'Twilight' Heartthrob Taylor Lautner Comments on Obsessive Fans

July 16, 2009 09:27:59 GMT

"They are very intense, but it's cool that they're so dedicated and so passionate," the Jacob Black depicter in "Twilight" shares his opinion about his obsessive fans.

Taylor Lautner
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Featured in the August issue of Interview Magazine, Taylor Lautner has the chance to speak up about his fans, especially those who are obsessed with him. "They are very intense, but it's cool that they're so dedicated and so passionate," the Jacob Black depicter in "Twilight" says. "They're the reason we're here doing this sequel (The Twilight Saga's New Moon). So I'm thankful for the fans. I like meeting them. But, yeah, they're pretty intense. Sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming."

The 17-year-old star, moreover, says that he and his co-stars in the vampire drama movie often have encountered screaming fans. "We've met many different fans: the criers, who come around quite often; the hyper-ventilators who stop breathing and have to have a medic come. We've definitely seen some passion," he admits.

Asked on how he feels toward those obsessive fans, Taylor claims "I don't even know. I don't know if it's really hit me yet. They're just passionate for the series and for the characters, and we're just lucky enough to be a part of this. I don't think it has much to do with me personally; it's more because I'm playing the beloved Jacob Black."

Speaking of his future plans, Taylor reveals he wants to try his hand at different genres of film, stating "I love action films. I'd love to do an action drama. I'm always looking to give my character something action-oriented to do."

On the things he would love to do if he doesn't act, he tells Interview Magazine, "I always played sports when I was young. I played football and baseball for eight years. I loved football. So maybe I'd be doing some kind of sport. I also loved writing and directing. So maybe that could be in my future too. I'd love to get into that."


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posted by my bf is Taylor on Apr 06, 2010
omg Taylor i cant stop looking for on google crap i'll see u soon babe hope your having fun on set love you
posted by Brittany17 on Aug 05, 2009
you guys are so obsessive.I mean god.He is a little cute.But he is probally a jerk with a big ego.And i bet he does not care about any of you!!!
posted by Brittany17 on Aug 05, 2009
i agree with twilight rocks
posted by thinkin_about_you_ta on Jul 25, 2009
i love talyor so i dont blame them 4 being passionae 2 i think he are the most cute 17 teen year old guy. i th9nk that he is way better than rob!!!
posted by I Love Twilight! on Jul 20, 2009
OMG! I reakon Taylor is way hotter than Rob! I think Rob is cute, but Taylor is burning hot! I think.... Taylor and Bella make such a better match! Awwwwww ..... I cant wait to see the new movie of Twilight... New Moon! Also Taylor looks even hotter cos his hair is shorter! I don't really like it when it is long!
posted by twilight rocks! on Jul 19, 2009
camogurl21 & jacob fan charity, me & all my friends say Edward is HOT! jacob is NOT! u guys r way off!
posted by camogurl21 on Jul 19, 2009
wow. i bet it IS overwhelming to be him. but it's kinda sad to hear him say that he thinks his fans just like him because of who he plays in a movie and not because of who he really is: Taylor Lautner.... Taylor is wayyyy hotter than rob!
posted by jacob fan charity on Jul 18, 2009
me, my cousin, and my friends always say that edward is cute but jacob is so hot. i even taught my neice who is 6 to say that.
posted by katie on Jul 17, 2009
awww. he is such a cutie (:
posted by katie on Jul 17, 2009
awww. he is such a cutie (:
posted by twilight rocks! on Jul 17, 2009
robs better, more talented, & definatly cuter!
posted by Appjwdkb on Jul 16, 2009
posted by NatyBaby on Jul 16, 2009
Yes i bet there is crazy fans..and they are very dedicated..They support you and love you. And thats a very great thing to have..the fact that your extremely talented, handsome, very passionate plays a great role on why the fans are very overwhelming to you..i cant blame them..i hope you have a good friend by your side. even though we never met.. i can be your friend ") You have enough fans. So just have fun with wat you do.. i have fun watchin' ") Youll have an idea one day for your own movie and it will be a hit.. just keep going and make this movie complete.. By the way.. being 17 and starring in a hit movie is wonderful..your blessed..") Me being 17 as well i wish i can be lucky like you.. take care ") Have fun
posted by Taylorfan on Jul 16, 2009
Her is a guy with Smarts and Great potential. He knows to be a success u need fans luv u Taylor.We will support u always. When Robs 15min is over u will be the energizer bunny.............keep going........

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