'Eclipse' Adds Another Cast Member

August 06, 2009 02:38:20 GMT

Jodelle Ferland, the young actress known for her role as Sharon/Alessa in 'Silent Hill', has landed the role described as 'a vampire who has just been turned' for 'The Twilight Saga's Eclipse'.

'Eclipse' Adds Another Cast Member
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The "Twilight" series cast ensemble have just got bigger with the addition of Jodelle Ferland to "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse". Per a report from Variety, the 14-year-old thesp has been cast in the third installment of the vampire drama series and will take on a character which is described simply as "a vampire who has just been turned".

The little details provided leave door open for speculation on which character the Daytime Emmy Award-nominated actress will tackle. Twilighters Anonymous suggested that the Sharon/Alessa of 2006's "Silent Hill" may carry out the part of Bree, a member of the Victoria army who surrenders to Carlisle before eventually being killed by the Volturi.

Prior to the outing of Jodelle's casting news, "Eclipse" has been hit with a Victoria recasting drama. On Tuesday, July 28, Summit Entertainment announced that the studio has signed Bryce Dallas Howard in place of Rachelle Lefevre for the villainous character in the third film due to Lefevre's scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actress has made.

Hours following the announcement, Lefevre told Access Hollywood that she was unaware of the studio's decision for the switch and thus "stunned" and "greatly saddened" about the decision. Her remark was quickly responded by Summit through another press release. "We at Summit Entertainment are disappointed by Rachelle Lefevre's recent comments which attempt to make her career choices the fault of the Studio," part of the statement read.

"The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" is an adaptation of the third novel from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Penned by Melissa Rosenberg, this third "Twilight" film has David Slade as its director and a U.S. release date schedule of June 30, 2010. Earlier, it has been reported that Australian actor Xavier Samuel has been added to the cast ensemble as Riley.


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posted by Elise on Dec 03, 2009
and are they recasting Jacob too? I don't like when they change people. It changes the movie.
posted by nixstix on Aug 29, 2009
I could see her playing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn but if this picture was from a while ago who know what she looks like now. She is cute though. :)
posted by steph on Aug 22, 2009
well shes pretty. too bad im not watching eclipse unless they get rachelle back.
posted by ForAnAngel on Aug 13, 2009
That's an old picture from when she was like 9. She's much older now. She's 14 now, almost 15. Her birthday is in October.
posted by Rich on Aug 09, 2009
Whilst she does look too young to play the part in my mind. Bree is the only character i can see her playing.
posted by tazmania on Aug 06, 2009
Jodelle Ferland looks to young to play Bree that's if she plays her.I was expecting someone a bit older i had imagined bree a bit older to. when i read this i thought she was going to play a young vampire who can tell when you lie i forgot her name.

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