Miley Cyrus to Get 'Wings' via 'Twilight'

July 16, 2009 02:17:01 GMT

Disney is developing an adaptation to Aprilynee Pike's novel as a star vehicle for the 'Hannah Montana' star with two of 'Twilight' producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey involved.

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus is indeed breaking out of her "Hannah Montana" image by getting another starring project on her sleeves. According to Variety, Disney has snagged screen rights to young adult novel "Wings" and will develop it as a star vehicle for the 16-year-old with Temple Hill partners Marty Bowen and Wick Godfrey, who produce "Twilight", serving as producers.

The teen actress who recently won two 2009 MTV Movie Awards for her "Hannah Montana: The Movie" is expected to take on the role of 15-year-old Laurel who discovers that she is a fairy after sprouting a pair of wings. "Wings" will be her latest collaboration with the mouse house beyond the "Hannah Montana" franchise.

An adaptation to Aprilynee Pike's bestselling novel, "Wings" follows Laurel who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town. When Laurel is forced to adjust to a big high school, her suspicions that she's not like everyone else are soon confirmed as she finds out she's a fairy. The project will have Miley's mother, Tish Cyrus, taking the executive producer role.

Miley Cyrus herself is currently filming "The Last Song". For the Julie Anne Robinson-directed adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel, she will be seen portraying a rebellious teenager sent to spend the summer with her estranged father. Earlier, she has been spotted sharing passionate kiss with her on-screen love interest Liam Hemsworth at a beach for the film's scenes.


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posted by xXcandyXxD on Sep 06, 2010
After all the things I heard Miley did... I can never imagine her as a protaganist, these divas jeez no offense Miley lovers I just don't think shes cut out for this role, she doesn't have the additude and seriously??? Shes been lap dancing in public a horrible influence and you might say that its normal for teens 16+ to be doing these things but when your a "role model" wouldn't you want kids to look up to you? I was her fan before she lost her self control and to tell you the truth she was brilliant before the drama.
posted by **Hamo** on Jun 24, 2010
O .. M .. G !!! i mean are u guys serious ?¡ MILEY CYRUS playin Laurel!!! that would be like sending all the fantasy and excitment to the garbage!! Laurel is supposed to be blond, with angelic face , a little girly baby look ,,, pale a little ,, i mean non of this characteristics are actually found in mile. Not to add that she looks rediciolous in blond hair... i really dont have anything against miley but guys she is nothing like laurel. reconsider plzzz i mean there are alot more actriss out there that can fit the role but she is not one of them. sure she is not bad looking, not a bad singer but not how laurel should be, so plzz reconsider. i think it will b a huge mistake. and to my personal opinion , if u guys find a new actriss it will be perfect :D BUT NOT MILEY PLZZZZ I BEGG ... AM IN LUV WITH THIS BOOK DT REUIN MY FANTASY ABOUT THE FILM PLZZZ!!!!
posted by team-tamani on May 27, 2010
posted by team-tamani on May 27, 2010
are u guys kidding? miley as laurel?! please tell me ur kidding! dakota fanning would do soooo much better! no one would watch it if it was miley! NO TO MILEY!!!!! :P
posted by Wings/twilight lover on Mar 05, 2010
I was looking at a website and said that Wings will be just as popular as the Twilight saga! That is so not true nothing is better than Twilight. If Miley does play Laurel that will bost her popularity. We can't let this happen! Somebody do something! And quick!
posted by i agree with the oth on Mar 03, 2010
Please Disney chose someone else!
posted by screen name on Mar 03, 2010
I'm sorry guys but I have to admitt that miley isn't the best actress for the part. I think that her playing Laurel is going to ruin the movie. I can't take miley or her acting seriously. sorry miley
posted by wings fan on Mar 03, 2010
I have no offense of Miley I just think that Dakota Fanning would do the part better.
posted by wings fan on Mar 03, 2010
I cna't believe they chose miley cyrus! she isn't pretty, she really isn't a good singer and she is a really bad actor! she's not even blond! it disgusts me!
posted by Aryadna on Jan 12, 2010
This book sucks, sorry, but the only way someone can consider this book is good is if the person is a 7 year old girl. On the other hand, is people stupid? just because you like the way Miley looks, that doesn't mean she's a good actress. And the book described Laurel in someway, why not respect at least that? Dakota o Evanna, both are so much beautiful than Miley and both can act so much better.
posted by Wingslvr on Dec 26, 2009
i love this book and when i found out tht miley cyrus was going to play laurel, i fllipped. personaly i ddont think tht she is a good actress. i mean come on she has a country accent, so not angelic. shes tan, not pale, nd i cant see her playing a fairy. thts just my opinion. plzzzz disney, chose a different person to play laurel!I agree tht dakota fanning would do a MUCH better job.
posted by nay on Nov 28, 2009
posted by David on Oct 08, 2009
Evanna would be great, she's looks and sounds like a angel. Is nice that Miley is letting go her Hannah Montana image and make stuff of her own.
posted by gueesst on Sep 14, 2009
If you read the book you know what im talking about. Laurel - a small and petite 15-year old, beautiful, angelic-like, very light blonde hair, light green eyes, almost translucent pale skin. Miley - Brown haired, normal body shape, tanned (kinda), and her eyes... who the heck knows what color those are! + Miley has that very man-like country accent. Think thats a nice voice for a angelic faerie? think again.
posted by desireeandchrissy on Sep 04, 2009
miley would be perfect for the role she is too pretty too be true and we love her hair.PERSONGUY put that comment in your pipe and smoke it
posted by Lisa on Aug 19, 2009
i like miley cyris and all. But shes not fit for the part. I read over laurels discription over and over. But i dont picture miley. I was hoping they made a movie after iv finised the book but now i regret it. This makes me truley sad. This takes the image i had of her fly out the window. Im not much of a reader. I never read accually. I never got hooked on twilight, and all my friends have. Iv found a book i truly love and im willing to read it a million tims over. Iv finally found something i love and its gonna be ruined. I found something to brag about but now its shatterd. I just hope they change their mind. And i hope they know it dosnt take some famous teenager to make a good movie.
posted by Lisa on Aug 19, 2009
i like miley cyris and all. But shes not fit for the part. I read over laurels discription over and over. But i dont picture miley. I was hoping they made a movie after iv finised the book but now i regret it. This makes me truley sad. This takes the image i had of her fly out the window. Im not much of a reader. I never read accually. I never got hooked on twilight, and all my friends have. Iv found a book i truly love and im willing to read it a million tims over. Iv finally found something i love and its gonna be ruined. I found something to brag about but now its shatterd. I just hope they change their mind. And i hope they know it dosnt take some famous teenager to make a good movie.
posted by ILoveMiley on Aug 16, 2009
Nothing against Dakota Fanning, but say that she is prettier than Miley ... this is crazy! Dakota is very beautiful, but Miley is more! People describe the characteristics of Laurel...Laurel can not have hair darker? and if Disney put a black girl to interpret Laurel, what's wrong? MILEY DIVA!
posted by Lizzzzz on Aug 16, 2009
Miley is perfect for a fairy!
posted by Lizzzzz on Aug 16, 2009
Miley = beautiful blue eyes, brown hair perfect, beautiful smile ... a face so cute and cheeky ..:)... It is still a fairy! Love Miley!
posted by Nathy on Aug 16, 2009
Miley has talent enough to make this character, ok. She is so cute, so sweet ... Miley is perfect for interpreting Laurel.
posted by Alison on Aug 16, 2009
Miley will be a fairy?? Oh, so cute ... is a character perfect for her!
posted by Barbara on Aug 16, 2009
OMG! Miley fairy will be wonderful. Miley is so beautiful ... Miley DIVAAAAAAAAAA ...!
posted by MileyBrazil on Aug 16, 2009
Miley has a beautiful face, interpret a fairy will be PERFECT! MILEY so cute...I LOVE YOU!
posted by lisa on Aug 07, 2009
here is a description of miley.-brown hair,tan,and no green eyes.laural isn't tan or brown headed.Thid really isn't meant for disney it is more of a romance for teens and adults.
posted by laural on Aug 07, 2009
here's a description of laural for those who haven't read the book-green eyes,very light blonde hair,skinny,and a vegatarian.Evanna Lynch perfect fairy look.
posted by jennie on Aug 05, 2009
this is just SO WRONG. laurel is really petite and shes supposed to actually look sorta like a fairy. miley is not petite enough to play her and laurel is a shy, sweet character. miley is exactly the opposite. i love this book but theyre just ruining it.
posted by Renziis888. on Aug 05, 2009
EWWW I HATE MILEY CYRUS. The book is amazing, and if she plays LAUREL? Far out. That's the dumbest thing Disney's done to date-- apart from creating all those other Disney movies. LIKE SERIIOUSLY THE CAST DIRECTOR SHOULD BE SACKED. How stupid could Disney get? Beyond how crap they already are! Don't tell me this book is going to end up like all that other Disney crap. Miley Cyrus is going to ruin it for me-- not to mention that the DIRECTOR SHOULD LISTEN TO "WINGS" FANS ON THE INTERNET.
posted by beangirl724 on Aug 02, 2009
koolgirl - totally agree the rob and kristen ruined twilight; you are the only person who agrees with me . and yuck the book was great so shut up. isn't laurel supposed to be blond? don't tell me she's gonna put on the hannah wig?!
posted by u-dnt-need-2-know-th on Jul 26, 2009
People!!!!!!! Are you insane?! Are you sure you werenít brainwashed before doing this ridiculous act of insanity??!! It only needs one small bit of sanity to realize that you are doing the WRONG thing. Have you even seen what youíre doing?! I donít think you were sane at the time you picked MILEY CYRUS to play Laurel. I mean Miley.. Laurel. SOOOOO DOESNíT MATCH!! Laurel is nothing like Miley Cyrus. If you have read this amazing book, you would know what Iím talking about. Miley isnít Laurel!!!!! She isnít even close to being Laurel. Miley isnít even elegant enough to be a faerie kind of girl!!! Honestly, I donít have anyone in mind right now! But Iíve seen some people recommending Dakota Fanning, she is without any doubt better than Miley Cyrus! PLEASE RE-CONSIDER!!!
posted by Jesusrox!! :) on Jul 26, 2009
I'm not sure why so many people love to hate Miley!? It doesn't make sence to hate someone bc you are jealous. She is really down to earth and awesome! I wish people would just leave her alone.
posted by roserosita53 on Jul 25, 2009
she will do well, it seems like whatever she does she does good. so people get off her back, and let her be. i love miley she so cute and funny and she can play a serious role. so just sit back and give her a chance to prove herself. love ya miley
posted by guest on Jul 20, 2009
tani, PersonGuy, bleh, writergirl15, carlie, kendidly and KoolGirl, we really don' t care about what you think. I hate when people make mean and bad comments.
posted by KoolGirl on Jul 19, 2009
I personally think Miley is very beautiful but she is a comedian not a serious actor. If she plays Wings it will ruin it she will turn it into a comedy. I love comedies but I also love these kind of things where it is serious acting. She ruined the Last Song. Which was actually especially written for Miley. Nicholas Sparks is even having her play a grown woman in Dear John. If she can make these movies into something great i will never doubt her again. It is hard playing something that was already a book though look at Kristen and Robert they ruined twilight.
posted by Twilightfever on Jul 18, 2009
everyone always has a probelm with casting for novel adapts because everyone pictures the characters differently. anyways miley cyrus is an okay actress in comedy lets see if she can do some serious acting this is her chance to shine. i remember how angry everyone was with robert pattinson for twilight he recieved hate mail even now everyone can't picture another edward for twilight. the same will most likely happen for miley cyrus. anyways its a good book.
posted by Stan on Jul 18, 2009
Miley is far from ugly. Are we living in a world were everyone looks like Angelina Jolie? Anyways this book is good and Miley seems well fitted. Hopefully a good director will be involved.
posted by JEANN on Jul 18, 2009
Read the book. Its pretty good. I can't judge Miley's acting until The Last Song comes out but I have no problem with her playing Laurel. Hopefully she will do fine and they can pull of this magical world well. PLEAS GOD don't turn this into a franchise I will be happy with 1 movie! Don't ruin it!
posted by bleh on Jul 17, 2009
PersonGuy & carlie got it right, i really dont understand why this goddamn girl has to stick herself up in EVERYTHING!
posted by kendidly on Jul 17, 2009
i agree with person guy totally. the book was good but REALLY? effing miley cyrus?!? why?!? shes going to ruin it for me i knowww she will. ugh im so mad!
posted by carlie on Jul 17, 2009
just when i thought we had enough of the gigantic foreheaded miley cyrus this suckass news takes place
posted by ILoveNick.x on Jul 17, 2009
Miley Rules! xxx
posted by writergirl15 on Jul 16, 2009
i hate her and i hate the book
posted by Yuck on Jul 16, 2009
The book is terrible! The only reason that it's gotten this far is that the author is friends with Stephenie Meyer! Publishers and now Hollywood are hoping to ride Meyer's coattails with this
posted by laury on Jul 16, 2009
i love this gurrrll!whoop,GOD bless her,i know she'll do great,cant wait for the last song though
posted by winks on Jul 16, 2009
Miley will be great no matter what she does. PersonGuy you are fucktarded...ask anyone if you don't believe me. And Yuck you act as if you know what you are writing about, when we all know you are an idiot. MILEY ROCKS!!
posted by guest1 on Jul 16, 2009
The book is fabulous. I read it when it first came out. I think Miley will do great with it.
posted by guest on Jul 16, 2009
it's up to you!No one care.
posted by tani on Jul 16, 2009
miley cyrus is so ugly! i soo hate her!
posted by PersonGuy on Jul 16, 2009
I like the book, but of course they have to shove Miley's big ass up in it. I freaking hate her.

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