A French 'New Moon' Trailer Leaked

August 13, 2009 02:28:07 GMT

A French version of 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon' trailer has surfaced, providing a glimpse at Dakota Fanning's Jane and the shirtless wolf pack.

A French 'New Moon' Trailer Leaked
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Before the official new trailer of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" comes out in theaters, a bootleg version has been leaked out. Centering on the growing relationship between Kristen Stewart's Bella and Taylor Lautner's Jacob, the trailer is entirely in French and offers a look at Dakota Fanning's Volturi character, Jane, as well as the shirtless wolf pack.

Intercepting the "New Moon" footage are commentaries from Lautner about what this "Twilight" sequel has to offer. " 'New Moon' is much more complex than 'Twilight,' " the 17-year-old described. "Edward's leaving makes Bella deeply depressive, and Jacob becomes the friend on whom she can always rely."

"As time passes, you can feel the passion growing," he continued his explanation about Bella's relationship with his shape-shifter character. " 'New Moon' will really bring it up to a whole new level. There's more action in this movie, especially with the intervention of the wolf pack. I think fans will be really satisfied."

It is unclear whether this French trailer will be similar to the full U.S. version of "New Moon" trailer which will be screened on big screen across the U.S. this coming Friday, August 14. The U.S. trailer will be attached to another Summit movie "Bandslam". A 14-second long sneak preview for the brand new trailer has been outed earlier.

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" is penned by "Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz. It centers on the personal conflict Bella experiences following Edward Cullen's abrupt departure. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner return to reprise their roles as Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black.

Those three lead actors will be joined by many of the original cast members, including Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, as well as new additions that consist of Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen among others. "New Moon" is targeting a November 20 U.S. release.

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" - Bootleg French Trailer:


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posted by ILOVETWILIGHTSAGA on Sep 12, 2009
omg, i dont wanna see vanessa hugens so not rockiing a guitar
posted by Bianca on Aug 17, 2009
I almost went to see bandslam just to see the trailer almost. I love it how the directors and pr people new that noone wanted to see vanessa hudgens playing once again a singer. I love new moon but I am not going to see bandslam justt to see 2 minutes of it! Sorry, nice try!
posted by hdfhd on Aug 15, 2009
God thats fucking GAY. Summit is stupid. I don't want to pay to go see the new moon trailer & leave. Theres no way in hell im watching band slam.
posted by nadie on Aug 15, 2009
nobody wants vanessa hudgens this is the only way she makes people see her movies
posted by tigergirl6389 on Aug 14, 2009
Summit can suck it! Going to make us pay for a stupid movie just cause we wanna see the New Moon trailer!
posted by lili on Aug 13, 2009
i cant watch it whyyy ???
posted by mimi on Aug 13, 2009
posted by AwesomE on Aug 13, 2009
That was AWESOME
posted by lilmolly17 on Aug 13, 2009
cool gonna be good movie cant wait

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