Winner of 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF' Season 2 Crowned

August 05, 2009 08:14:15 GMT

Although the two last standing finalists were Stefanie Fritz and Tiniecia Goldsmith, Paris chose to hand out the title to a 'he'.

Winner of 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF' Season 2 Crowned
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Paris Hilton has finally chosen the winner of her reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". During the August 4 finale for season 2, Paris brought back the fallen and crowned him her new BFF. Stephen Hampton, the contestant who got eliminated last week, was called up and he eventually convinced Paris that he is the 'one'.

Stephen consequently beat Stefanie Fritz and Tiniecia Goldsmith who were actually the two finalists. Upon sending home Stephen last week, Paris thought that she could not have a boy as a BFF although he came out as gay. She eventually decided to follow her heart and found that none of the girls can beat him.

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE MY NEW BFF! SO EXCITED TO HIT THE TOWN TOGETHER! HUGE!" Paris wrote on her Twitter shortly after the finale was aired on MTV. She added later, "He's real, he's true, he's sexy and he is the sweetest boy ever! I Love You Stephen! xoxo P". Stephen replied "Love you too baby."

According to Paris Hilton herself, the reality series has been picked up for a third season.


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posted by Cuteness on Jan 03, 2012
Paris Made The Right Choice Stephen Is Cool! Who Gives If He Is Gay Or Not! Trust Me Having A Gay BFF Is The Best!!! People That Say "Oh Way She Choose Him He Is Gay And Whatever". Who Gives Paris Made The Right Choice:) Team Paris&Stephen Forever:)<3
posted by stephen\'s #1 fan on May 31, 2011
omg i was so happy when she picked stephen! he sooo desreved it! im just sad because he's aready doing other seasons, and where is stephon now? c'mon, Paris, he's still your true BFF!
posted by why !! on Apr 23, 2011
why dident she pick stephanie
posted by Israel on Feb 01, 2011
paris eres demasiado uapa te quiero mucho he visto tu programa paris hilton mi BFF .
posted by lilo on Jan 11, 2011
i think stephanie shud won instead the bloody hell gay!!!!!!!!!he looked genuine fake bcoz all he thought 'bout paris r gud things instead the reality of paris's lifestyles....i hate'im so much...he makes me puke!!!
posted by andrea on Dec 29, 2010
paris i love you so much u adore me and i think that u should of picked stephinie
posted by staysay on Sep 27, 2010
if its such a dum show then why look this up ? STEPHEN ahhhhhhhhh
posted by Paris on Sep 08, 2010
Actually Stephen Preferred Tanisia So I Actually Stephanie Shuld Have Won Because Stephan Was Kicked Off The Show :@
posted by Paris on Sep 08, 2010
Yes The Right Person Won In My Eyes But If She Hadent Have Chosen Stephen Out Of Stefanie And Tanisia I Would Have Chosen Stephanie
posted by Attonik on Aug 27, 2010
posted by daone on Jul 18, 2010
Y does a damn color matter?What! the black girl cant be a BFF.yall motherfuckers on here talkn bout the black girl.. all the white girl was gonna do is get all she can get out of her .just like the white girls do with the black men.. n they want to say all black women gold diggers.. the pic tell it all.....
posted by sugarmuffin on May 31, 2010
this show is pathetic.. who wants to be paris bff? shes not a good person
posted by Mafeer! on May 05, 2010
I am so happy that Paris chose Stephen!But I will rather she pick Steffani!But still I love her choice! Lovee yoou Paris&Stephen!
posted by grrrrr!! on May 02, 2010
i hate tinicia she is like a man. i love stephen and steffani they are so sweet and they look like good friends.
posted by jose antonio villami on Apr 29, 2010
paris hilton tiene problemas no abre los hp ojos ami me gusta mucho ella pero no es capas de ver ke la ganadora tenia k ser stefani asi paso en la primera temporada la k tenia k ganar era vanesa y gano la loka de britney k tienes paris jum lastima amo a vanesa y stefani ojala k ella ssacara un 3 paris hilton con todas las participantes de la primera temporada y de la segunda temporada sera lo mejor y si fuera asi kisiera k ganara vanesa o stefani o corri las amo por k no gano stefani k mierdad xD tenia k elergi a ese maricon
posted by jm on Apr 22, 2010
why the hell is she gonna do a third season if she said she found her bff. she has problems and stephanie should of won!!
posted by ttyn on Apr 21, 2010
think you found your bff why do you need a 3rd series???
posted by bffs xD on Apr 11, 2010
she absolutely made the right choice! he was the best one and he definitely a true bff! i knew from the beginning that he would be her new bff! <3 u
posted by Dani on Mar 19, 2010
I think this show is fun to watch but a crock of crap i mean come on paris do you really have to find a bff on tv maybe its acuse your so fake!! and i thought stefanie was a way better choice, everyone gave her too much of a hard time shes the real one.maybe she should take paris place
posted by hanna on Oct 27, 2009
what have happend to steven?! :O
posted by Just me on Oct 23, 2009
Queer or not, I cannot accept the thought of a BFF being of the opposite sex, in any case.
posted by tweetfreek on Oct 19, 2009
stephen wuz fo sho the best pick!! ily both!!
posted by Rachel on Sep 17, 2009
Oh and btw whoever said Paris is the true hungry tiger... SO TRUE. LOL THE IRONY.
posted by Rachel on Sep 17, 2009
Lol honestly speaking, this show is a "dumb" show, still fun to watch. I just laughed the whole time while watching people make fools out of themselves by talking of Paris as if she were Queen--oh wait, that would be the wrong term--God, I mean. Like seriously, even if Paris is a celebrity (and not one with GREAT reputation even) how is it that people will throw themselves at her feet and kiss them? It's pretty disgusting. Still though, the show was really fun. I think it's obvious that Paris only does these shows for money and more fame. So no doubt Stephen is going byebye soon.
posted by qwerty on Aug 30, 2009
luv ya stephan(:
posted by bff on Aug 15, 2009
why not bbff better best friend forever duh????
posted by eri on Aug 14, 2009
stephen was a good choice:):)
posted by douglas on Aug 14, 2009
this show is such a fake. its all scripted.
posted by why a bff on Aug 13, 2009
Paris in my opinion has taken a vow of chasity and that is VERY VERY respectful. So why not a BFF. Better than what most hollywood stars get.
posted by carly on Aug 13, 2009
but why does she want another bff? she has stephen, simon?(in the u.k) and brittany(we all know that didnt work) does she need another?
posted by carly on Aug 13, 2009
omg, i cant believe he won, i was soo upset when he left, she was crying so much. and come on no affence but stefanie and T as the final 2? come on. thats just weird. one with bad temper and the other one with some problems. i knew stephen was gonna win from the beginning im so happy for them<3
posted by kha on Aug 12, 2009
omg i love you paris and i was so excited when you picked stephen to win he was my all time favorite the whole time, he was very sweet and i wish that could have been me. But very good luck in your friendship with him I know he will stay a true friend, cause i am gay as well, and we gay guys love us some paris lol love k
posted by Roy on Aug 11, 2009
I am very happy that Stephen won, gays are so much fun to be around, I should know, because I am gay. Stephanie was so sweet and somehting about her just made me feel sad. Tiniecia on the otherhand, needs some anger management and needs to work on her self. Paris, you are HUGE, and I just admire and love you. Family and Friends are so important, nothing else in this world cannot compare. GOD Bless everyone!
posted by reasons on Aug 11, 2009
The problem with T was paris kept her, nothing to do with being black. She got away with it because she was black and played her racial card that we all owe the black girl. Paris should not have kept her for being black. If a white girl did that it would of been a different story with Paris.
posted by fed up on Aug 10, 2009
2 all those who mentioned race.... Is it possible to comment on the show without mentioning race!!! T shouldnt have one because she was cruel not because she was BLACK..maybe you guys need to get your ignorant asses off line..
posted by iloveparis on Aug 10, 2009
posted by asdkgjhaskdgfahskjfa on Aug 10, 2009
Wow, a lot of comment, I'm just glad Stephen won, (: I love that boyy, he's so cutee<3 -iLOVEYOUU STEPHEN!(:
posted by 420lover13 on Aug 09, 2009
I had fun watching the show! I think Paris made the best choice. Even me as a girl might be a little jealous of her. I can see why she picked a man! Yo go girl! Love, Hil
posted by reason on Aug 09, 2009
The blonde Stephanie should of won. Tenieca was too negative and eventually brought them both down. Sad to see how one person can ruin another persons happiness. Stephen was unfortunatley the only other choice after T turned mean. Paris should of just turned the negative tension into postives and picked Stephanie.
posted by Yomama on Aug 08, 2009
This show is so stupid... why is Paris doing the third season if she has found a bff. She is the hungry tiger herself. Hungry for money.
posted by no name on Aug 08, 2009
Paris your going to love this one Tiniecia is discribed Cunning Ugly Negitive Terrorist, GET IT PARIS. I wrote this one it is orginial. I really loved seeing her lose. Stefanie was so graceful about it. While the look on Tiniecia face was priceless glad you kicked her to the crub. Stephen is a sweet heart but my gay BFF is better.
posted by bestfriend on Aug 08, 2009
Paris does not know the meaning of best friend forever. She is planning a new show and I really feel bad for Stephen, he loves her so much and will really be hurt, like the last one Brittany. It like she is just taking out the trash and throws them away, she is no bodies best friend a selfish woman. And Tiniecia in the finales when I first saw her I thought it was a skinny man dressed in drag.
posted by secretobsession on Aug 07, 2009
I am SO Glad that Steven was chosen for Paris' New BFF!.. He is So awesome! Cute, and True. I wish he was my best friend! x0x0x0x0x <33
posted by Yummy Mommy on Aug 07, 2009
I thought it was funny that the Pastor at Tiniecia's church said that he was proud to have her representing them on national tv. Um... how? She was so ignorant, constanting waving her finger around, yelling at people. I'm glad that Paris chose Steven. Tiniecia was mean, and Stefanie had too many mental health issues for Paris to deal with.
posted by jonaslovver on Aug 07, 2009
Omg why is paris makin a third season stephen is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ily stephen
posted by yeah right on Aug 07, 2009
Tenecia was a cute girl with her own will power, the other girl was nice too going thru her own challenges in life in her own way, like we all do.
posted by made up on Aug 07, 2009
How made up was that. Paris knew she was going to pick him all along, pretending that wasn't her intensions all along. Yeah right, now really, who is too stupid not to figure that out, and of course for better ratings. One girl was too needy, the other black, stephen is a good gay guy. Woman should think twice about competing, because Paris seems to go after the gay guys that are brought in.
posted by littlefellow on Aug 07, 2009
I gay too, glad Stephen won but Paris planned it all along. Stephen is so nice he even got along with Tiniecia kept him in the running being on her side. Good move Stephen. Why did Paris keep Tiniecia in the finales. She is such a SCARY person. It is like having a nightmare while you are AWAKE.
posted by ♥ Stephen b on Aug 07, 2009
posted by Paris Hilton on Aug 07, 2009
Thank You Every One For The Comments By The Way Stephen And I Are Having A Great Freindship And I Dont Think He's A Hungry Tiger.
posted by girlmarian on Aug 07, 2009
It is true that it says not much for Paris keeping keeping Tiniecia the scum of the earth in the finales. I like the one with her body perfume so funny. What really smells about Tiniecia is her rotton personality. Stephen was her best friend. Paris is just a dry drunk. Stephen your okay, just not very bright Tiniecia is a bad friend for anyone.
posted by wooooot on Aug 06, 2009
YESSS stephen won! he is clearly the most genuine one there, soo happy she made the right choice!
posted by Agz on Aug 06, 2009
You deserve stephen to win
posted by sam and stphen lover on Aug 06, 2009
i love stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sam+maddy=love on Aug 06, 2009
Stephen totally desreved it he was just the best from the start!!!
posted by jenraulerson on Aug 06, 2009
The one thing about Tiniecia I hated the most was how jealous she was. There was this sweet little blonde she had up for ilimitation every time because she was such a threat to be a winner in the contest paris owes this girl an apology can not find her name but the pretty short blonde. She should of made the finales. Where I lost respect for Paris when she got rip of her for Tiniecia when Tiniecia should of gone home. She kept her till the end and all she did was fight with every one. Stefanie was a doll next to her. Well it ended well because she lost. I still do not understand why she kept such a bad person around for so long. That girl just was after the money and fame. I hope she is out of the picture in Paris life FOREVER Good luck Steven glad you won.
posted by Courty on Aug 06, 2009
Stephen is great but really im just glad tinicia didnt win. im not being racest cuz im black. but she is degrading to our culture. she is ghetto, loud mouthed ,ignorant, and down right bad for paris and just tv period. she need to takje her ignorant ass to back to the hood and get a day joB. Love You Paris!!
posted by jenraulerson on Aug 06, 2009
I really lost all respect for Paris when she kept Tiniecia in the finales. That getto trash dirty mouth girl. That she smelled so bad even her feet stink and had to wear so much body perfume. She had some nerve saying Stefanie smelled. They only chose her instead of Stefanie out of fear of never seeing Paris again. I am glad Steven won reminds me of my BFF my son. get a TRO on Tiniecia steven you owe her nothing. Slam the door in her rude face and keep her away from Paris as she never open the door for you. HAPPY HAPPY TINIECIA LOST, that street trash gang banger bitch.
posted by saji on Aug 06, 2009
i rally want Stephen to win this," i love Stephen!!!
posted by BooGurlFFX on Aug 06, 2009
I almost cried when she picked Stephen! I was sooo happy :) He deserves her and she definately deserved him^^ Best of luck to the both of them.
posted by Girlicious on Aug 06, 2009
I'm kind of mad, Stefanie got eliminated. But its fine, Hopefully stephen doesn't destroy Paris Hilton. I love stefanie Hopefully shes doing fine.
posted by <3 on Aug 06, 2009
posted by renaline on Aug 06, 2009
u both nce.....
posted by stephenrules on Aug 05, 2009
stephen is the best bff ever, i want him to be my friend too! haha
posted by i<3stephen on Aug 05, 2009
I So Wanted Him To Win :D He Deserved It ! :)
posted by iloveyou<33 on Aug 05, 2009
I think Stephen is the perfect BFF for sure :)
posted by luvstephen on Aug 05, 2009
I luv stephen too! Good job Paris!
posted by Lovely on Aug 05, 2009
I WANT STEPHEN as my new BFF, I absolutely adore him! Where can I get one just like him :)
posted by Jenn on Aug 05, 2009
I love Stephen!!! I think the third season is for Paris picking her BFF in Dubai. I thought the same thing, like "Season 3?! Then why would she pick anyone?" But I don't think she's getting rid of Stephen, but having another BFF in Dubai. Look it up on Google!
posted by I♥R-Pattz on Aug 05, 2009
Stephens so cool! He seems like such a good bff! But why is there going to be a third season..? Oh well. I'm glad Paris did the right thing. Stefanie also would have been a good bff, but she chose the best person for her.
posted by Darkscizor666 on Aug 05, 2009
I love stephen he can be my bff anyday. But why is there another season coming. It should be Paris searching for the final next bff so it can be the 3 of them
posted by ily.stephen on Aug 05, 2009
hey y is the show picking up for a 3rd season wat happened to stephen??? aww paris if u dont want him as ur best friend ill take him in a heart beat!!! ily stephen!!
posted by Parisite on Aug 05, 2009
The show has been picked up for a third season? Shouldn't it be "Paris' BFFN," as in Best Friend For Now?
posted by loverness on Aug 05, 2009
omg i am sooooooooooooo glad paris did the rite thing

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