A Complete Reboot for Stalled 'Superman' Film

A Complete Reboot for Stalled 'Superman' Film

While refusing to deny or confirm whether he will direct a new 'Superman' movie, James McTeigue shares that his idea as director will be to do a complete reboot to the superhero film.

While no one has been attached to direct a new "Superman" film, speculations about what the film is going to be like keep swirling. Most recently, James McTeigue, who has been long rumored to direct the stalled "Superman" film project, has shared his idea on making it as a complete reboot should he join the project.

McTeigue, who previously helmed "Ninja Assassin" and "V for Vendetta", told MTV on August 20, "I think if I was ever going to go near Superman, I would do a complete reboot-take it in a direction that you would absolutely not expect, actually." He then added, "So, that would be my thinking on it, if I was ever going to go near Superman."

The filmmaker further detailed his idea for upcoming "Superman" project, saying "I think it's good that they just had a court case where, basically, if you make another Superman movie, you can't touch Superman growing up-that's part of the story that you can't touch any more." He claimed his idea "wouldn't be a bad thing" because he thought "everybody's a bit sick of seeing the origin story."

James McTeigue has been reported to serve as director for the new Superman film since last July. However, being interviewed in several occasions, he refused to answer whether he will take the directing job for the movie. Also being linked to the project are Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski. The creators of the "Matrix" series are reported to possibly produce the movie.

It is unclear whether the film wherein McTeigue and the Wachowski brothers are rumored to be attached is "Superman Unleashed". "Unleashed" was enlisted as the supposed title for one of Warners' in-development movies in early 2009.

Aside from the reboot idea, Warner Bros. and DC Comics recently lost the copyright to Superman. It was after judge in charge on the Federal court battle over this superhero character case decided that the family of the superhero's creator, Jerry Siegel, has the rights to control a lot of Superman's origins. Although WB and DC still own the rights of major elements from Superman, the companies have to get another Superman movie into production by 2011. In 2013, the full rights to Superman will pass into the hands of the heirs of Siegel and another Superman co-creator Joe Shuster.

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    Oct 14, 2009

    Im looking forward to a few more superman films, I know someone will eventually make them, id say sooner is better. but I dont like what ive heard from McTeigue, or a few other roumors. Superman dosent need any more backstory or reinventions. Everyone on earth knows his history and recognises him the way he is. work with that, give us something new and action packed.

    Sep 20, 2009

    seems everyone is one the same page thing is no one will listen to us and w.b. will do what they want just wish superman would finally become a film that people look forward to see like the whak-o in the bat costume lets see what happens with tom after smallville?maybe after this one that has to be made now cuz lets face it they have to make it and it will be the last for them so thry might not care what happens to the man of steel maybe make another cartoon seems thats the only whay w.b.&d.c. didn't skrew up big"S" a doomsday movie would be kool!

    Sep 15, 2009

    I cant believe how so many people over exaggerate how bad Superman Returns was. It was a return story and the 1st film in almost 20 years of waiting. Yes, it could of been better but i wouldnt go as far to sayin it was trash cause ive seen worse superhero films. The way they've talked, WB, Singer etc. have learned from their mistakes and Singer gave us two great X-men films so i think he deserves one more chance. Its sad hollywood thinks it needs to reboot every damn franchise over one film that did make money but didnt quite meet expectations. If you want to reboot another hero film, reboot that Supergirl film instead. If they give it one more shot and if it fails, then reboot the franchise. Dont rush to ruin how the franchise started.

    Aug 27, 2009

    Dont no why its so hard to make this film....if singer didnt blow it in '06,(woulnt be in this situation) you can make a great movie with him just give a bass ass villian....only 4 villians qualify for superman.. in '06 should of brought in mettallo,(which was made by lexcorp) then it would lead into a Brainac movie....after that have him go up against Darkside(do you know how sick that movie could be, blow all the recent Marvel movies out of the water) i know this is pushing it but a Doomsday movie would come into play.....but before that u could have a Worlds Finest movie, its alot of doe to make these movies but if you do it right dont get to crazy, you'll make a killing.... just no more lex luther and the green rock...BORING!!! Come on guys lets try something new, shall we....

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