Jon and Kate Reunite for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Filming

July 17, 2009 08:32:09 GMT

The estranged couple has been snapped hanging out in the driveway of their 1.1 million dollars Pennsylvania home for the shooting of next episodes of their shows 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'.

Jon and Kate Reunite for 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Filming
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Regardless their broken marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin have been snapped putting on a united front to shoot the new episodes of their hit TV series "Jon & Kate Plus 8". After living their lives separately for quite some time, the estranged pair was caught together at their home in Reading, Penn., on Thursday, July 16.

Both John and Kate were spotted sporting sunglasses and casual outfits while they were hanging out in the driveway of their $1.1 million home with two of their sextuplets. The family was joined by their dogs. Kate, at one point, was seen grooming the pets. New episodes of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will be aired on TLC starting from Monday, August 3.

The reunion marked the very first time Jon and Kate were seen together following their last get-together on July 4. Most recently, Jon has been enjoying some quality time with his new girlfriend Hailey Glassman while they were vacationing in the French Riviera over the weekend.

In another news related to Jon, he was recently rumored to have proposed to Hailey. However, a source close to him denied the report, claiming "These reports are absolutely 100 percent false."


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posted by outraged on Aug 03, 2009
John is a PIG and doesn't deserve those wonderful children. Grow up and be a man..God people like him make my blood boil.. There is absolutely no excuse for his vulgar behavior. I hope Kate takes him to the cleaners. His new piece can support him.
posted by relax on Jul 25, 2009
All everyone has done is say Kate has become a "diva".. who says that just because she has 8 kids, she can't wear designer clothes and get her hair done and look good? Just because she's a mom doesn't mean she has to look like crap like she did 6 months after the 6 were born! And yes I agree..Kate has been controlling and some what bitchy to Jon. But hello!! With 8 kids wouldn't you be a controlling too?! There has to be some control in the family. Jon did absolutely nothing unless Kate asked him to. He sat there and played and messed around when she was the one getting things organized. Having 8 kids is hectic, you need some control and organization or everyone will go nuts. Cut Kate some slack. Jon is going to look back at this and realize what a mistake he's making. He has a family and it's ridiculous to just walk away like nothing. He's only 32 yes, but he has 8 children. There is no excuse for him to be out running around in France with a 22 year old party girl that has no idea what responsibility is.
posted by UGGHHH on Jul 22, 2009
No kidding! Ed Hardy shirts, ears pierced- he's trying to to be 19 again and he is making a fool of himself! He will wake up one day and realize it. Sad, sad, sad.
posted by old mom on Jul 22, 2009
I think the real Jon is finally being shown. He was not mature enough to handle such a huge responsiblity ( as he says, "I am only 32 years old!" I just wonder if he feels any guilt as he spends the money his kids have made for him as he lounges around France with another woman!!! We just thought we knew him.
posted by reality check on Jul 20, 2009
Jon's a pig. Say what you want about Kate, but at least she's raising her kids while Jon galavants around feeding his mid-life crisis with girls.
posted by honey30701 on Jul 18, 2009
Jon & Kate are both at falt. But Jon, has flashed his girlfriend around knowing that Kate would see the pictures of him & his latest fling.How hurtfull can he be. Be sure to know these childre will one day grow up & see all of what has happen to there little family. Jon you should have stayed with your family & tried to fix it. You will have to face your kids when they ask you why didn`t you want to be jon & kate plus 8 anymore.This is there family as they know it.Shame on you!!
posted by Connie on Jul 18, 2009
I read the article in People with Jon saying "I want to move forward", well Jon you have moved 50 steps back. I have watched and enjoyed the program for years. Raising and providing for 8 children is alot of work and money, I think the program is great and should continue, but as Kate and her 8, Jon can just go and be in the fashion industry with his 22 year old. Instead of talking to his wife of 10 years Jon chose to talk to his bar buddies and who knows who else, he could have at least given counseling a chance for his children and for his wife of 10 years, poor form Jon.
posted by FLDawn33 on Jul 18, 2009
Kate may have been a nag, but Jon is just a complete idiot for coming out so soon with this girl.... I guess he has some "Ancient chinese secrets"!!!
posted by JonRocks on Jul 18, 2009
Of course Jon should have been more discreet for a while with the new GF, but give the poor man a break. Dealing with Kate's OCD would have cracked most any guy. Good riddance to Kate and let this show fade into obscurity where it belongs
posted by Browneyes1310 on Jul 18, 2009
As a Christian it has been very hard to see this couple fall apart after only renewing their vows a year ago. Did renewing their vows not mean anything? With God, anything is possible and a marriage is never gonna be perfect and you wont always be happy.Surely they new that being in the spotlight would affect their relationship and should have taken better precautions. After ten years of marriage you would think that there would have been more of a fight to save that marriage. Divorce to me only proves that the wedding vows that people promised to eachother really didnt mean anything but empty promises.
posted by tired of it on Jul 17, 2009
No wonder Kate got to be more of a nag as the series went on, instead of a partner, she had another child to deal with. As for the fact that he's hanging with a younger woman, well, he's just a child himself, as he's proven. No matter what was shown on the show, I'm sure there was a lot going on that wasn't broadcast, and who knows how long the "poor, abused husband" was screwing around. If he really wanted a job, he'd get it. Even a saint, which no one is, would get tired of having to treat a 30+ man like he was another child. Grow up and get some common sense. Kate's better off without him; why put up with a husband who acts more like a child than his kids? He wants his own identity, says how he hates publicity, but seems to be seeking it out in all of the wrong places.
posted by JOY on Jul 17, 2009
I, too am sssooo sad.Get into Christian counseling, live in the same house, GO BACK TO CHURCH..EVERY WEEK..and pray. This is by no means a done deal. Only God can put you back together again.
posted by so sad on Jul 17, 2009
Jon dear, I know you have been horribly provoked, but this is not the way to go. You will never be happy or at peace doing this. Can't you get counselling? If you don't deal with your inability to deal with conflict, you will run up against that wall again and again till you do. You just needed to stand up to Kate and make her stop her bullying talk (especially on camera). But letting it build and build till you are ready to go and do this is not the healthy way to deal with the situation. You belong with your wife and children. Just lay some ground rules for her and then get into Christian counseling. Secular counselling deals only with the symptoms, Christian counselling gets at the root. Let God heal you and Kate too. He will restore if you will let Him. If you don't you will destroy those kids, and yourself. A loving and heartsick fan.
posted by judy on Jul 17, 2009
Your children are going to be so screwed up. It have to watch re-runs of this mess. You can say all you want this isn't about the children, it is about a bitchy woman and a mousey man. Get a grip
posted by cancel the show on Jul 17, 2009
How about just cancelling the show, or wouldn't Kate be able to afford her huge house and staff. Just think of the children and cancel the damn show already
posted by someone who use to w on Jul 17, 2009
First, Kate is rude and snotty. After the first 2 seasons it was all about her. Her hair, her tan, her bossy overbearing nature. KATE you aren't all that lady. No more show for me!
posted by on Jul 17, 2009
Grow up little boy Jon. You are not a teenager. Your actions are only causing more stress to your wonderful family. Sure, Kate is no angle, but whose the one jetting around the world with someone else on his arm. Be a man and be a Dad like you claim to be.
posted by campbell on Jul 17, 2009
obviou Jon is a PIG. He's such a gross cliche. Now we all realize why Kate was so bossy all the time...her husband was a large child who wanted to mess around and have fun. He is hurting his children so profoundly. There are no words for what this will do them. I am aching for Kate. She wasn't perfect but I think she was left without a partner. He was a loser when she met him. He sure had no trouble quitting his job in a hurry when the show got popular. He loved all the freebies he was getting...but when it came down to being a man and working on his marriage, he did what most loser idiot men do...he bailed. And to WHAT?! A sleazy, over sexed COW. Kate you deserve a real man. You will get through this. People can see the truth now. You were running that large family completely alone. Your husband was a whiny baby with no real desire to parent and be part of a team. I'm sorry this has happened.
posted by reesie012 on Jul 17, 2009
I loved watching the show. Kate is demanding. However, when you have 8 kids you don't just walk out. The you turn up three weeks later pblicly with another woman. WTH!! I can only imagine how Kate feels. Not only is he publicly with this woman, but is someone she knows. Does Jon have any morals or respect?
posted by jamaican mother. on Jul 17, 2009
Jon is a bloody ass who needs to grow up. I know that Kate was at times annoying and demanding but Jon this is not the way you do things. You both have 8 kids together. .Couldn't you have sorted this out behind the scenes. What do you expect the kids to believe. This seems as if Jon was messing around for a long time now. How comes all of a sudden he is parading with a mistress less than 3 weeks afte the separation. You were a big ole cheater. Kate deserves a good man in her life right now. Someone who can love and care for her ann the kids. Were I Kate, I would deny you every right to see these kids and show you how Jamaican woman ruff. There should be a boot camp for men/boys like you. You are the bigest looser I have ever come across. KAte! Just come to Jamaica and you will get and feel real men. Get away Jon. Get a life with that lesbian. Kate you do not need to sleep with this man ever again because he loves LESBIANS!!! God knows what she has.
posted by Concerned mom on Jul 17, 2009
He should have kept his new relationship under wraps for a while longer. I can imagine his kids won't be happy to see photos of him with another woman.
posted by Mommy Of Many on Jul 17, 2009
I am soo glad to see that other fans feel the way I do. Everyone wants to throw darts at Kate, because she wanted to make sure things got done. With 8 Kids & a husband who acted worse then his own children... How frustrating it must have been. She also might have been acting on her womans instinct about Jon. Despite the a** Jon is being, I hope to God that he comes to his sinces & beg for Kates forgiveness. And they get back together for their children. I agree w/the other reader. It will all come back to bite him in the end. I was so hurt when they said that they were splitting.
posted by steven on Jul 17, 2009
Be real, get back together for your children. they need both parents in their lives. If they can not grow up with loving parents as an example then what is their marriage going to be like? If you both set the right example, your children will make both of you proud. LOVE THE CHILDREN. You will not regret it.
posted by sadfan on Jul 17, 2009
I loved watching this family the chidren are so beautiful I felt like they were my grandchildren. I have to say Jon is the biggest disappointment there is in being a man and a father. People critize Kate for speaking her mind but she had 9 children really because Jon was selfish and self centered. He was always crying the blues about something and going behind Kates back with the eye rolling and making faces. Seems to me his kids are more adult than he is, I truly believe this is all gonna come back to bite him in the end when his kids google him when they are little older and see what kind of man he really is. God Bless Kate and the kids
posted by gails on Jul 17, 2009
geez Jon you say your kids mean everything to you its all about them well then if that were true you wouldnt have left your marriage you would have seeked councelling to save the family but no instead all you think about is younger women, snow boarding and yourself for gods sake man grow a pair and do what your father raised you to do be a man take care of your responsiblities stop thinking about yourself and whining about how when you were 27 you had 8 kids well guess how made them 8 kids now step up and do your job
posted by kendidly on Jul 17, 2009
obviously having a camra on them 24/7 got to them and theyre obsessed with being the next huge thing on the front page of a magizine. jon, yea shes treated you horribly.. but couldnt you two of just stoped the show and done it without it being on camra? jees. and kate, loosen up a bit, i heard that you fired like 30 nurses, not everyones perfect, and your not always going to get your way, now is the time to think about your children and not how nice your hair looks.
posted by ya on Jul 17, 2009
I love the show! but I hate how its not all about the kids..the kids make the money...maybe they should put the money into an account for when they are older. and see where kate will be then. no tan no getting your nails done. and jon I think he is very cute but needs to stand up and be a man an tell kate how he really feels. work it out for the kids. they need the both of them.
posted by concerned on Jul 17, 2009
I loved watching the show. You both are very blessed with beautiful children and you both need to set a side your differences and take care of those children. They need both parents. It seems it is to easy to just give up. Work it out. You both have a tuff road ahead with raising those children and they need the both of you.
posted by cg on Jul 17, 2009
I read that Kate & Jon did go to marriage counciling. It didn't work. It takes a rather shallow/self-centered person to walk out on 8 kids. A REAL man would stick it out until the kids are 18 and can do without a father 24/7.

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