Nicolas Cage May Become a Villain in 'The Green Hornet'

Nicolas Cage

The star of 'Knowing' reportedly is in early talks to portray a gangster villain in the Michael Gondry-directed superhero film.

Nicolas Cage may join the cast of "The Green Hornet". While it is still unclear what character he will be portraying in the Michael Gondry-directed film, Variety has reported that the star of the "National Treasure" series is in early negotiations with Columbia Pictures to be a gangster villain.

Beside Nicolas Cage, Cameron Diaz has been reported to be in talks to join the feature project. Although previously it hasn't been disclosed what part that she will tackle in the project, current report suggested she is negotiating the part of a reporter who happens to be Britt Reid/Green Hornet's love interest.

Regarding the progress of the movie project, Variety claimed that "the production is moving full steam ahead for a fall start date" although the studio is still searching for a suitable replacement for Stephen Chow as Kato. Seth Rogen is set to portray the male leading role in addition to his script writing job alongside partner Evan Goldberg.

Produced by Neal Moritz under Original Films, "The Green Hornet" centers on the adventures of Britt Reid who invents his secret identity by taking his hero name from his powerful car's defective horn. The adaptation of WXYZ's radio show is scheduled to hit U.S. theaters July 9, 2010.

As of Nicolas Cage, the actor has just completed the shooting of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", in which he portrays the sorcerer, and a remake movie "Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans", which is planned to be released in 2009. The "Bangkok Dangerous" star is also attached to come back as Benjamin Gates in "National Treasure 3".


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