n nelly you deserve better. ASHANTI N NELLY
posted by 2626 on Mar 24, 2010
i think u shed get back together and that is on my momma u and her is happy together
posted by miss e on Mar 11, 2010
yall was so cute i think yall should stay together too...and idk why you sleeping around with melissa hoe ass ashanit was a good one even if i don't like her dat much i still think she was good for you
posted by kimmy-e ! on Mar 04, 2010
nellly wt ever the problem z thtz no reason to get some old thing to calm ur feelingz . i knw u z still n luv w ur beau ashanti nd u'al can work it out . 7 yrs z not a joke ! az for ashanti u z prty gal nd f he dnt lyk u , u dsrv smthin better.
posted by mrmumu on Feb 25, 2010
damn im mad they break up they was cute together
posted by carol on Feb 24, 2010
its sad to hear they are not together they were cute as couples but i dont think ney wanted to marry her.
posted by Shannon Monea on Feb 22, 2010
Man Huh Idk What To Say Cause All Yall Some Haters If You Were To Ask Me They Were Cute Toqetehr And Yall Hoes Man
posted by tia aka t-toe-baby on Feb 12, 2010
nelly dont listen to these dumd ass people wat u and ashanti have is real dont let that go wwork hard that ur gurl and u her man now work that shit out.
posted by nelly2010 on Feb 10, 2010
Cornell Haynes jr.aka nelly I'm yo Biggest fan in the world.I have every Cd of your.MY NAME MARY SUMMERS I'M 19 YRS.OLD. I LUV U NELLY!!!!!!!!
posted by nelly2010 on Feb 10, 2010
nelly i'm gald u ur not wit Ashanti.Nelly you need to stay wit that gurl u wit now.My name is Mary Summers..
posted by PUSSYDOLL on Feb 05, 2010
posted by zina on Feb 03, 2010
iam glad u move on she was hold back she said she love u and didnt care 4 you like she dont feel sad about it b happy her ass is gone
posted by Kandi on Feb 03, 2010
well i thouqht nelly and ashanti were a pretty cute couple buh heey nelly do yo thanqq wif yo sexyy ass(:
posted by lilly on Jan 30, 2010
im glad they aint together he needs someone like me he deserves better. if he played you then u oviousely was doing something wrong dnt you think.
posted by patrice wood on Jan 13, 2010
ashanti yall is a cute couple nelly messed it up by cheating. ashanti do what u got to do.
posted by lollipop510 on Dec 28, 2009
me personally thank yall should ov had stayed 2 getha but nelly ASHANTI NEVA REALLY LUVED she wuz playin u 4 yo money datz y u mooved on 2 a REAL WOMEN LIKE MELISSA FORD!!!!!!!!
posted by tasty girl on Nov 24, 2009
YESSSSSSSS!that's good that she left his dumbass she deserves a lot betta and we all know he was never gonna marry her. Nelly is dog and will always b one and dats on tha real!
posted by cc on Nov 17, 2009
yall are good together
posted by tyesha on Sep 08, 2009
i dnt think yall should break up yall was the perfect couple but i feel u 2 ashanti a woman gots 2 do wat a woman gots 2 do....i jus think yall should work thangs out...
posted by tammy on Sep 01, 2009
Ashanti should not be with Nelly because love just last for a while and he did not want to spend is rest of is life with her
posted by IsReal on Aug 26, 2009
Ashanti should find her a real man. Nelly is and has always been connected to Melyssa Ford. Don't worry if a man *PUTS A RING ON IT** Most men cheat even while the wife is wearing a ring. If doesn't solidify a perfect marriage, it's only a symbol to get people *popping off at the mouth* Ashant do not have to be like Beyonce, because Beyonce had sex with a guy before she was married and that first guy, didn't put a RING ON IT. It is only a strong fashion statement, a symbol of love but like I said before, many men and women cheat on their significant other regardless of being married and having a ring put on that finger.
posted by DIAMOND on Aug 25, 2009
posted by guccigirl101 on Aug 24, 2009
nelly yall are too cute together.. stay together yall makes me HAPPY(: l0l

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