First Look at 'Smallville' Season 9 Through Trailer

August 22, 2009 04:49:40 GMT

Be quenched by footage showing Clark's opponents, Metallo and General Zod, as well as Tess and her weapon.

First Look at 'Smallville' Season 9 Through Trailer
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A highly-anticipated first look to "Smallville" season 9 has been released exclusively via Entertainment Weekly. The trailer shows the changes in Clark, how he handles bigger problems and how he is "embracing" his Kryptonian side, as Chloe puts it.

The footage also gives a lot other pivotal scenes including when Daily Planet journalist John Corbet (played by Brian Austin Green) wakes up with an artificial heart. But the biggest treat is a peek at Callum Blue's General Zod telling his people to kneel before him. "I will find an answer we are looking for or I will die in the quest," Zod in his human form declares.

One additional peek is at Cassidy Freeman's Tess wielding a sword and saying to Clark that it is her only chance to defeat him before he destroys their world.

Unlike the rest of the shows debuting on The CW this Fall, "Smallville" premieres the latest with the date set on September 25.

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posted by Ray on Sep 10, 2009
as much of a fan i am of 'smallville' i think it has to end here in season 9. just for the fact that the actors and actress are matured now and have careers that the plot scenes are focus more directly in 'Metropolis' and it should maybe spin-off to that title for a whole new show. So hope this final season gets intense and go fully all out, w/ at the last episode Clark finally don on the superman costume. they need to intro. bruce wayne/batman and wonder woman as those 2 are the few main DC characters... basically the whole JLA characters should be introduced, so therefore i see no problem w/ starting a whole new segment with all the 'smallville' characters and signing them onto a more mature viewing show, "Metropolis"! just my 2 cents
posted by SweetLady101 on Sep 03, 2009
I Hope in this season to come that there will be more Clark and Lois bcause i h8 how he's always breaking her heart and drooling over what could of been with Lana...I hope he will start lookin at lois and 4get lana.
posted by kyle on Sep 01, 2009
the woman with the sword isn't tess....
posted by Ken on Aug 25, 2009
What I've been waiting foe, truly Clark n Lois episodes... I love it!
posted by Toni on Aug 23, 2009
I hope that in this season clark will show more than mutch. Of he's kryptonian side than human. And be stronger faster and he's other powers to be stronger and more dangerous than earlier !!!!!
posted by S on Aug 22, 2009
Finally 9 years we have waited Clark becoming a man & being supes, CLOIS!!! Thank you Smallville it looks awesome

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