Recap: 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Returns With Little of Jon

August 04, 2009 04:07:02 GMT

There was hardly any communication between estranged couple Jon and Kate Gosselin other than meeting the needs of their children.

Recap: 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Returns With Little of Jon
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"Jon & Kate Plus 8", which has lost some of its original essences, premiered a brand new episode on Monday, August 3 after the show went for a month hiatus to give the family a personal time. Titled "Renovations & Vacations", the premiere was two hours of kitchen remodeling and fun-filled activities for the kids.

Most of the time, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin were not in the same room. The first hour of the episode focused on the reconstruction of their huge kitchen in the Virginia home. Kate took her kids, a twin and sixtuplets, to Bald Head Island beach in North Carolina while Jon stayed behind to administer the renovation. And when Kate and the kids were back, Jon already left.

During a solo camera interview, Kate revealed her stand point. "This was my first official turn with the kids," she said. "It didn't feel very much different. It just felt more like the future."

The remaining 30 minutes of the show were dedicated to the backyard camp session. Kate, learning to be a single parent, struggled with setting up a tent. Her children innocently gave comments such as "daddy knows what those are for!" and "daddy knows everything about a tent!" Kate answered shortly, "Well, he's not here".

Kate did admit that it was a "very, very difficult time" for them. However, she was heading forward, saying "But my main goal is to make this transition as easy and painless for the kids as possible."

Following the separation announcement in June, Jon and Kate have agreed to take separate parenting. Jon has taken residency in New York City while Kate remains in Virginia with the kids.


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posted by Team Kids on Jan 05, 2010
Kate is a control freak ..she thinks shes cute when she screechs & does all the face & hand jestures *not cute cant stand it* ...Jon acts like a wimpy wimpy wimpy..he should of ran like hell the 1st time Kate approached him, Kates evil..Jons kinda dumb..not evil just dumb. Poooor Kids ..i agree with the poster that the kids act the way they do because they see alll the chaos ..not just the edited part we see. POOR KIDS. GROW THE Hell Up Jon & Kate..dumbass's ..& yeah you stink KATE your not cute like you seem to think.
posted by Tina YOUR THE IDIOT on Jan 05, 2010
Tina are you in grade school? If so your post would make a little sense, if not ....Get some education Tina ..! You make no sense! Stupid stupid stupid.
posted by Nana on Aug 05, 2009
It was all staged to make it look like Kate did the whole camp out thing. Well again she did not, she put up one tent, her personal assistant along with her nanny and crew members pulled this off for her and the show to again exploit the children for money. Good for Jon not being there. Guess he will have to be on camera some since Kate still wants to exploit the children. Kate still wanted the show, Jon did not. Jon walked away but Kate wants the show to go on. Guess she wants to keep her little puppets on her string on tv so she can continue to spend the money they make for her and continue to get all the freebies. Coleman loaded her up on freebies. Amazing what this woman is making her children do for a dollar. Sure Kate will stay close, she has to control her children to do as she says to keep making her money. Kate is a horrible, horrible person. From what I saw she was not even doing anything but one tent and starting the pit fire. Thought it might be different but nope, just the same old same old staging and exploitation of the children. Kate should just be honest and say, yes, I use my children to make a living for me. Everyone knows it. I tried to watch the show but found myself just board with it all and sad for the children. So tired of Kate putting down Jon and acting like she is sad. No its not the childrens fault Kate, it is yours for being such a horrible person. No one would want to be around someone like you for long. You think you are better than thou and you are teaching your children to be the same way. You could give back but instead you just keep on wanting everything for your own selfish wants. I'm done, so done with Kate Gosselin and anything she has her selfish paws on. Coleman and hersheys included now. It's all about Kate and her hateful ways. Those poor children, it is horrible what she has put them through. Lord be with the children and help them to be strong because Kate will never change. It's all fake. TLC you are wrong for keeping it going. I hope the children take you to court one day. I will never watch anything on TLC or Discovery Channel again for allowing this show to go on. What a disgrace to women is Kate Gosselin. TLC and Discovery not a family channel no longer in my view. I Love the Duggars but will not even watch them or any other show on TLC or Discovery again. I will keep up with how the children are doing on the internet here and there but could care less about the show or anything else Kate has anything to do with. She is just wrong, to late Kate, the damage is done. There is no going back like you said and you are so right. Done deal-show is horrible showing the pain of children and Kate wanting it to continue. Wanting it to so she can get her almighty dollar for her body make overs. Its not for the children, it is for Kate Gosselin to put herself on the pedistol of her choice. Poor children.
posted by Tina on Aug 05, 2009
You say a clown no Jon is the clown here No you dont do that to any one I don't and will not understand a durt bag like Jon could to that to any one. he know has done it to one of the dummys he is seeing Marage are 100 pure sant that both have to do not just 10 and other 90 like Kate has to do. If one is not doing his shour then you see thing going the other way You have to undersast ones one staps out will alwasy see othere presons all there lives. he is look for the preake one she is not out there Kate was the one for him antell one dies than can go on see othere ones that is the way it was ment to be for life.
posted by Tina on Aug 05, 2009
How would you fell if this was YOU What it dose to a person like Kate and 8 little ones All you just thank abut is JON not KATE. He shoud count on the strs that he and is dummys that is runing around with in not in the time of the BIBLE Kate girl you would be able to throug the frist stone and them all they would be stone to dath. If we lived like that know people would not D each other like there do know.
posted by FEB on Aug 04, 2009
They live in Pennsylvania not Virginia!
posted by ronsgirl on Aug 04, 2009
I forgot kate , I loved how you have loved your children so much that your learning to do things that are not in your comfort zone. What is that saying, what does not kill you only makes you stronger. I truely believe you will be stronger and your children will be stronger too. Look how you children thought the tent was going to fall on them in the middle of the night. why because they knew that was something you never did before. What did you teach them? Not only did mommy set up a tent and make a night special but you taught them, Woman are strong and can do things that daddy did. You made them stronger because you are stronger. So you and your family will grow from this..... and you will grow together and no weeds will be able to invade your garden. Understand.... Good luck all...
posted by ronsgirl on Aug 04, 2009
Well I could see the Jon can do no right because of the hard feelings Kate has for Jon. Having that many children you have to be controled. You have to take control of your children and your not going to allways be miss nice nice in the way you say things my gosh look how many children she has. Look for real they do not show everything on TV. They show what they wan't to. We have no clue of what has gone on in there life's. So who are we to judge them. Who are we to tell them how to run there house hold. I believe untill you have walked into someones shoes you can't judge them. There is allways someone that will cast stones at you. They just happen to be in our living room. I am not judgeing Jon but I can see what he means when he says he lost him self but mothers wifes do that all the time. Till your children are grown thats what you do. You give up your self for your children. Thats what you call being selfless. You love your children more then yourself. Trust me there will come a day when they are gone and it happens quick and then It's just you and your wondering what do I do with my self. So Jon if your reading this You have not lost yourself But gave yourself for the love of your children.Trust me you can never get this back . 15 years from now your children will have a peice of them changed because you lost yourself. Trust me you don't think what your doing has changed your children but believe me you did all ready. When your children at there birthday party said Daddy why did you go away. Please don't go away again. You said I have to work. You changed them. You can balance having you and making time for your children. I pray that Jon and Kate don't bring people into there childrens life. Boyfriends ,Girlfriends, people will come and go untill you know these people are going to be there for a long time in your life dont bring people into these childrens life. Its really not cool.See them on the side but dont bring them in your childs life yet. If I see that in this show I will stop watching it.I can't see why he wan't out His children are there and you just dont walk because you cant stand up to your wife, You go get help and show your children that married life is a lot of work but we worked though it. We did not just give up when we had bumps in the road. Show your children that mommy and daddy had problems but they cared enough for each other and us to work on there marrage, It's easy to run but it's harder to stay and work on it. You just can't allways run. I wish the family much blessings
posted by Proud Mom on Aug 04, 2009
Kate is such a rude and self-centered woman. There should be no sympathy for this clown. Jon never should have dated other women before his divorce was final. But I can understand why he wants out! These kids are a product of their environment and behave horribly because of it.
posted by JJ on Aug 04, 2009
It's Pennsylvania, not Virginia that Kate is remaining.

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