Video: Joe Jonas' Hair Cut by Mike Tyson at 2009 TCAs

August 10, 2009 08:08:03 GMT

Joe Jonas is seen in the video sitting on a chair while Mike Tyson cuts his trademarked curly hair very short.

Video: Joe Jonas' Hair Cut by Mike Tyson at 2009 TCAs
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Billed to host this year's Teen Choice Awards alongside his famous brothers Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas had his trademarked curly hair being cut short by boxer Mike Tyson. Attendees of the awards gala were sent to shock as they watched the hair cutting occurred on stage. "Joe Jonas cuts off all his hair at Teen Choice, girls were crying in the audience," read a message posted on the official Teen Choice Awards' Twitter account.

No word on what event led to the hair cutting session. It is also not known if the hair that Mike cut was Joe's real hair or if he wore a wig. Some Internet reports claim the scene was a publicity stunt for Teen Choice Awards. Amidst sketchy details on the matter, neither Mike nor Joe has come forward with official explanation. Organizers of the awards show also haven't commented on the matter just yet.

2009 Teen Choice Awards, which is the 11th, took place at Universal Studios Hollywood's Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif. on Sunday afternoon, August 9. Beside serving as hosts, Jonas Brothers were also recruited as performers with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Black Eyed Peas among others. FOX will air the star-studded event live on Monday, August 10 at 8-10 P.M. ET/PT. Joe and Mike's hair cutting session will also be televised.


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posted by joe jonas 4 ever on Nov 06, 2009
i love joe very very much and i think with new hair cut he is very cute and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by joebbro on Sep 12, 2009
if it was real ... ok i dont care i have a bf
posted by Ilyjoe on Aug 23, 2009
Ok It was obviously a wig. His hair was too poofy to be his real hair. Even though, I cried anyways!!!!! ILU JOE
posted by ilovejoe<3 on Aug 17, 2009
plz ppl its guna grow back and do u really believe mike tyson wud really hurt! its all an act and so wat if he cut his hair its not like u own his hair!
posted by mrs.joe jonas on Aug 12, 2009
when he got dared to chop of his hair i got worryed obout him i was so worryed i i have broses on both of my legs and dropped a frosen pack of hot dogs on my pinkey toe have u ever done that it hearts then kevin got a tatto! i all most killed my self and my anoying little brother it was a pain full clumsy funny stress full night i got so scared i hoped it was a wig i still dont know if it was a wig or not so im still freeking out im parinoied!! if joe has a bald spot i dont care how tuf mike tison is im gonna get my daddys gun and KILL HIM!! he even threatened kevin! or ill sue him but idk if i can do any of that
posted by blah on Aug 12, 2009
hahah jo bros are dumb
posted by tmolvnjj on Aug 11, 2009
omj i loved joe s hair I soooo hope that was a wig ... I dont think his paerents would let him cut his hair that short ! x
posted by sweet_candy_lolly on Aug 11, 2009
omg no! his hair was gorgeous like that! xxxx love him lodes! xxxx
posted by Mrs.NickJonas on Aug 11, 2009
yeah, it was a dare, I watched the whole thing on T.V.
posted by Smiley on Aug 11, 2009
I really really hope that it was a wig cause I luv his hair and I love Joe!
posted by reality check on Aug 10, 2009
what's a rapist doing at the teen choice awards? tyson, really??? the man is a freak of hostility.
posted by kay on Aug 10, 2009
i was there.. its a wig. hahaha
posted by altimate jd fan on Aug 10, 2009
omg i cant belive he did that i love him. but he probably wouldnt do that so i bet it was a wig.but u never kno it could have been real. and searously only 6 awards then should have had way more. there wayyyy better then the twlight cast. joe jonas.... i love you!!!!!
posted by DUH on Aug 10, 2009
its says dare thae jonas brothers in the back at the start of the vid
posted by jonasfangirl on Aug 10, 2009
i think so to
posted by TokioHotel=) on Aug 10, 2009
Really? Like really?
posted by nikkixo on Aug 10, 2009
you've got to be kidding!
posted by Jonas #1 Fan on Aug 10, 2009
Omg My hair was really Long and I decided to wack it all off but i did not do it to be funny I did it for a change in style cause i was tied of my long hair. but Like i said im gonna cry if that was his real hair.
posted by Jonas #1 fan on Aug 10, 2009
Omg if joe really got his harr cut im gonnnaa cry cauuse some it was a wig
posted by Jonasfan on Aug 10, 2009
They have been asking for people to send in videos dare the Jonas Brothers or one of the Jonas Brothers. I bet that's what it was.

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