Single Cover Art for Selena Gomez's 'Falling Down'

August 15, 2009 06:23:26 GMT

Selena Gomez goes purple for the cover art of her new single 'Falling Down' off forthcoming first studio album 'Kiss and Tell'.

Single Cover Art for Selena Gomez's 'Falling Down'
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Selena Gomez has revealed a picture which will serve as a cover art for her new single "Falling Down". Obtained from her Twitter, the snap shows the Disney teen songstress standing on her knees and wearing a purple top, matching legging and black boots.

"Falling Down" is a song which tells "about Hollywood and what people think about it; and essentially how plastic it is sometimes." Confirmed as the lead single from Selena's upcoming debut album "Kiss and Tell", the track will be played on Radio Disney for the first time on August 21.

In order to support the new track, Selena has started filming the song's music video which will also be used as a platform to introduce her new band, The Scene. So far, there is no record regarding when the video will be debuted.

"Kiss and Tell" itself is scheduled to arrive in U.S. stores on September 29. "I want it to be fun, energetic, empowering but very good so with that said I did not write any of the songs but one on the record. It was one of the last songs I recorded and it is definitely one of my favorites. I'm still new and still figuring out where I want to be musically but I think this is a good start ... hopefully," Selena explained about her direction in the album.


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posted by erinini on May 05, 2010
i love this album. every song in it is just so good. of course Selena gomez is one of the best among the disney stars. at least she's got brains and she is definitely slightly smarter than the rest for putting all the bf stuff aside and pursue her career!! she is officially my idol
posted by Brooklyn on Nov 28, 2009
selena gomez is my IDOL!
posted by TwilightLover on Nov 11, 2009
OMG I love her purple dress!!! Does anyone know where she got it?! Anyways U rock Selena and I love your new album
posted by Justin J. on Aug 26, 2009
to everyone bagging in Selena: if you hate her sooo much then why do you look at posts about her?
posted by b hear on Aug 21, 2009
how can ppl think selena is ugly and i saw a comment about all disney stars being fake but they said ashley tisdale was the least fake how can someone be half fake this guy was stupid wat a moron plus ashley tisdale suks
posted by biggysmalls on Aug 21, 2009
i saw some comments and selena gomez has twice the acting,singing,and beauty than miley i mean miley is a great actor,singer,and hot but selena tops her at everything her new album is gonna be good. and just throwing this out but why is ashley tisdale look like miley in her newest music video she copying everyone
posted by Mayena on Aug 18, 2009
Sel! You're gorgeous =D Cannot wait for your album to come out!! <3 Ya'll Selena haters, eff off..Srsly, why bag her out?
posted by becky on Aug 18, 2009
selena is amazing! She's so pretty and talented, but I think she could've picked a better picture than that.
posted by hey on Aug 18, 2009
selena ur ok but miley is SO much better but thats just my opinion. good luck with ur album
posted by lol miley marrero on Aug 17, 2009
your an *** lol miley
posted by lol miley marrero on Aug 17, 2009
hat you lol love miley
posted by Hermione on Aug 17, 2009
Nothing against Selena, but why is it that pretty much every star on Disney Channel has a singing career? Just wondering. Anyway, I'm looking forward to her new album!
posted by cassie on Aug 17, 2009
selena is so freakin ugly and has no talent whatsoever! why do people even like her?
posted by Justin J. on Aug 16, 2009
please dont bag on her and Selena if You are readin this i put a poem on the article about You attending college soon
posted by sasha on Aug 16, 2009
lizzie stop bein so mean and horrible just cuz ur not beautiful and have no talent that doesnt mean u have to say it to anyone else!!anywayz selena ur so pretty and thats why ur my romodle!:D
posted by maddy on Aug 16, 2009
i love yr songs u are my romodle yr so cool.
posted by Layla on Aug 15, 2009
I cant wait for her new album :)
posted by jessica on Aug 15, 2009
Nossa adoreii vc é lindaa! nossa vc danca,canta demais vc é td de boom. =D Parabeens pelos seus filmes tds sao otiimos =D bjO linda
posted by nicole on Aug 15, 2009
selena is the best...she is pretty and talented and i think that she is a very good and kind person.
posted by alison on Aug 15, 2009
love selena gomez! shes relli nice :) cant wait for the song!
posted by selena marie on Aug 15, 2009
omg, how aorable... she looks amazing hahaaha... wut a beautiful dress tooo
posted by elvisa on Aug 15, 2009
i haet you becuas you think that you are all that
posted by Lizzie on Aug 15, 2009
She is ugly, and she gots not talent whatsoever.
posted by Savannah on Aug 15, 2009
Wow Selena! She is going to do big things.
posted by daisy on Aug 15, 2009
selena your my romodle your so pretty
posted by steiner on Aug 15, 2009
ur so pretty why would any one want to break up wit u.if i were a man i would probably date u
posted by merce on Aug 15, 2009
wow ur hot its hard to believe its u wow i'm still wondering

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