'Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage' Previews

August 13, 2009 09:25:00 GMT

Two selected clips are unraveled, capturing Nadya Suleman admitting to screwing up her life and her kids'.

'Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage' Previews
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Before the actual two-hour special hit the TV screen next week, FOX has given two previews of "Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage". One clip showed an interview with Nadya Suleman on what prompted her to keep all the 8 embryos in the first place. "I screwed myself," she admitted. The other footage captured Suleman in a chaotic situation of feeding her crying babies.

FOX bought the rights to broadcast the footage complied by RadarOnline.com from Pilgrim Films and Television. It includes the time she brought home the first two babies in March and what happened in the few months after that. "The access they got is amazing," said Mike Darnell, FOX's head of alternative programming. "They basically lived with her for seven months."

Apart from the eight babies, Suleman also gave birth to six older kids. She was hit with criticism of child exploitation including the time when she decided to go for public appearances to cash in on the fame. Darnell said that the deal for "Unseen Footage" is to be viewed as a way for Suleman to earn money that will benefit her children.

To be premiered on August 19, the TV special will have no host or narration but "inner monologue" in Suleman's head.

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posted by metz on Dec 13, 2009
i hope u all the best nadya. every1 makes mistakes so wots hapnd has hapnd think of future and 4get the rest cuz ur kids ur life. gud luk
posted by Just Here on Nov 13, 2009
Hey, no one's judging the parents who have 18 kids (and still counting) who have a television show! If every one would just pray for Nadia, her children, and those who are there to help support her, that's all you need do. Why spread opinions of hate. Who is better than anyone else? How many "abortions" have you allowed yourself to have? I had twins twice, and each time, I had contemplated abortion (before knowing of twins) and guess what?! I am married, so whose to judge who? Do you want to judge me? Go ahead. I thank GOD that he allowed me to have my kids, and I am an awesome mom! (I respect and honor my role, and thank God for allowing me to birth and parent such precious lives, despite my initial thoughts, given the termoil we had been going through in our home. So judges, judge that, because in the end, it really doesn't matter what you think. We all live in glass houses; hope the stones don't pour down on YOURS.
posted by KAY on Nov 12, 2009
posted by tt on Nov 12, 2009
i think she doin a good job soooooooooo all u hates fuck of get she has...hands full..lol u go girl aLL the best 2 u and all ur kids.xxxxxxxxx
posted by clare on Nov 12, 2009
i think she's great mother, and i hope her and her children good luck. All you people that slag her off need to get a life.
posted by maz on Nov 12, 2009
no one has the wright to talk about her like this i think she loves her kids to bits she has motherhood in her so why dont you all fuckin mind you own businness leave her aloan and let her get on with her life so good luck you are strong face the world nadia
posted by Jade on Nov 12, 2009
YOu all are sad bastards!!
posted by sad on Aug 20, 2009
Ok to the people who don't support Nadya Suleman and do not want people to watch her show.Don't forget if she suffers the children suffer for her stupidity so...remeber when you say SHE shouldn't get a dime that means neither would the kids.O and btw before you say child services there is NO WAY they could keep all those children together if they took them away.On the other hand they would be much better without that psycho in there lives though they probably don't want to be spread out to strangers they don't know.
posted by FanPire* on Aug 16, 2009
Nobody Should Watch That Crazy B.I.T.C.H Explote Her Kids On T.V!! All She Wanted Was Fame And Money!! God I'm So Sick And Tired of Hearing About THAT CRAZY BITCH!! FOX NeTWORK SHoULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELFS!!
posted by kidsATrisk/Karen Lee on Aug 14, 2009
OCTOMOM “…deeply REGRETS her latest round of multiple births.” NOT! Her ONLY regret: NOT getting AWAY w/CONNING everyone. Starting w/DR PHIL ENABLING HER w/a Forum & sponsors’ LOOT --to get the poor preemies home & begin OCTO’s PAYDAY. SHE PLANNED everything …except the REVULSION we feel at her (trying) to GET AWAY w/this CON. At the EXPENSE of those babies WANTONLY birthed – without REGARD for THEM or the LIFE they’d endure AS circus FREAKS -on display. THE ULTIMATE CON. AS IF we’re dumb ENOUGH to believe her continuous lying. Fibroid tumors, her left foot! Just more of her never-ending “cosmetic” procedures. Sadly, nothing cures narcissistic creatures. Like Remora (sucker fish) who attach themselves to others for the “FREE RIDE.” Those kids need GOOD homes w/2 parents who CAN GIVE each child a responsible upbringing and 110% attention that EVERY CHILD NEEDS to thrive. As has been her practice: OCTO-LEACH thrives off OTHERS.
posted by KM on Aug 13, 2009
I won't watch and FOX has disappointed me by putting this trash on their network.
posted by Tactless on Aug 13, 2009
Oh please! That's not unseen footage... that's Radar reruns! DO NOT WATCH THIS FOLKS!! There are genuinely deserving folks who are out of work that aren't getting media handouts! This woman doesn't deserve a dime!
posted by Emma on Aug 13, 2009
Let's hope that Child Protective Services watch, if no one else does. That second clip gives an excellent sense of why these children should be adopted. Who cares what Nadya would feel about that? I hope she loses all of them--no child should have to be raised by a narcissistic monster like Nadya Suleman, thinking only of herself--not of how the children's lives will be. Is there any kind of a "fit mother" test? Would she pass it?

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