'Eclipse' New Star Jodelle Ferland 'Really Excited' to Meet Robert Pattinson

August 18, 2009 06:26:28 GMT

Admitting she is "really, really excited" to meet Robert Pattinson, Jodelle Ferland also says she is definitely on team Edward.

'Eclipse' New Star Jodelle Ferland 'Really Excited' to Meet Robert Pattinson
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Being signed as the new cast member of the highly anticipated "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse", Jodelle Ferland admitted she is "really, really excited" to meet Robert Pattinson who will reprise his role as Edward Cullen in the vampire drama movie. She continued telling E! News, "Every single person I've told has asked me if they could come to the set. I've said, 'I'll have to think about that'."

Asked to choose between Robert's Edward and Taylor Lautner's werewolf character Jacob Black, Jodelle had no hesitation to utter her pick, stating she is most definitely on team Edward. "I just think if Jacob had been introduced first, then everybody would like him better," she explained. "It just seems that since Edward was the first one to be with Bella, people want him to stay with her. So, you know, that's the character that you start to like first! And then Jacob comes into the picture and everybody's like, 'Oh, no! Stay with Edward'."

Opening up about those matters, Jodelle however won't spill the beans on the character she is going to portray in the third installment of the "Twilight" saga. "I'm allowed to tell people that I play a vampire who has just been turned," she told E! News. "In other words, I'm a newborn vampire. I'm not allowed to say the name of the character."

"The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" is currently filmed in Vancouver, Canada. It is scheduled for June 30, 2010 U.S. release.


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posted by heather on Dec 04, 2009
Lucky i wish i could meet him. I even need him more than her
posted by rufflesism on Aug 31, 2009
shes obviously playing brea. you can teel right away when she says shes playing a newborn...
posted by team edward on Aug 25, 2009
I think she is probably playing Brea....
posted by jay on Aug 23, 2009
U r right she is brea think about it she is the only newborn in the book that a girl that say something
posted by jane on Aug 22, 2009
posted by crisamy on Aug 21, 2009
thats the only female newborn vamp that actually has lines...ithink!
posted by crisamy on Aug 21, 2009
i bet she is playing as BRea
posted by Renesmee on Aug 21, 2009
she is Bree

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