Selena Gomez's Debut Album Gets Official Release Date

August 06, 2009 08:12:54 GMT

Fans will be able to purchase Selena Gomez's not-yet-titled debut album on September 29.

Selena Gomez
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Photo credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

Selena Gomez's debut studio album is set to be put out to U.S. market on September 29. "P.S. Just thought I'd share that my record comes out SEPTEMBER 29!!!!!!! Ready????" so the Disney teen songstress wrote on her Twitter.

Though so, Selena didn't mention any words regarding the working title of the record. Prior to the release date announcement, she posted a message revealing that the first single from the effort is titled "Falling Down" and will be dropped sometime this month.

On what the single will be dealing with, Selena previously told Just Jared Jr., "It's basically about Hollywood and what people think about it; and essentially how plastic it is sometimes. It's fun and I think girls can relate to it somewhat; for me it was because of Hollywood but it can really relate to a mean girl, an ex-boyfriend, to whoever."

Furthermore, Selena wrote on her MySpace about what to expect from the album. She revealed, "I want it to be fun, energetic, empowering but very good so with that said I did not write any of the songs but one on the record. It was one of the last songs I recorded and it is definitely one of my favorites. I'm still new and still figuring out where I want to be musically but I think this is a good start ... hopefully."

So far, recording sessions for the effort have been completed. Selena has also wrapped a photo shoot for its cover art. In the meantime, she is currently doing rehearsals with her band to "make an awesome concert" for her fans.


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posted by brige on May 01, 2010
selna im your biggest fan wht is your baby name
posted by amozo9 on Mar 11, 2010
ilove selena
posted by Selena\'s the besttt on Nov 15, 2009
i want to know when selena released her first album :( I am doing a project on my favourite celebrity and I've choosen Selenaaa cuzz she ROCKSSS!!!! love youuu <3 <3
posted by ddc_112597 on Oct 09, 2009
Hey amz09 if you hate her so much then why did you look her up on the internet anyway you and everyone else who hates are just mad because you wish you could be like her
posted by Victoria on Sep 25, 2009
Oh, and I think u all r immature. U all need to grow up. Ur just wasting ur time on amz09.
posted by Victoria on Sep 25, 2009
OMG I can't wait to buy her new CD! Hoefully I don't have to. Hopefully I get it on my birthday September 29!
posted by Selena Rocks on Aug 31, 2009
Hey, amz09, why don't you learn some decent grammar, and maybe how to type. Selena is an amazing artist and I can not wait to buy her album. Selena,keep up your good work.
posted by Justin J. on Aug 16, 2009
Please stop fighting i h8 fighting and if Youre readin this Selena i posted a poem for Ya on the article bout You wanting to attend college.
posted by musiclove on Aug 16, 2009
wow. she needs to get a life?? umm amz09 i think you need to get a life your the one who's sitting here wasting your time to bash on selena.
posted by katie_bug_330 on Aug 10, 2009
hey selena your awesome!!! dont listen to them!!! i totally cant wait for your album!!! im sooooooooo getting it!!!
posted by babygirl on Aug 09, 2009
amz09 i have to agree with gen grow up you freak selena you rock
posted by Heather on Aug 08, 2009
Okay, amz09. You're telling Selena to grow up, meanwhile you're the one saying you hate her. That's kind of immature. As for Selena, I can't wait for the album. I'm sure it's going to be awesome.
posted by amz09 on Aug 08, 2009
hate,hate,hate you selena no one gives a fuck bout ya why don't you grow up and act your age and not your big foot shoe size!!!

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