Ella and Jonah Characters Introduced in New 'Melrose Place' Promos

Ella and Jonah Characters Introduced in New 'Melrose Place' Promos

As seen in the new promos of 'Melrose Place', Ella Flynn is involved in a same-sex relationship, while Jonah Miller witnesses David's bad boy side.

Ella Flynn and Jonah Miller are introduced individually through new "Melrose Place" promos for its upcoming season one. Ella is a beauty who is seeking for love and is involved in a same-sex relationship. Meanwhile, Jonah is narrated as the one who loves making movie and one day, he captures David's love affair on his camera.

Ella Flynn is going to be portrayed by Katie Cassidy, who once took the role of Trish Wellington in CBS' TV series "Harper's Island". As for Jonah, he will be played by "Final Destination 2" actor Michael Rady.

A refurbished version of 1992 TV series of the same name, "Melrose Place" will be premiered on September 8 at 9/8c on The CW. Aside from Michael Rady and Katie Cassidy, it will also be supported by Stephanie Jacobsen, Shaun Sipos, Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson.

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    Jul 30, 2009

    Michael Rady was not in Final Destination 2.

    reality check
    Jul 20, 2009

    i think they should remake all shows from the 90's like "90210" and "Melrose".. also... lets get a jump on the 2000's and let's remake "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Office"... no sense in waiting anymore.. .let's just remake everything, then remake the remakes. I want nothing but remakes, sequels and prequels because I am SO SICK of originality in Hollywood.

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