First Crowned Winner of 'The Fashion Show'

First Crowned Winner of 'The Fashion Show'

Bravo TV's copy of 'Project Runway' has had its first winner in Anna McCraney who is 'brilliant' in using colors.

Anna McCraney, a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, has beaten two other designers to steal the crown on "The Fashion Show". The votes that determine who win were quite above the par. Anna won 56% of them while Daniella and James-Paul got 25% and 19% respectively.

Daniella however, was the judges' pick to go home with $10,000. But as a winner, Anna gets to sell her creations at retail market and a cash prize of $125,000. "I'm thrilled," she said after winning. "I'm so happy because I worked so hard for so long... I'll always do fashion whether I have a million dollars or 20."

Though coming out as a winner, Anna's victory was not immediately foreseen. Anna's final collection was criticized by the judges of lacking cohesiveness and she did not particularly stand among the crowd. "I don't have the TV personality," she admitted during the finale on Thursday, July 23. "I'm not that person with the witty remarks."

The first season has ended but Bravo TV has not budged on announcing the second season. For one thing, the show was produced when the network lost "Project Runway" to Lifetime this year. It scored in average only one third of "Project" usual rating.


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