Daughter Paris Still Mourning for Late Father Michael Jackson

August 14, 2009 09:18:36 GMT

"She's really heartbroken and she misses him so much," says a source of how the little girl deals with her father's sudden death.

Daughter Paris Still Mourning for Late Father Michael Jackson
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Nearly two months after Michael Jackson passed away, his daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson is still finding it hard to deal with the loss. "Paris is struggling the most since Michael's death," Britain Now magazine cites a source as informing.

The source goes on revealing, "She was her daddy's girl. He was her best friend and he was so proud of her. She's really heartbroken and she misses him so much." Besides, "She keeps having dreams that he's still alive, then when she wakes up and realizes he's dead, she starts sobbing. It's horrible," adds the source.

As for Michael's oldest son Prince Michael Jackson Jr., he is said to have been doing great, "rising to the occasion and trying to be strong, but he's suffering too."

In the meantime, authorities are still withholding results of Michael Jackson's autopsy until detectives finish investigating the events leading to his death. No official statement has been made on when results of the autopsy are announced.

Amidst sketchy reports of burial plans for Michael, E! News exclusively reported on Wednesday, August 12 that his family might be planning to purchase a private garden at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills to lay the late singer's body to rest. "They are waiting to work out the details on buying plots for the whole family before they lay Michael to rest," a source close to the family claimed.


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posted by PRINCE on Sep 06, 2010
posted by joes on Aug 27, 2009
I can also imagine what paris,her brothers are dealing with lossing the only father u ever knew it's sad but i feel bad for her a her family we the fans love u paris be strong
posted by michaellivesforever1 on Aug 20, 2009
michael jackson loved his children, and whoever says that mike faked his death should get a life, because his children meant the world to him and he would not put them through this much pain. paris prince and blanket, i miss mj too, but he is looking down on you. to me, when he made "you are not alone" he knew he was going to have family members who loved him dearly, and take those lyrics and say them over again. he's always just a prayer away.
posted by Daisy on Aug 20, 2009
since Michael died,couldn't do anything right.Too depressed and will be mourning forever. My heart goes out with his children. I love Michael so much!
posted by Karen in Texas on Aug 19, 2009
Of course she still misses her daddy and so do a lot of other people including me. My father died ten years ago at the hands of a doctor and to this day I miss him as well. Not a day goes by that I don't wish things ended differently. Leave the poor child alone and let her grieve for however long she needs. This has brought what happened to my dad all flooding back to me and I have been crying for the last 2 months. They say time heals all, but that is a lie. In time it gets easier but it never truly goes away. There are things everyday that will bring it all to the surface again. Paris if you read this I hope you know there are people out there that know how you feel and our prayers are with you.
posted by paris jakson on Aug 19, 2009
i miss my father but most people say he faked his death but he didnt i saw his body if anyones reading at 10am august 29 london time light a canndle as my father will be laid to rest.
posted by commonsense on Aug 17, 2009
This story sounds so made up. It did nothing but state the obvious. Of course she misses her dad as well as the other kids. We all know these kids are not talking to the press they are being protected as they have their whole life from this type of media.
posted by Lo on Aug 15, 2009
I can't imagine how those kids feel. All I know is that my heart goes out to them. I know that this is proabably the hardest thing they'll ever have to deal with. I still cry by just thinking about him being gone, i can't help it. I miss him. He was such a beautiful person, inside and out :(
posted by me! on Aug 15, 2009's so sad.i wish if i could hug paris.
posted by Sophie on Aug 15, 2009
Be Strong, Paris, Prince and Blanket, your daddy was so proud of you and he is a real angel. From you 3, the world can see that he is the best father. Our prays are always with you.
posted by mikaela on Aug 15, 2009
I still cry whenever I hear a Michael Jackson song. It's just hard to say goodbye to such a great musician, down-to-earth person, and philantropist. I will light a candle for him August 29 for his birthday even if he's no longer around.
posted by vaL on Aug 14, 2009
they didn't mention blanket?! :(
posted by kim on Aug 14, 2009
posted by FIRECRACKER on Aug 14, 2009
I am still morurning Michaels passing and I an 57. I can only imagine what she is going through. Hang in there Paris,Prince and Blanket.
posted by Chee on Aug 14, 2009
Yeah, I agree with you GetaClue. Fans are still mourning and it may take a whole lifetime to endure the pain. How much more could it be for his kids. My prayers to them. God Bless Paris, Prince and Blanket. Rest in peace Mike.
posted by GetaClue on Aug 14, 2009
The title sounds profoundly ignorant. "STILL mourning"? Um, DUH? Ya think families who endure a loss get over it in just a few months? Better to title it "Death hard for Jackson kids" rather than they are STILL mourning as if they are expected to get over this in a few weeks. Their mourning has just begun.
posted by JOS on Aug 14, 2009
I can imagine what the poor girl is going through. Take heart Paris, even though i did not get to see ur dad i miss him too and feels very sad about his passing. I pray God gives u and ur brothers gr8 strenght at this difficult moment. Ur daddy was an ANGEL we miss him a lot!

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