No 'Halloween 3' for Rob Zombie

July 27, 2009 08:40:46 GMT

The director of two 'Halloween' films has stated that he will not direct another installment of the horror franchise, but refused to share the reason why.

Rob Zombie
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There may never be another "Halloween" film for director Rob Zombie. Being interviewed by MTV at San Diego Comic Con 2009 during which he promoted his upcoming movie "H2: Halloween 2", the director stated that he will not make a third "Halloween" movie, saying "No. I could not see that in any shape, way or form. Never."

However, Zombie, who previously directed "Houses of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects", refused to explain why he is unwilling to be involved in the third installment of the film. "If I told you [why], you wouldn't believe me," he stated. He moreover added that he doesn't have desire to share his reason, saying "And, I don't want to tell you."

Similar statement was previously released by Zombie when talking about possibility of "H2". Back at that time after he finished directing "Halloween", the helmer insisted that he wouldn't return to do the sequel and if Dimension Films wanted to make the sequel, they would have to do it without him. Soon after, however, it was announced that he will be involved in the second film.

Rob Zombie's 2007 "Halloween" is a remake to John Carpenter's 1978 film. It follows the premise of the original film with Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode and her friends on Halloween night. "H2: Halloween 2", on the other hand, witnesses the time Myers returning to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illionis to bring "closure to the secrets of his twisted past." Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor-Compton are among the original cast to reprise their roles in the sequel, which will open in U.S. theaters August 28.


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posted by smoked out on Dec 03, 2011
I really love how rob zombie remade holloween 1 & 2 I wanna see the next movie it would sux ass if he dosents make 3 I love these movies big fan
posted by Justme on Jun 10, 2011
Jeeeezzz Rob Zombie. Thanks for ruining the Halloween series and Michael Myers. :/ The actors are good, but the plot sucked. No offense, but if you want to create a remake, watch the movies before you mess up everything like you did. Michael Myers should never die. His sister can but not him! God you made me cry watching him die. Michael also needs to be more clean shaven and less hair and clean to make him less human which in my opinion would make the move more desirable to watch. He also needs to wear the mask more often so he doesnt reveal his human nature. I hope whoever does the Halloween 3 makes it about Michael Myers and cleans up the dirt you left on his name.
posted by nickyt92 on Apr 01, 2011
i think he should finish thee story :D
posted by KC on Mar 14, 2011
I forsure think he should do another one, the remakes of 1 and 2 he did were fucking amazing could watch them over and over and not get bored, he's a genius.
posted by ko on Dec 19, 2010
I'm glad he's not doing it. Halloween was all about Michael Myers. As brilliant as the original was, and to a lesser extent, it's sequel, John Carpenter never should have agreed to doing Halloween III. That movie sucked donkey balls.
posted by rob i love you on Oct 22, 2010
i hope you read this big big fan and i hope to god you keep playing halloween cause one my other fav actorus on freddie couger quit and i dont wanna lose you to please please dont quit rob zombie
posted by rob lover on Oct 22, 2010
who dont love rob zombie fans are cool who dont love him suk bad .
posted by sunset on Oct 22, 2010
im big fan of rob zombie he is verry good actres and singer i love all his moves couse i made sure i wated them all and his song .
posted by Halloween4Ever on Oct 07, 2010
man i love what rob zomibe did to remake them i think he really did a good job yeah in the 2nd micheal myers he did take off his mask to much but he improved him so much from the 1st to the 2nd one he made it would be sooo good for him to make another one if he does that will be the day ill become and actor and get a roll in that movie somewhere please rob zombie make another your a great producer keep it coming so the people what kind of talent you really have!!!!!
posted by Rob Zombie sucks on Oct 02, 2010
Rob Zombie's re-imagining of the original Halloween movie has to be one of the biggest disasters of all time. He had no clue what made the original so successful and turned Michael Myers into a pathetic joke. I'm glad he's not making any more Halloween movies, but the damage has already been it doesn't really matter.
posted by happy Halloween on Oct 02, 2010
sorry Rob,but if you can't bring something new,with respect to the original idea then you realy shouln't bother.story and casting,not good.
posted by person on Oct 01, 2010
i think rob did the first 2 movies great!! i loved them! its just too bad he wont do the 3rd one now some really bad directer is gonna mess everything up
posted by sexualchocolate on Sep 03, 2010
dear rob u need more tits from danielle shes smoking hot nevermind what people say your doing a great job even though you look like a dutchbag
posted by kptman on Aug 27, 2010
Rob Zombie did ok on the first but part 2 sucked. Rob is a HACK who only knows 1 formula.
posted by doonhamer on Jul 19, 2010
Rob please make another hill billy classic.Go back to your roots.House of a 1000 corpses was mind blowing.You can take Cravens crown.
posted by maureen on Jul 16, 2010
posted by ioflofl on Jul 06, 2010
Ok what i dont get is the remake of h2 has nothing to do with the 1st h2 dont make ha halloween 3 rob u well make it stupid
posted by blur19 on Jun 14, 2010
rob plz make h3 da 1st and 2nd were gr8 but there were a few mistakes in h2 like michael showin his face all da time and speaking at end when he stabs loomis and why was loomis all about sellin his book? I didnt like michael wearin da hoodie aswell his normal look suited him best. Rob u hav 2 make h3 cuz da original season of the witch was nothing 2 do wiv da original halloween films so u av a chance 2 make h3 yr own. Plz make h3
posted by 032170 on Jun 09, 2010
I became a fan after halloween 2007 came out the story was great I think it a shame that rob zombie it's not doing h3...who ever does the 3rd one should the story line latex out by zombies with the same actors...
posted by RobZombieFAN on May 31, 2010
Rob Zombie is the most brilliant director and film maker i have seen in yrs he keeps up with wes craven and all of the big names!! Half of the ppl that is trash talking him you guys dont sound like ur over the age of 12 with no education maybe u should spend a little time in a class room rather then watching horror movies and the reason there was a white horse was to show the phsycology portion of his phsycotic behavior and let see his mother must of had the same mental phsycosis just didnt show. You guys are ignorant!!!
posted by serendipitous on May 02, 2010
the frist one was good but the secind one what the what was up with tht??? why was there a white horse and his mom this isnt friday the 13th rlly and im glad rob stopped making them cuz they sucked. why not find out what happend to lauries son what happened to him he just forgot about him rllly come on but i cant wait to see halloween3 in 3d who is directing tht but yea im glad rob isnt directing them anymore
posted by Halloween 3 on Apr 07, 2010
when rob zombie re-made the first film,it turned out to be a master peice. perfect job to zombie. When rob zombie made the second film i personally think it was another master piece. people think the white horse was a mistake, but when u think about it, it shows whats going through michaels mind. But what was a mistake was the fact it showed Laurie Strode(Angel Myers)crossing over to the darkside. I believe Zombie isn't making a third film because people thought it was crap and it didnt make scince. Well i loved both and I think Zombie should carry on to the third film and make up for some of the mistake. Adding on to zombies film I see Laurie in a mental hospial for over 5 years and they let her out. And some how michael finds his way back home. the movie should be full of action and lasting about 2hrs and 30 mins long. and at the end michael should finally be finished. And Rob zombie if you read this. I loved your movies and your halloween movies were perfect. I dont care what anyone says. You should continue h3.
posted by gordnsux on Mar 25, 2010
Rob, you rocked the house with both 1 and 2. I think you would do great on Season of the witch. Also, i think halloween the movie,means something different to everyone who gets into it. Season of the witch, to me was more about how evil lives among us.It also has alot of answers in it about michael meyers, watch the movie again people and pay close attention this time. Rob will do great on part 3 and I look forward to seeing it!
posted by payton on Mar 07, 2010
i think rob zombie should stick to music. the original halloween is my favourite movie of all time and he has ruined it. i saw h2 tonight and was extremely disappointed. i cant believe how bad zombie made it. his vision of whatever he wanted his version of the halloween films to be, is a complete joke.
posted by halloween 1,2,mabee on Mar 07, 2010
mr.zombie please make a h3 coz 1,2 was brilliant you should now it would be wicked. and then maybee you would make it better than the origonal one.... PLEASE.
posted by Jeff on Feb 27, 2010
He's obviously not making a third because everyone hated the second and won't bother paying to see another .The studio knows it, he knows it. Zombie sucks as a filmmaker. I can't believe he makes money.
posted by Carlton on Feb 17, 2010
I couldn't wait to watch this movie, but what a load of bollocks that turned out to be. The film sucked big time & the previous Halloween was way better. Rob man, your going downhill! He really fucked it this time . . .
posted by Angelica on Feb 09, 2010
I am th biggest fan of the halloween movies nd i think that its so stupid that yu remade the movies why remake them? In halloween resurection Michael was not even dead he woke up why leave us hanging on the end.Dont get me wrong halloween 1 nd 2 were good by why try to make halloween the end?....I think if yur going to try to remake 2 movies then remake then all.I mean we never even ounf out what happen to Laurie's son as far as we knew he ws still alive.Point is yu should finish the storie!..
posted by YO HALLOWEEN FAN 1 on Feb 06, 2010
posted by YO HALLOWEEN FAN 1 on Feb 06, 2010
posted by halloween fan 17 on Feb 06, 2010
people saying that they shouldnt mke a remake to season of the witch. the only reason behind season of the witch was to make a new story micheal was only ever surpose to be in halloween 1 and 2 (orginals) the 3rd was surpose to be a new story then the fourth being something else. the ony reason micheal returned for the fourth was because fans demanded he came back somehow cos they thought halloween was nothing without michael. sort your history out on the halloween saga not just watch the films. also the end of halloween 2 with laurie in the aslyum could be how resurrection started
posted by jman23 on Jan 18, 2010
i think he should make a 3rd but dont remake season of the witch and think about it he he did season of the witch the white horse the witch riding it no one should complain i mean i understand if he cant think of many ideas he probably put all ideas of 8 into 2 maybe hes just prepping and will mak a third in a year or 2 you never know i say make a third but you do what you half to do rob zombie you kick total ass
posted by zombie fan on Jan 02, 2010
y cant any of u hillbillys spell rob both halloweens were the shit h3 would be great keep going it's ur franchise now i love the modern day michael
posted by memyself.... on Dec 30, 2009
robs vision for no1 was great, this however did not live upto it.may be after watchin this back he realised he fucked up and that is why he isnt doin a 3rd?
posted by Dime333 on Dec 15, 2009
Why is everyone complaining, oh michael dies at the end, robs shit! Bla bla bla. Doesn't he die at the end of most halloween's. Ill do its right. I think rob(if he makes a third) it goin 2 make every one believe michael is not comin back. Then bring him back for 4, return of, hopefully doin a better job then the original.
posted by i\'ll do it on Dec 15, 2009
evr thought that rob is taking everyone away from the idea of micheal myers returning for halloween 3 cuz he aint in the original one is he. he could be using the laurie story line to fill in for that piece of random crap 'season of the shit' so '3' still has some sort of link to the franchise.
posted by Luv\'s Halloween on Dec 03, 2009
Continue the series from Halloween Ressurection, where Laurie somehow survives the fall of the Sanitarium and walks off. That would be awesome
posted by mrgodwalsh on Nov 21, 2009
the first one was great but i didn't like the fucking horse thing that was stupid and at the end i didn't like the whole thing with the sister most likely going to be the next killer that's gay i think if rob makes H3 he shouldn't have Micheal dead and lets pray he doesn't remake season of the witch that was horrible... it was very disappointing but i really hope u make a third one I'm such a big fan of Halloween but i hope it is better than H2
posted by Hell Membuaner on Nov 16, 2009
There remaking the season of the witch, and probably the whole series as well. Rob Zombie will direct the third, and by the time of the fourth installment they will have laurie strode as the new myers killer.
posted by jaycee on Oct 26, 2009
I thought the movie was awesome!! please make a 3rd Mr Zombie!! I was slightly dissapointed with the ending, but that can be easily salvaged with H3! Great film, make a 3rd make a 3rd make a 3rd!!!! Please
posted by biz on Oct 25, 2009
I love the original Halloween, was impressed that the 2007 worked as well as it did but just got home from the sequel... POOR! What shame. No middle - and what the hell(!) was all the crap with his mum?!
posted by MutatedJew on Sep 19, 2009
Can we really tell ourselves that H2 was a great movie? I mean, yeah, the gore was amazing, but that doesn't make a movie great, even with a movie like this. A bunch of the characters in it were a waste of time to watch on screen and the whole 'white horse' theme that Rob gave out pretty much was forced. Think about it. Where can the series go from here?
posted by halloween 2 on Aug 31, 2009
great film very hardcore crazy and unexpected and stylish , gore and scary creepy best film give rob the credict best film wats wrong with ppl i hope the film earns way more then it did and does a gud job over this weekend and week cus man wat a classic it was very new fresh and different and great film
posted by mdw 3 on Aug 31, 2009
if they do make another halloween this time they really have to kill micheal off or lauri but if they dont kill him off they shouls let him kill his sister or whoever then walk off or never b sean again and that he never dies but if they do kill him off then it would b the last film plus they have to stop sum point in time cus u cant keep remaking the whole seris and keep making halloween films dont get me wrong ima true fan i just dont wanna see the movie turn to shyt cus ppl dont kno wat they doing with the film thats y i say rob is the best 4 the job if they gana keep making more either they should kill micheal off or let him live and then not make anymore films every again and let the films go down in history in a gud way as the best icon horror films makers and film of all time so great movie again rob love the films
posted by 22 h on Aug 31, 2009
i wish i could play in any halloween film if they make more i hope i could play in one and man rob is the best film guy 4 it great job rob u remade both films and they was great
posted by h22 on Aug 31, 2009
rob version was da best out of any film of halloween if anybody else does another halloween film let it b rob cus he knos the story plus tha fact he create the new remakes so y let sumbody else finish it 4 u and do another film u kno it best so if ur gana start this remake stuff and halloween films then u should finish it and get the create u need and plus the fact ull b the guy that remade it best dont give up rob keep the hallwoeen seris going untill its over with if they aint gana stop making halloween films then u should do it all from part 3 to whenever they gana stop making them please dont let anybody else do the film they gana fuck it up big time
posted by h2 true fan of the f on Aug 31, 2009
even though rob says this is it i hope he finish the seris cus sumbody else is gana fuck it up and robs version and vision of the film plus the new micheal so if anybody makes another halloween film pls let it b rob zombie he did it best he knos his work so rob if u read this dont give up on the film u made a true master peace , from markkell williams to rob great work man if they want u to do 3 through another 9films do it cus ull make so much money plus tha fact u b the guy that reimage micheal and made it best and u b kno as the next wes craven abd john carpenter and become way better then them other direactors ur the best so far u kno horro and ur da best to do it out of all the horror movies this was a realistic knockout in every way
posted by mw on Aug 31, 2009
ppl need to give rob zombie create cus he turn a icon of horror into legendary boogeyman his version of both films was the best halloween ever made way better then any of them idk how ppl could say rob zombies version sucks becus compare to all the other halloween films from part 1 to ressurrection he killed it and made the best one out of any of them ppl are stupid when they say o he didnt do this and that 4 the film he made it like this and that and didnt keep it true to the orginal thats becus he was making it his own version of micheal and the film y copy cat john carpenter he made a classic also but still ppl saw that film so y make it juts like it the would b boring so i like rob zombies version cus his made u feel like micheal was real like he could b real and that was the scary thing about it cus it was so realistic and how sumthing like that could b very beliveable to the human eye so he did a great job idk how it didnt do better the final destination cus wow its a bunch of kids that all is gana die just like all the other films and if it is different so wat i mean i give create to that movie to cus ppl gotta understand that film directors and createtors do this 4 us they put they hard time and work into there movies so they can entertain us they ppl always gotta say negative shyt about it but like i said i wish the best 4 h2 and rib becus wat a classic very true and entertaining to me
posted by Horror Zombies on Aug 30, 2009
I seen the second and was very dissapointed. Rob Zombie changed everything that made that originals great... Especially the characters! The Halloween Fan (screen Name) was completely right. It's about the suspense and stalking not the gore with halloween. And the character's attitudes were completely horrible to the og's. Loomis is supposed to be like a nemesis but in these COMPLETELY OFFFFFFF!!!! PISSSEED OFF! And pissed they sort off ripped off friday the 13th with michaels mother telling him what to do. And Halloween 4 with Myer's niece as the new myers too was copied. O not to mention this was probably just to put Zombie's wife in the movie again ARRRRRRRGH!
posted by halloween fan on Aug 30, 2009
the second movie was fucking AWFUL....These movies arent about the gore, its the suspense of the SHAPE stalking its victims. The hospital being a dream was a good idea, but Laurie being the new Micheal is just like H4. And yes i understand Laurie went through something traumatic, but she was nothing like she used to be. This is just a fan highly dissatisfied with this one. Hope if they make a third one they can salvage it
posted by halloween fan on Aug 30, 2009
u all are crazy halloween 2 is great it is the best halloween ever made so shut the fuc up rob zombie is the best horror movie directer ever
posted by Alice Keymer on Aug 30, 2009
HorrorGuru shut the fuck up shit stabber Halloween III is the best sequel in the entire series. Get it through your thick head you dub fuck. Michael Myers sucks. posted by HorrorGuru80 on Aug 28, 2009 Well if Rob does to H3 let's all hope it isnt a remake of Halloween 3 season of the witch. That piece of shit was just on t.v. and it disgusts me.
posted by me the god of war on Aug 30, 2009
at least i dont feel like the only pissed off one here feeling that he ripped off the friday the thirteenth movies. i do say it was a graphic movie but shouldnt have been a "halloween" movie
posted by connor dunham on Aug 30, 2009
fam the 1st halloween rob made was fucken awesome but idk where he was goin with this one i mean his mom and the horse that was fuckin stupid but the rest of the movie was raw as fuck but come on you know michael myers aint dead ive been watchin these movies since i was 5 and now im 16 and i know michael cant die and you should of stayed with the hospital theme,anyway rob make a 3rd one please
posted by zombie fan on Aug 29, 2009
I saw the movie last night and being a fan of the originals yes this remake was a hell of a lot better. Hope he makes the third one even though he has been saying he wont
posted by meggy04 on Aug 29, 2009
omg halloween 2 was amazing! rob zombie you did an awesome good! you have to make a 3rd one!!!
posted by cane on Aug 29, 2009
he has to make a third one
posted by HorrorGuru80 on Aug 28, 2009
Well if Rob does to H3 let's all hope it isnt a remake of Halloween 3 season of the witch. That piece of shit was just on t.v. and it disgusts me.
posted by buttholegrease on Aug 28, 2009
just saw the movie and yes it was gory, brutal, and dark. it was kick ass. loved it. so much better than the originals
posted by Michael Myers Freak on Aug 28, 2009
I hope Rob is just telling everyone that he isn't doing a 3rd Halloween which better not be the original that one sucked. I just got back from watching Halloween 2 and is was awesome is wasn't as good as his 1st one but it was still the bomb, my friends was screaming and everything my girlfriend pissed herself.. But Please Rob make another Halloween you are the bomb.
posted by Deas66 on Aug 19, 2009
Daeg sucked, i've seen better kids portray psychos. The first one kinda sucked but this one looks good and it's all about ADULT Michael so It's not about Deag you fangirl.
posted by CanadaGuy on Aug 18, 2009
I think Rob Zombie is trying to act like John Carpenter where he only wanted to do part 1 and 2 and thats it.
posted by likeisthat on Aug 09, 2009
thats cuz mike dyes in this movie
posted by das sagen die immer on Aug 08, 2009
Hallo so lange die Halloween Filme Geldbringen ist auch nicht schluss dann wird Rob Zombie durch jemand ersetzt wenn er nicht mehr will.
posted by AVERY MCREYNOLDS on Aug 04, 2009
That is sad. I have been hearing rumors that you are doing a third one and that you were working on it in your trailer while making H2. By the way, you said this before and so I think you are bluffing. You just want the attention taken off you for a while so you can do it, right? Everyone says that you are doing it and it is secretly being worked on bit by bit right now!
posted by horror-kid16 on Aug 03, 2009
this is complete madness. he started the saga, he should end the saga. he did a hell of a job with the first one
posted by horror-kid16 on Aug 03, 2009
this is complete madness. he started the saga, he should end the saga. he did a hell of a job with the first one
posted by horror-kid16 on Aug 03, 2009
this is complete madness. he started the saga, he should end the saga. he did a hell of a job with the first one
posted by y ~~~halloween fan 3 on Jul 29, 2009
which is why hes not making anymore
posted by ~~~halloween fan 31~ on Jul 29, 2009
i think rob liked the original halloweens after the 2nd he just wanted to make the first 2 better which he did go rob
posted by daegfan on Jul 29, 2009
No Daeg-No Micheal, sorry rob that was a bad decision

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