Video: Joe Jonas and Brenda Song's Dinner Date

August 04, 2009 04:29:15 GMT

The two Disney stars were seen having dinner date at Katsuya in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 2.

Video: Joe Jonas and Brenda Song's Dinner Date
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Newly single Joe Jonas has ignited rumors of him dating fellow Disney star Brenda Song after they were caught on camera enjoying a dinner date at Katsuya in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 2. Exiting the eatery separately, the twosome however was seen entering the same car.

Joe, who wore a bright pink t-shirt under his black leather jacket during the outing, was seen making his way out of the sushi joint all alone and quickly heading to his parked vehicle. He didn't respond to photographer's question about how he's doing after breaking up from Camilla Belle recently.

Once the middle of Jonas Brothers got into his ride, Brenda was videotaped making her way to his car. She was seen running from the paparazzi who quizzed her if she is dating Joe. She immediately hopped into Joe's vehicle when he opened the door for her. TMZ, which is the first to report the twosome's dinner date, doesn't have confirmation from either stars about the nature of their relationship.

Joe Jonas broke up from actress girlfriend Camilla Belle last month. A representative for her officially confirmed the matter, telling reporters "Yes, it's true, they have broken up. There is no third party involved, and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends."

As for Brenda Song, she had a cameo in last year movie "Camp Rock", which starred Jonas Brothers. She is currently starring in "The Suite Life on Deck".


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posted by girfan<3 on Dec 09, 2010
gooooooooooooooo jenda<3
posted by girfan<3 on Dec 01, 2010
i think joe and brenda sould be together forever i might be late but they sould still date
posted by lol on Feb 04, 2010
I don't think that brenda should date joe, because now every guy is gonna hate joe.. brenda is too hot for him.
posted by lol on Feb 04, 2010
posted by ..... on Jan 09, 2010
posted by susie on Dec 01, 2009
i tink they shoulnt date because every1 gona hate brenda becz of joe u knw theres alot of fans lik me so yea
posted by VampirePrincess96 on Oct 25, 2009
Sureeeee , the ladies man's his name ... so i'm not SO surprised !
posted by analis on Oct 20, 2009
i think they should just be good friends not boyfriend and girlfriend.
posted by Rae.Rae. on Oct 17, 2009
wow sienna is sooo racist "enuff" said. She sounds black.
posted by halie on Oct 09, 2009
they are cute together, either together or not. <3
posted by hustlah on Sep 23, 2009
Sienna your a fuckin racist! You don't know shit about asians! So shut the fuck up and fall back, you self centered piece of shit! Brenda song is hella hot! Haters back off, and get a life!
posted by shaghayegh on Sep 07, 2009
I wish him luck but this is 1 thing I know is one day...!!! ako0o0ollll :X
posted by heyyy on Sep 05, 2009
i just wish the best 4 them!!
posted by Hmong~princess on Aug 29, 2009
I think Joe n Brenda would make a good couple! She's nice n doesn't act like the other girls he dated...Anyways..u haters that don't agree on here r just jealous of Brenda!
posted by alyso on Aug 29, 2009
I don't think joe should date Brenda song 1st she is soooo ugly also i think joe should be single but i see why girls would like him he's hot!!!! i mean who wouldn't love him
posted by Yelena on Aug 23, 2009
awww, brenda and joe would make a cute couple! and maybe they are just friends, hanging out, having dinner together, there's nothing wrong with that. whatever it is, I wished them the best of luck! <3
posted by camilla on Aug 18, 2009
ure such an ass i mean u broke up with a girl u were in love with and u date someone else less than a month. such player
posted by awsom on Aug 18, 2009
i think that they are both yong, cute, they have great taste, and they arn't cheting on cheating on each other. so they are perfect 4 each other.
posted by WTF! on Aug 16, 2009
OMG TMZ TALKED ABOUT THE BREAKUP TO JOE???? OMG! HOW COULD YOU SAY: "I KNOW ITS HARD TO GO THROUGH A BREAKUP" .. i mean, HE COULD HAVE BEATEN HIM UP! anyway, branda is VERY pretty- and joe hot, so its cool. but fast!
posted by futuremissjonas on Aug 13, 2009
i think it was rude to ask qustion god its just a dinnerrrr doesnt mean there going outtt sheeeshhhhhh plzzzz give him space we all love u joe ps: u dont no it yet but im guna marry u joeeee lol xxx
posted by amy on Aug 11, 2009
i think it would be cute if they dated. :) and abraxus, taylor swift and joe jonas did date. have you not seen any youtube videos. she dissed him with a toy doll, and everyone knows they broke up with a 27 second fone call. x
posted by Abraxus on Aug 11, 2009
I don't think Joe dated Taylor Swift, but I think he and Brenda would make a nice couple - but yikes, glad I am not them being chased down just for having dinner somewhere, Brenda did not look happy, she looked upset by the hounding!
posted by SMILEY on Aug 10, 2009
posted by pinkdolphin582 on Aug 10, 2009
can anyone say joenda??
posted by Kaitlin(: on Aug 10, 2009
dude. sienna, your a racist dick.
posted by SUSIE on Aug 10, 2009
hey brenda seem freakin nice!she dosent look like them spoiled lil brats or whatever gosh leave them alone if they are going out who cares!!leave them alone!!goshh maybe they arent even going out they are just good friends u know those Disney kids they are close with each luck if they are though!!
posted by DUDE WHERE MY CAR? on Aug 10, 2009
posted by Melissa on Aug 09, 2009
these people r so crual they should leave them alone seriously ppl leave them alone
posted by Megan on Aug 09, 2009
What stalkers! i dont wanna be famous cuz u have to run from them!!!!! they would be cute but what is up with joe? he bounces back quick! and whats with the older girls???
posted by NSA on Aug 07, 2009
i dont like this couple.. breda is older than joe so.... its not good (i think)
posted by JORENDA LOVE on Aug 07, 2009
they make a fucking hot couple!!!!!!!! brenda+joe=HOT Brenda rules and Joe is a great guy. Love them.
posted by karen on Aug 06, 2009
I think that is not so nice couple i don`t know i don`t see them like a couple!! With demi would be perfect!! =D
posted by JosieJonas on Aug 06, 2009
I agree he needs an older girl like me who will take care of him!!! lol!!!
posted by JosieJonas on Aug 06, 2009
He needs to be single he can't be alone for a second!!!
posted by Katie on Aug 06, 2009
brenda is pretty but i think he should be with demi or even meaghan martin they look kinda good together
posted by Sharon on Aug 06, 2009
I think Joe should go out with someone who makes him happy and someone who understands him. I also think Brenda is good for him, but I really think he'd be PERFECT for Demi. Demi and Joe are meant to be! But Joe and Brenda make a cute couple too.
posted by KYROSA on Aug 05, 2009
posted by KYROSA on Aug 05, 2009
posted by Rena on Aug 05, 2009
@ Sienna "One word ASIAN!!!! enuff said. He needs a really pretty older WHITE or BLACK american girl...Jordin Sparks anyone... or Annalynne Mccord. Not some Brenda Song... not hot enuff!!!" Wooow. That's so not racist.
posted by KELLY on Aug 05, 2009
posted by Sophie on Aug 05, 2009
WHATS GOING on with JOE JONAS! are u serious! Joe is single & demi is single he should go out with her instead of these STUPID girls he picks! I HOPE this wasnt a date JUST FRIENDS HANGIN!
posted by Marissa on Aug 05, 2009
whoa! this is werid seeing them two? RANDOM!!! Question? Demi?
posted by jaqueline on Aug 05, 2009
I hope brenda is just helping joe with his brake up, WHERES DEMI WHEN HE NEEDS HER! ewww they dont make a cute couple shes like 24 25 yikes THIS IS NO NO! JUST FRIENS
posted by chell on Aug 04, 2009
I think they make a cute couple, Brenda's a really nice girl. Camilla's a whore, haha.
posted by chell on Aug 04, 2009
Brenda Song wasn't in 'Camp Rock'!! What bull crap!!
posted by ninini on Aug 04, 2009
i love joe jonas and brenda song =cute couple
posted by franktank on Aug 04, 2009
yh joe rocks n people shud just stop snooping into his personal life i mean, they need to get themselves a new sad hobby! The jonas brothers should be allowed to date huever they want or just have dinner with huever they want without people making comments and judgements! i love u joe :D
posted by athena on Aug 04, 2009
what a seriously weird couple.. really. buuuut, joe deserves a totally nice girl like brenda, i just hope he doesn't suffer through another heartbreak. fucking camilla.. i hope she burns in hell for making joe so upset! i love joe and i super hope this works out for him<333
posted by ioli on Aug 04, 2009
rubish!!!!this is all set up by TMZ!!!!joe could never date her.....!
posted by camyla on Aug 04, 2009
e dizaro
posted by jonas rocks! on Aug 04, 2009
im sooo happy for joe!!!! im soo glad he moved on!!! and brenda seemed like a really nice girl!!!hope this relationship lasts!!!! good luck joe!!!!!!
posted by Sienna on Aug 04, 2009
One word ASIAN!!!! enuff said. He needs a really pretty older WHITE or BLACK american girl...Jordin Sparks anyone... or Annalynne Mccord. Not some Brenda Song... not hot enuff!!!
posted by Sophia on Aug 04, 2009
don't worry & be happy, jonas. cuz every little thing, is gonna be all right. (bob marley in the house) oh, by the way, no offense camilla, but that's what u get when u break a jonas's heart. its called regret. thaAAAt's right. :) you'll come searching back, trust me. and he won't be waiting for you. cuz that ain't the way jonas rollllls. :D :D :D good luck, kid.
posted by ???? on Aug 04, 2009
WTF! she wasnt in the camp rock movie? was she? people are stupido!
posted by lol on Aug 04, 2009
The video is so funny! The (sp?)papparazi are so stupid.
posted by hmmm on Aug 04, 2009
I think they will make a very cute couple. she looks nice. Camilla looked nice too, but I didnt like her, dont know why but I didnt!He deserves someone like Brenda:) I was LAUGHING SO HARD when I saw the video HAHA...listen to the papparazi guy who is talking, asking questions. LOL his breatinhg so loudly. I think he have a lot of training(the papparazzi), because he/ they always are chasing celebs. LOL...
posted by lyla+jb on Aug 04, 2009
yey... :) i hope joe's happy!!
posted by isabelle <3 on Aug 04, 2009
wow... hey that's smart planning by joe & brenda to have them leave separately and then meet up at the same car... ///// anyway, i know TMZ just wanted publicity and views for thier site and credits and all that, and nice footage and everything, (appreciated by jb fans), but next time, just let them go. since we already got them once now. let joe have his peace. and let the kids have fun. since this will probably be ALL over the internet by bright and early tomorrow morning. i think all he needs is a little space. lucky shots though, lol i love how the papz is all out of breath. lol. brenda looks super cute! :) good luck whatever happens, joe... we've always got ur back, no matter what. i promise! :)
posted by Ariana on Aug 04, 2009
we love u lots joseph :) he should be allowed to date whoever he wants without getting stalked... i think what he needs is a little DL. and some quiet :)
posted by noelle on Aug 04, 2009
can't joe have some peace? is he not allowed to have dinner out with friends? GIVE HIM HIS F*CKING SPACE. doesn't he deserve at least that much? i went 2 your concert tonight, joe!!! it was amazing. i was deaf for three hours afterward, and it was SO worth it!!!!!! lots and lots of love, and PEACE for the future... good luck joe, we love you!!!!!
posted by Sharo on Aug 04, 2009
Yeh Meeeeeeeeeee

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