New Writer to Be Brought In for 'Super Max'

August 12, 2009 02:28:56 GMT

In a recent interview, producer David Goyer discusses on the status of the planned live-action adaptation of DC comics' Green Arrow, explaining that another writer will be picked soon.

New Writer to Be Brought In for 'Super Max'
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It has been quite sometime since a news about "Super Max" surfaces, but producer David Goyer has broken the silence recently and opened up about the status of the supervillain prison movie. In an interview with MTV News, the writer of "The Dark Knight" revealed that the filmmakers are planning to pick up another screenwriter in addition to the attached Justin Marks.

"We're working on that. We're about to bring on another writer," Goyer gave the update for his upcoming comic adaptation project to the entertainment network. "Obviously, Warner Bros. is now heavily into mining all of the various DC properties." Pressed with the question whether the project is making progress, he stated, "It's definitely something we're developing."

"Super Max" will be a live-adaptation of Green Arrow. It is said to put DC's emerald archer, Ollie Queen, in a high security prison filled with B and C list villains and rogue superheroes, including Lex Luthor, Joker and The Riddler. "We came up with the idea and thought it could work in either the Marvel or the DC universe," Goyer explained on the story's insight. "It needed that type of character and there are analogues in both universes. Green Arrow seemed to make the most amount of sense."

No name being signed on to direct yet, but it is learned that the proposed feature project will be developed based on script penned by Justin Marks, the man who launched the original idea. It is also unclear when this movie will be having its screening time in theaters across America.

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