Ne-Yo Refuses to Diss Chris Brown When Writing Song for Rihanna


Ne-Yo says he won't pen 'Chris Brown bash song' for Rihanna because he doesn't think that the altercation between Chris and Rihanna needs to be 'glorified'.

Ne-Yo has confirmed that he will be involved in the making of Rihanna's new album. And recently, he told MTV that he won't write any song which will shoot down Chris Brown for what the "Run It!" hitmaker did to Rihanna during a heated argument back in February.

"I didn't really want to go there too much, because I know that's what everybody is expecting," Ne-Yo said. "I don't think there isn't a person alive that doesn't know what happened and what it was. I don't feel like it needs to be glorified."

"Chris Brown is a friend of mine, and I don't view him as a bad guy for what happened," he explained further. "It was an absolute mistake, and he has some lessons to learn and some maturing to do. But I'm not gonna bash him for that. I'm not gonna turn my back on a person I call my friend because he made a mistake. [So] I can't write the Chris Brown bash song and then turn around and look myself in the mirror."

Beside Ne-Yo, The All-American Rejects' vocalist Tyson Ritter, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, Soulja Boy, Shontelle and Pharrell Williams will also help Rihanna in working on her upcoming studio effort.




    Aug 18, 2010

    Iwnt to fuck rihanna

    mizz famo c.e.o.
    Aug 30, 2009

    i love chrisbrown so much but. u suck and lik my pupu cand u do me a favor can u stop lien because everybody go think u a hoe. because u putting ur bissness out like that and u need to stop that shit.and everbody go think u a fuckin lier for what u say so stop lien o.k.a.y. oh for the racords stop lien in saying that u fuck stop that shit.

    Aug 10, 2009

    I agree with him and feel as though he made the right decision in not joining that "Let's Bash CB" bandwagon. Supportin' CB 100%!

    Aug 09, 2009

    wat the hell r u talking about,lik n suck my puupu chris doesnt even know u ,u just suck

    Aug 03, 2009

    Wazz up wit u pple u kip judgn&kip critisizing bt pple lyk u r lest betta dan dem,who knws wat really happened dt cause d dispute nah! Aint tink bt u y'all kip jumpn in2 conclusn aint fair if u aint got any meanful tin2say i y'all shld hush

    Jul 31, 2009

    some of you people need 2 get a life n stop calling people all these names because the names you are calling them you might jus be that name yourself. Stop calling people cowards, whores, skank, and untalented. If they so untalented you go out there n show them wat talented is instead of posting it on here.

    Jul 25, 2009

    wow,well riri is a bad singer but chris brown is banging at dancing and singing and also he is f fine so shut up and deal with it riri cause u let him f u up so tech shes the baby and the skank also i know shes the master at it cause im with u on that so duses

    Jul 24, 2009


    Jul 23, 2009

    wow neyo was right he really got me haha please dont cuss on here

    Jul 23, 2009

    couldn't agree more with you coward. Really Rihanna seems to have the power to make skankness look hip. But a skank still a skank. No matter millions of gem to cover her with. She should have sent the monkey behind bars, but I'm sure she actually hopes he kicks her once again...

    Jul 23, 2009

    OMG, how many cowards. And the blame is also to be put on Rihanna, the skanky whore who apparently has no self esteem and likes to be trashed down, cos she didn't do A THING to send Brown where he belongs, in jail, being a scum criminal. All these people protecting him - for not annoying whore RiRi? They've all slept with her anyway, why keep her calm? - make me sick. Double law for famous people? Definitely. Anyway Rihanna and Brown are both untalented. All these big names for her album just serve to cover the fact she can't sing nor write a damn tune by herself. Is that art? No way. That is fuckin for tracks art and she's a master at it.

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