Lucas Till Says Taylor Swift Is a Better Kisser Than Miley Cyrus

August 12, 2009 03:47:22 GMT

"I think Taylor. I liked kissing Taylor a little more," so says the 19-year-old star when he is asked about who is a better kisser Miley or Taylor.

Lucas Till
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Obliged to share on-screen kiss with both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, Lucas Till opened up about who is the better kisser between the two. When MTV Movie News quizzed him about the matter in a recent interview, he answered "Oh! I know [I don't have to answer that], but I kind of want to answer it. I don't know. I don't think you know what you're getting into by letting me answer this. I kind of want to go there ... I think ... we're gonna cause something," before then quickly adding, "I think Taylor. I liked kissing Taylor a little more."

Another juicy tidbit was shared by Lucas that he in fact has a crush on Taylor. "Maybe I do [have a crush on her]. Maybe I have since I was 16," so said the 19-year-old actor.

In further interview with MTV Movie News, Lucas complained about finding it hard to score himself a girlfriend despite his celebrity status. Speaking of the matter, he explained "All of a sudden I can't get girls. Aren't people supposed to do movies so that they can get girls? I don't know what happened. They're thinking something, 'cause they're getting in the way. The problem is, I haven't been back home [to Atlanta] to talk to normal girls. Basically I need to go elsewhere besides L.A."

Lucas Till shared kiss with Miley Cyrus in their big screen film "Hannah Montana: The Movie". As for his kiss with Taylor Swift, he had to do it in the music video for the country music star's single "You Belong with Me".


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posted by hate taylor on Mar 31, 2012
It doesn't matter whether is a good kisser or not. Everyone can live with happiness, if you hurt others, you don't love yourself because you don't deserve to have the title of humanity!
posted by lala123445556 on Dec 17, 2010
i think that taylor is better though and great but miley is a loser slut!!!!!!!!!!!! (just my opinion)
posted by josiey=)) on Nov 07, 2010
Also mileys with liam nao so Dat mins talor cn hve lucas al by hrself! C problemo solved!! Go miley, go taylor and go Lucas!!
posted by josiey =)) on Nov 07, 2010
Woah calm it down pepo dats none of ur busnis!! Well sum of u r rite lucas sholdnt said anifing bt it his busnis=(..he's hot Taylor nd miley r both pretty and famous... Nd also lucas is not da onli hot guy in da world u al shud no dat!!..
posted by dawn16 on Oct 31, 2010
taylor is way much beautiful thatn miley.
posted by corteny on Oct 18, 2010
i love lucus till
posted by nang yu on Oct 10, 2010
i love Lucas Till.
posted by gloria on Jul 30, 2010
agreed so much
posted by nora on Jul 30, 2010
totally right
posted by melissa on Jul 30, 2010
posted by destiny on Jul 30, 2010
posted by angela on Jul 30, 2010
posted by julie on Jul 30, 2010
posted by kim on Jul 30, 2010
posted by mariam on Jul 30, 2010
juz , miley is the best and you guys all now it and taylor has to make new songs
posted by lara on Jul 30, 2010
miley is better taylor is a loser
posted by dana on Jul 30, 2010
miley rules taylor drules
posted by amanda on Jul 30, 2010
go miley!!!taylor doesn`t look like a great kisser
posted by lisa on Jul 30, 2010
miley is the best she rules taylor is ugly and has no talent at all
posted by lucas fan on Jul 25, 2010
ya 100% your a sweet guy and "you belong with me" me being tay lol :]
posted by go lucas till on Jul 25, 2010
OMG I love you lucas!!! and i think taylor is better cause miley is a slut and is just making all the guys want her so you dont need all that drama your worth a whole lot better and i dont see how your not getting girls your cute/hott a celeb and you have a nice smile i would do anything to meet you and tell you that in person love ya and hope you make the right desion kay
posted by @zilicious on May 22, 2010
I love Lucas Till. But seriously, letting out the secret is just dumb. Besides, both Miley and Taylor are beautiful.. And Lucas having a crush on Taylor? Woah! Hope they don't date, ever, cuz if they break up, Lucas is gonna be hearing his name in the songs... :S
posted by ashley tisdale on Dec 26, 2009
i like miley but its to bad that lucas left but i should say that him,miley and taylor should be friends and hang out with each other instead of just him and taylor swift,you guys are so mean just look wat ur saying, u cant be just greedy on miley c how u feel when your left alone
posted by ashley tisdale on Dec 26, 2009
posted by Tony le on Dec 26, 2009
i guess lucas should hang out with miley alot little more in stead of taylor,well i mean that he can still hang out with taylor but hang out with miley so she woudn't get sad
posted by alexa4710 on Dec 23, 2009
lucas till loves taylor ! hot dog!snort snort! :[
posted by carly swift on Dec 21, 2009
go sis! Teach Miley a lesson for her miserable life she have left. Me and your other fans believe in you and Duh... Lucad have to kiss you for the album, so no one's gonna blame ya.
posted by hmontana17 on Dec 21, 2009
come on,I thought you were actually cool Miley! You just kiss too many dumbos.
posted by Kristin on Dec 09, 2009
Puh-lease! Wat a lying little loser! They didnt even kiss in the m0vie. The camera was behind em wen they did the so-called kissing scene, bt their lips didnt meet, not even an inch. So i d0nt kn0w y this pathetic loser and this stupid news say they kiss. Idiots!
posted by kishi 09 on Nov 06, 2009
y love the video and y also love the movie of hanna montana y think their both great persons
posted by amanda on Oct 30, 2009
dare luas i lovey you kiss
posted by SHANNON13 on Oct 29, 2009
posted by SHANNON13 on Oct 29, 2009
posted by fairywinx11 on Oct 20, 2009
I like Miley and Taylor.... They both are pretty in their own way... But I think Lucas is more suitable for Taylor! Godd to hear taht he's crushing on Taylor!!
posted by trish on Oct 17, 2009
i love miley.tay is not pretty..............
posted by I like Taylor! on Oct 16, 2009
good boy! Lucas! Good boy! i guess miley was a bitch! u like taylor swift? that's good!
posted by reality check on Oct 08, 2009
he shouldn't have said anything. but oh well. it's hilarious
posted by kat on Sep 14, 2009
well, i thnk he hv a mjor crush on taylor. shes such a sweetie after all.. :)
posted by samantha ivon on Sep 05, 2009
hey you me girl old 12 aug 8 1997 so samantha want you with miley samantha love good moive cute boy you! so goodbye1
posted by helen on Sep 02, 2009
if i were you i would of kept my mouth shut, but it- `s your pick hot shot.
posted by Redneck on Sep 02, 2009
Don't be hating him
posted by redneck on Aug 27, 2009
lol...dude you really shoulent of said anything
posted by !!!textmaster!!! on Aug 23, 2009
lol thats awesome tay rocks not stupid miley she is stuck up little brat and she only became famous cuz her dad was famous
posted by Can not stand miley on Aug 22, 2009
YAY! Go Taylor! I love Taylor Swift she is so sweet! Miley Cyrus is annoying and sounds like there is duck down her throat. And I can't really stand her.
posted by Taylor swift on Aug 21, 2009
Really OMG!!!!!
posted by alissa on Aug 19, 2009
posted by = = on Aug 19, 2009
So ^ He's just telling Is that a big idea Well no It's his own choice to pick :D
posted by courtney on Aug 17, 2009
haha he probably should've kept his mouth shut but its kinda funny
posted by reality check on Aug 17, 2009
this kid needs to learn the rule: don't kiss and tell.

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