Comic Con 2009: 'Stargate Universe' Trailer and Posters

July 25, 2009 03:18:19 GMT

The new trailer centers on Robert Carlyle's Dr. Rush recruiting a young man played by David Blue who solves a complex video game.

Comic Con 2009: 'Stargate Universe' Trailer and Posters
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An HD "Stargate Universe" trailer leaked soon after it was screened at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 24. Also coming out are the first three promotional posters of the series which is the latest franchise of "Stargate" and will premiere on SyFy Channel this Fall.

"Universe" panel was attended by series regulars Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Jamil Walker Smith, David Blue, Elaine Hoffman, Brian J. Smith and Elyse Levesque. It was moderated by producers Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.

Carlyle answered a question from the audience on what made him join the show despite the fact that he has been keen on taking feature films in the past. Pointing out that it is something different for him, Carlyle said "It's about the part and the people you're working with. They've given me a great platform to express myself."

Other highlights from the panel include the hints that Amanda Tapping will be in the pilot and Richard Dean Anderson will appear occasionally throughout the season.

Producers also had to respond to the claim from a fan that "Stargate Atlantis" was ended "prematurely". To this, Cooper made a comparison, saying that Atlantis "had gotten to the point where everyone was a superhero and a genius." He added, "This is trying to make the characters identifiable." Wright chimed in, "It will reintroduce what a 'Stargate' is, it will give you a whole new sense of what 'Stargate' is. It has a different feel, it has a different energy, it's much more hand-held (camera)."

"Stargate Universe" is slated to air the pilot on October 2.


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posted by JJ on Aug 07, 2009
Looks awesome. I SO can't wait for Oct 2nd. And I think Robert Carlyle is going to be awesome. Lou Diamond just can't wait
posted by pete on Aug 01, 2009
i'm ticked about atlantis just as much as the next be thankful they closed it and didn't just up and can it like what happened to terminator scc
posted by bygzz on Jul 27, 2009
can someone tell me the name of the song at 2:14.
posted by dave on Jul 27, 2009
just found it. gravity by embassy is the song
posted by dave on Jul 27, 2009
i was thinkin the exact same thing. i cant find that song anywhere but it sounds alright. the show maybe half alright after all
posted by Guest on Jul 25, 2009
Wow, a lot of that seems to be awfully cliche and the acting isn't all that convincing either. But I am confident that writers and actors will settle into their roles soon enough. :)
posted by Guest on Jul 25, 2009
Who is the band at 2 min?
posted by MsStargate on Jul 25, 2009
What crock! Atlantis was sacrificed for RCC's new baby SGU
posted by Michael Linn on Jul 25, 2009
Hey, does anyone know the song that starts after the "This Fall" Screen?

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