Video: Katie Holmes' Performance on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

July 25, 2009 06:21:23 GMT

Watch Katie Holmes reviving a musical piece from 1950 musical 'Summer Stock' wearing fishnet stocking and black fedora.

Video: Katie Holmes' Performance on 'So You Think You Can Dance'
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In the middle of "So You Think You Can Dance" result night this week, Katie Holmes paid a tribute to Judy Garland by reprising the legend's "Get Happy" routine. The video where Katie is singing and dancing ala Broadway in the 100th episode gets out online.

Katie was supporting DizzyFeet Foundation in which she serves as one of the founders. The organization is aiming to help underprivileged kids to get access to dance education. The other founders are the show's judge Nigel Lythgoe, director Adam Shankman and "Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

Shortly after the performance, Nigel released a statement to all those who underestimated Katie's skill as a singer and dancer. "I'm going to ban all the Katie haters. You make me sick. Your attitude stops 'stars' doing charity work. Understand why she did it CHILDREN," he wrote on Twitter.

Although Katie's performance was expected to boost the rating of "So You Think You Can Dance", it failed to compete with the re-run of CBS' "The Mentalist". The dancing show on NBC drew 8.4 million viewers while the crime series absorbed 9.5 million.


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posted by Jaesa on Aug 07, 2009
I have always loved Katie Holmes before her nose job and eye pull. Don't believe me google pictures back in the day! She was so beautiful and now, she is ruined by Tom CRUISE!! I was not impressed by her performance, and I don't think many people were. She was average all the way around. Stick to acting Katie.
posted by Billy on Jul 27, 2009
She was the best person to sing. But her dancing was not so graet.
posted by dillyman on Jul 26, 2009
Tell her not to "quit" her day job....she couldn't make IDOL.
posted by cedarace on Jul 26, 2009
I think she had guts to do the skit, but being a Judy Garland fan, she could never compare to her version. Sorry, Katie.
posted by JimJN on Jul 26, 2009
Katie is quite beautiful and talented. It's a shame she is not around more. I missed her in the last Batman too.
posted by garu on Jul 25, 2009
she is wonderful
posted by who cares on Jul 25, 2009
think she did great.
posted by swtmoma on Jul 25, 2009
Katie did a fantastic job performing, I expected more dancing wise, it seemed to be a lot of frolicking in heels but her voice was very sophisticated and sexy and it entertained me!
posted by Hater... on Jul 25, 2009
i really didn't like the way she sang or danced. i mean i know i couldn't have done better but still she just bugs me. anyways i think she did bad...

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