Bryce Dallas Howard Takes Over Victoria in 'Eclipse'

July 29, 2009 02:33:33 GMT

Summit Entertainment has announced that the Kate Connor of 'Terminator Salvation' has been set to replace 'Twilight' actress Rachelle Lefevre for the Victoria role in 'The Twilight Saga's Eclipse'.

Bryce Dallas Howard Takes Over Victoria in 'Eclipse'
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Rachelle Lefevre will no longer be seen as Victoria after "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" as report comes in that she will be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse". Summit Entertainment made the casting change announcement through a press release dated Tuesday, July 28.

"We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise," the studio's President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions Erik Feig stated over the replacement. "Rachelle brought 'Victoria' to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role."

Providing more info on the reason behind Lefevre's exit, Summit pointed out that the 30-year-old could not continue her involvement in the vampire saga due to scheduling conflicts with another commitment she has made. In August, the month "Eclipse" is scheduled to start shooting, the Canadian actress is expected to join the production of her other feature project "Barney's Vision".

Bryce Dallas Howard is known as director Ron Howard's daughter. She has appeared in "Spider-Man 3" as Gwen Stacy as well as in two of M. Night Shyamalan's feature films, "The Village" and "Lady in the Water". She recently was seen in the big screen portraying John Connor's wife, Kate, in "Terminator Salvation".

"The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" is an adaptation of the third novel from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. Penned by Melissa Rosenberg like the two movies before it, "Twilight" and "New Moon", this third "Twilight" film has David Slade as its director and a U.S. release date schedule of June 30, 2010. Earlier, it has been reported that Australian actor Xavier Samuel has been added to the cast ensemble as Riley.

The romantic drama follows Bella Swan as she once again finds herself surrounded by danger. Now, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob, with the knowledge that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are expected to return as Edward and Bella.


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posted by Judi on Jan 12, 2011
The original victoria was ridiculously fabulous! I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to see that she wasn't in Eclipse.. the producers should have thought twice before they did that. It was a huge mistake.
posted by BriBrizzizz on Sep 28, 2010
posted by BriBrizzizz on Sep 27, 2010
posted by Chouse19 on Aug 27, 2010
So it sucks that Victoria isnt the same person because in the movie you can tell they are different the hair is way darker and in the first one it was light and she doesnt have the same face and I dont know why she was replace I thought she was awesome but now its just ruined..: P
posted by twilightfreak! on Aug 03, 2010
well i saw eclipse, in my opinion Rachelle is the perfect Victoria, Bryce did ok but its just she looks too innocent for Victoria, but its too late, Rachelle would make the movie more more scary cuz she looks evil, summit messed up but ohh well its too late, even my own dad doesnt lik the new Victoria but ohh well!!:/ but Eclipse was badass, it was the best from all 3 movies!!
posted by Cstar375 on Jul 31, 2010
I don't think Byrce did the role justice. Rachelle had this intensity about her that she brought to the role of Victoria and I think it was sorely lacking and pretty noticeable. Also, why the heck did they do that to her hair? She looked like a red poodle.
posted by kaitlain on Jul 26, 2010
Oh yea, Bryce sucked as Victoria. Totally. Rachelle was the only thing that Eclipse was lacking. As lucid8t said, "they should have paid her."
posted by kaitlain on Jul 26, 2010
It was not Rachelle's "fault". All the other actors had other projects, Summit was all too happy to accommodate their schedules. This was NOT a case of her not being available. This was a case of Summit using strong arm tactics and not wanting to share the 'wealth'. Look out, no telling who they will dump for the next movie. Might be Kellan, or Ashley or even Peter. It sucks, if you ask me.
posted by lucid8t on Jul 24, 2010
The new Victoria sucked. I was so looking forwaard to seeing Lefevre. They should have paid her what she wanted.
posted by elle on Jul 23, 2010
Personally I didn't even notice it was someone different playing Victoria in Eclipse. Goes to show you that Victoria's role, tho important, isn't what most people are focused upon. I say she did a fine job and the movie was definately the best of the 3 so far.
posted by Jobu on Jul 18, 2010
Wow, what a bunch of losers! She played such a small part that it was of little consequence. Get the sand out of your vaj.
posted by Blondigurl on Jul 18, 2010
They could of made time to have rachel play the part instead of disapointing millions of fans
posted by Mrssporranburn on Jul 14, 2010
The new Victoria just didn't have the 'menacing' look that Rachelle put across so well in the first 2 films, I liked Eclipse but my joy was marred by the change of actress.
posted by Dan on Jul 10, 2010
this is shit! the producers are just greedy. they could have made it work between Rachelle's filming schedule .. of 'eclipse' and 'barneys version' but recast to save money. i hate money grabbers !! i prefer producers who stay true to the diehard fans .. like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. this is just ridiculous and a tremendous downer. think of the fans you bastards !!
posted by AJ on Jul 08, 2010
it's ok to have a new victoria but make sure that taylor will be the jacob till the end.. you're so hot jacob!!!
posted by pookster on Jul 07, 2010
Ok I'm not used to bryce and it made it a little different to watch her play victoria. I was actually used to rachelle's acting but bryce did a very good job.....Either way eclipse was a great movie and I can't wait for the next movie to come out!
posted by jasperkatt09 on Jul 04, 2010
i couldn't concentrate on the movie seeing her, she was just.. different, and young. not very spicy like the other one.
posted by hanna on Jul 03, 2010
i like the first victoria better she has a slight lisp u have to pay attintion real close in the basball sceane to hear it but i like the original victoria better!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Kerry on Jul 02, 2010
I thought that she did well. It was a little bit strange to just have a random actress switch in the middle of a series though.
posted by Speaking the Mind on Jul 01, 2010
People are so quick to judge!! Anyway, I just watched Eclipse, twice, and loved it! I thought Bryce did a wonderful job! Though I'm sure Rachelle would have done a wonderful job also, Bryce was amazing. She played the role well and she clearly delivered. I'm sorry but a lot of you are pathetic! If you don't like the person or the character and have nothing nice to say then shut the trap. Although everyone is entitle to their own opinions, I highly doubt that any of you who allow crap to spew from your mouths would like it if the table were turned. Also, I'm sure those who are calling Bryce or anyone ugly, doesn't even stand a chance in their presences!
posted by whatever on Jun 20, 2010
it's soooo stupid, why change rachel for bryce. Rachel was perfect in that role and has so much talent for it. It's a total waste to put someone else. Plus, the movie was nice enough without having o change the personages.
posted by babygirl on Jun 14, 2010
why would they do that to us were like dogs we arlredy got use to the victoria why would they do that now im really mad i wonder if anything really gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood happens in eclipse
posted by babygirl on Jun 14, 2010
ya i agree with all u guys that is really dumb because she dosnet even look alike and her hair is really cirly and its to red to
posted by raptorboi on May 21, 2010
what is wrong with all of you? you are all saying that your Rachelles fans and how she will always be victoria but she must not care about all of you very much if she took on another film as soon as it came up haha. Bryce will be the better Victoria she is a more experenced actress and looks more sinister in the role
posted by Susan on Apr 27, 2010
I really don't like Bryce all of a sudden. Her smile and face now bother me, and she looks too much of a softie to play the part of vicious, cat-like Victoria. But remember this: it's not Summit's fault. They probably aren't happy about one of their cast leaving either. Rachelle chose to leave because she had another movie, probably with a bigger part and better pay.
posted by twi light fiend on Apr 26, 2010
im glad that damned slutr will die in eclipse it will be so satisfying to see her head lopped off!!!! we as fans need to let her know her face will be imagined as that of THE ONLY VICTORIA by every REAL twilight fan that matters!!! haha fuk u bryce lovers u can all go to hell she is the worst whitney houston or even tina turner would cast a better substitute!!! fuk u bryce i now hate u and curse the foul rotten womb that conceived u!!!! hahahaha
posted by mott on Apr 26, 2010
if bryce is pretty so is my hairy arsehole after a shit!!! seriously, they have wounded us twilight lovers! killed a very big part! she doesnt look superior she looks like a god damned freak that stepped out of plain jane land fuk u bryce u dirty cunt rot in hell!!!!
posted by dick on Apr 26, 2010
bryce needs to die it is sacriledge read the book bryce lovers shes killed it!
posted by twiman on Apr 26, 2010
this is world moving rachels establishment in our minds as victoria is solid! they have killed eclipse totally and all u freaks that like ugly no lipped plain jane bryce go fuk urselves. read the book ul understand!
posted by Rachelle Rox on Apr 25, 2010
I can't believe they got rid of her! I was thinking about it, and I can't imagine a better Victoria! She was perfect for the role. Bryce looks too soft, she's not wild and catlike, she all marshmallowy! Her hairs not a bright enough red in the movie either.
posted by Sabryna on Mar 31, 2010
ok look with a movie sereis like this the worst thing you can do is change a movie and of you people are stupid and do it anyway you think it will be better well news flash it won't!!! Victoria gets killed in eclipse anyway so let her play in the flim and the cut her. the the movie will be better. Rachele Lafevre is perfect to be victoria shes good looking she firce shes VICTORIA so just don't change her and you are going to have a mob of twilight fans at your door step ready to rip you to shreds. trust me with how mad i am and everybody else imagen what it will be like when it is everybody together!!!! we are your worst night-mare.
posted by cantbelieveudiddat on Mar 25, 2010
Im really upset that summit decided to REPLACE Victoria with the other GAL!!! I dont think, that was a smart move...this was her final part and she would of made the MOVIE....i saw the trailer...and i didnt like the new Victoria!!! i hope that summit doesn't do something so DRASTIC for the last MOVIE....BREAKING DAWN...SUMMIT should listen to the FANS...we are the ones that make the movie GREAT and a HIT!!!Without the FANS watching the MOVIE in theatres,,,,we are the ones that make the MOVIE a hit....Heres a suggestion; If you want BREAKING DAWN to be a HIT....Dont do something stupid like changing the CAST!!! OR the last MOVIE...i promise will probably not be a HIT!!!!
posted by Zoe on Mar 21, 2010
I was upset when I heard, but really, come on, Bryce doesn't have the same intense vampire face as Rachelle. She was perfect for the part, and Summit ruined it! Come back Rachelle!!!
posted by Amelia on Mar 20, 2010
Thats SAD!!! I think that it doesn't make any sense! it was going to be her last appearance in the movie anyways so why change her?? I saw the trailer and the new actres is good, but i don't think they should had change her!
posted by Nightmare on Mar 18, 2010
All of you that are complaining should really get over yourselves. It's Rachelle's own fault that she lost the part. She KNEW they were filming Eclipse at the time but she took another role that was filming at the same time anyways. I really do hope you all figure out that being spoiled little brats over something like this won't bring Rachelle back and you need to build a bridge and get over it. Bryce will do fine. She'll probably do a better job than Pattinson and Stewart combined. Threatening that the movies will lose a fan is quite immature. Personally, I hope you all will wake up and see that Twilight isn't worth all this fuss or attention, but that's just my opinion. If you want to get your opinions across and provide a decent argument about the switching of actresses, use proper sentence structure and refrain from using chatspeak.
posted by Asta on Jan 14, 2010
Rachelle Lefevre is the best actress that can play in Victoria. She is perfectly suited to this role, her hair, eyes, speech, behavior. Do not make mistakes, Rachelle must play ...
posted by groms mom on Dec 31, 2009
All of you do understand that they said Rachelle wasn't able to continue due to other obligations and films, they are doing what they have to do. If she can't play Victoria they have to replace her.. This is so simple to understand, why are you being so hateful. It's sad, but it's life. Rochelle is as much a part of this decision as Summit. Move on
posted by ForMugs on Dec 23, 2009
Bryce Wouldve Been My First Choice For The Role BUT RACHEL GOT IT(not that she didnt do okay on the first two movies)but bryce is going to be so much better im sooooooooo happy
posted by Cristina on Dec 23, 2009
O MY GOD! Rachele Lafevre is the perfect Victoria! I CAN'T belive Summit is going to replace her. I'm not going to go see Ecplise now!
posted by i love twilight on Dec 20, 2009
Well every1 knows that byrce just got in there because she knows people! i honestly hopes she jumps a cliff and dies!! if uoi read this bryce..... get out of the business
posted by monica. on Dec 18, 2009
bryce is so FUCKING ugly!!i am realy ANGRY!! the movie won't be the same WITHOUT rachelle!!
posted by monica. on Dec 18, 2009
Rachelle IS Victoria!! not that bryce she looks so old!!FUCK OFF with bryce!!
posted by Robert 86 on Dec 07, 2009
Bryce Dallas Howard!!! We don't wont in Eclipse. Do you understand??!!!!Go f..k yourself
posted by thatactressgirl on Dec 07, 2009
I love Rachelle but Bryce will do good. Rachelle was...pure evil and thats the way I see Victoria but I think Bryce will be great. YAll of you who dont think so just wanna arque. Im sure Rachelle isnt made at Bryce and its not like Bryce walked in and stole the part. Be mad at Summit not Byrce!
posted by Elena on Dec 07, 2009
I loved Rachelle as Victoria. Can't we do a petition to keep her?
posted by Ktwi-fan on Dec 06, 2009
this is stupidness. if they want me to watch the movie they better bring back Rachele or you just lost a fan
posted by Brenda2029 on Dec 04, 2009
bryce howard is an ugly slut...she is only getting it because of her dad, I hate summit now!!!
posted by Malc on Dec 03, 2009
Thats bullshit!! I HATE SUMMIT NOW. you cant just change a charater =( im really disappointed
posted by btalsi06 on Dec 01, 2009
Bryce is a horrible actress...they quoted the village and the other crap movies m night has made as her good work...HAHAHHAHAHA idiots
posted by Jackie on Nov 25, 2009
That Fck sucks I love RACHELLE as Victoria she was born for this eclipse wont be the same without her... bring her BACK!!!!
posted by bob on Nov 21, 2009
I think that it is awful that they are not keeping her and if they don't fix it then I would't watch is :( :( :(
posted by rose on Nov 17, 2009
posted by wittney on Nov 12, 2009
Rachelles ugly...
posted by Lily on Nov 12, 2009
yeah, i agree. Im happy it will be changing. GO BRYCE GO!! and go look at more pics of bryce shes so pretty. And btw Rachelle looks old.
posted by urmom on Nov 12, 2009
k, everyone is saying they are mad becasue its changeing. But im happy Bryce is way prettier and shes an amzing actress. You can even go watch some of the movies shes in and shes WAY beter then rachel. So shut up people. She will be WAY better....<3
posted by Kaelon on Nov 01, 2009
We, as in me and all my Twilight friends, are highly disturbed by Rachelle's replacement. Rachelle IS Victoria! Bring her back!! (She is immortal, you know!)
posted by Marie on Sep 30, 2009
Well Rachelle is still Victoria in New Moon - it's first in Eclipse This ugly "thing" would become Victoria .. :/ WTF ARE THEY DOING?! RACHELLE IS VICTORIA.. When i see Eclipse in february i put on Rachelles face instead of THAT ? !
posted by Lupe on Aug 22, 2009
That is soooo dumb Victoria use to be like my favorite character now i wont like her!!! grrr
posted by hannahtrinidad on Aug 20, 2009
that is sooo retarded im going to be disappointed when i see the movie. :(
posted by Michelle on Aug 05, 2009
Summit should understand that for us - the fans - is highly imporant that the orginal cast should stay intact... we are talking about a SAGA here... i mean, 4 movies... they shouldnt keep changing the actors... I understand they have their reasons, but, this is insane... DAMN!!!!! imagine if they suddenly decide to change actors/ actresses: EDWARD or JACOB or BELLA... IT JUST WOULDNT BE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Twi-Aneleh on Aug 01, 2009
KEEP RACHELLE! This CHANGE should NOT happen! This character has been seen & accepted by Twi-Fans! And Rachelle is PERECT in the part!
posted by rachelle-is-victoria on Aug 01, 2009
Rachelle is like so pretty and Bryce is like so... so.... OLD!!!!! and bryce i mean come on thats a dudes name. it sounds like rachelle didnt have a choice are the producers even reading our comments?
posted by neke2k9 on Aug 01, 2009
i mean look at the differnce between the two pics above rachelle is so gorgeous and the what-her-face is like so not!!!
posted by trish on Jul 31, 2009
thats stupid, why even bother changing them? everyone wants summit to be consistent.. changing directors for every film is enough already.
posted by tish on Jul 30, 2009
rachelle is sooo pretty aswell... ughhh... its soo annoying she has to be replaced!
posted by Penny Brigsby on Jul 30, 2009
Rachelle should really hire a lawyer; Summit screwed up. There are more details and a poll on the Celebsession Blog.
posted by vicky on Jul 30, 2009
Victoria is Rachelle. she is perfect Victoria.
posted by victoria/alice on Jul 30, 2009
i totally agree!!!!! i luv rachelle and i think that she is gr8!
posted by Rachelle4Eclipse on Jul 29, 2009
i can't belive it....
posted by Holly on Jul 29, 2009
What???? Why??? Noooooo I love Rachele Lafevre she is the perfect Victoria...I won't like it that way...IT's just one more movie why not Rachelle??? Now I'm upset!!!! :(
posted by Taylor on Jul 29, 2009
posted by Mikaela on Jul 29, 2009
wow! now I can't wait to see the fight scene between Victoria and Edward.

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