Camilla Belle Snapped With Alleged New Boyfriend Adrian Bellani

August 12, 2009 06:47:13 GMT

Spotted striking a pose with actor Adrian Bellani at the Padres Contra El Cancer Spike for HOPE Challenge, Camilla Belle is rumored dating the actor.

Camilla Belle Snapped With Alleged New Boyfriend Adrian Bellani
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Speculation has just emerged that Camilla Belle is dating actor Adrian Bellani after the two were photographed attending the Padres Contra El Cancer Spike for HOPE Challenge. During the occasion, both of them were seen caressing each other's backs as they posed for photographers.

Adding fuel to the dating talks, Camilla and Adrian were also seen wearing matching outfits. She donned black dress and he wore black t-shirt combined with blue pants. Nevertheless, neither of the stars has addressed the matter.

Camilla Belle previously dated Joe Jonas after meeting him on the set of his band Jonas Brothers' music video for hit song "Lovebug" last year. However, the lovers then broke up and she had her representative confirming late last month, "Yes, it's true, they have broken up. There is no third party involved, and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends."

In related news, talks have been escalating that Joe Jonas is desperate to get Camilla back. According to a source close to the actress, the singer wanted to speak to Camilla to try and work things out, but Camilla has turned down his calls.


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posted by kim on Oct 06, 2010
hi !!! im kim im 13 and i am camilla biggest fan she is so nice,pretty,and a awsome person and actress.
posted by sendoh7 on Oct 03, 2010
why r jonas brothers fans hate camilla belle....???
posted by reca18 on Oct 03, 2010
i love you!!! camilla belle
posted by camilla #1 fan on Aug 18, 2010
camilla is sexy and joe is a #1 hoe who whants to have sexxxxxx with cam
posted by kadezha on Jun 09, 2010
i want them back together n im a #1 jonas fan!!!!!!!!!!!! so leave jb there fucking hot n u knw dis man!!!!!!!!! n camilla is very gorgeous so quit hating in both of them!!!!!!!!!!
posted by fuc on Mar 09, 2010
all u motherfuckers fuck ur asses... camilla isn't a slut and she's one f the most beautiful woman with realy sensual lips and elusive looks..
posted by alexi on Feb 26, 2010
Adrian is most cute & hot, we love you adrian
posted by fre on Jan 19, 2010
not true.. He is gay I am from el salvador too.
posted by uIsFmhbAQ on Nov 23, 2009
posted by bored. on Sep 03, 2009
joe lines one girl up then dumps his current girl. and camilla is just too sexual. personally im not a fan of either, i use to be..but not anymore. joe needs to straght up and yeah, camilla is a dirty hoe. sorry camilla lovers.
posted by me on Aug 13, 2009
you guys are so stupid and hypocritical. joe was all over town with brenda song but you call camilla a b!tch for moving on.
posted by miiimiii on Aug 13, 2009
i sooooooooooo HATE JONAS BROTHERS! they look sooo weird! that's what he get for dumping TAYLOR SWIFT! That's KARMA- you know! :D
posted by Janie on Aug 13, 2009
ohmygosh :| , shutup you overly obsessed fans. leave them alone. camilla has different views of relationships and so does joe. my god.. this is non of our buisnesses :|. the jonasbrothers are just getting way to much. and the fans are being OVER OBESSIVE, and that is creepy.
posted by TEAM JOE JONAS on Aug 13, 2009
If the news is true, then just let Camilla to be with him. She deserves to be happy. Although we all know that if Joe heard about this, he will get so upset again. Btw, Joseph is all ours now!!! No reason for us to get jealous!! hahaha. 2 more days 'till his birthday!! Wish, i could be in their concert in New Orleans to join the concert celebration for his birthday. <3
posted by tashana on Aug 12, 2009
wel w/e the case...if that guy in the pic is her new bf....then she's stupid 2 leave joe 4 that piece of shitty madness
posted by casey on Aug 12, 2009
shut up. camilla is not a "slut" just because he dates other people than joe hahaha. i mean im no fan of her, but you little girls need to stop throwing around words you dont even know the definition of.
posted by IC on Aug 12, 2009
EXCUSE ME, Jonas fans are NOT stupid. Yes, she has guy friends, but it's effing obvious she's desperate and will do anything for attention.
posted by kc on Aug 12, 2009
Does anyone else find it really creepy that every guy she dates looks exactly like her??
posted by Camille? on Aug 12, 2009
WTH is wrong with you!!! I think she's a slut now.
posted by gracie on Aug 12, 2009
Camilla can hang out with whoever she likes and how do you know if this is real not everything on magazines are true you know. i think you guys should just leave her alone
posted by gracie on Aug 12, 2009
Camilla can hang out with whoever she likes and how do you know if this is real not everything on magazines are true you know. i think you guys should just leave her alone
posted by Christina on Aug 12, 2009
that whore. wtf.
posted by JoeIsAmazing on Aug 12, 2009
Wow. Joe is wayyy better without her! Atleast he loves to be outgoing n have a good time. Never had anything against her, but w.e. YOU GO JOE! WE ALL SUPPORT U! :)
posted by Lindsey on Aug 12, 2009
I love camilla belle !! and upset me when the magazines invented her new boyfriends ! that is so stupi what is the problem with that?? they are human they have FRIENDS too... !!!
posted by grace on Aug 12, 2009
you're stupid if you think ALL that magazines write is the truth. she meets someone, she takes some pictures and magically he's her new boyfriend? and then, do you think they will pose for that pics if they have a relationship? I don't think so. and it's awful that every person she meets is rumoured to be her new toy. so just stop!
posted by jonasgirls on Aug 12, 2009
Sheesh! What a jerk!!!! She must have significantly lowered her standards in guys to date that trash! Joe deserve better than her anyways. and he is NOT too old for Disney and we personally believe no one can out-grow disney.
posted by IsupportJoe on Aug 12, 2009
hate her hate her GOD she's such a bi***!! whatever
posted by jonasluver on Aug 12, 2009
OMG . . . . . wow . . . u know what joe was 2 good 4 her she isn't even that pretty so its ok that he isn't gorgeous either
posted by Isabelle on Aug 12, 2009
I agree Grace! I am so annoyed of the DUMB JoBro fan girls who thinks shes a slut because of her having guy friends. Joe is getting too old for disney.

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