Disney Channel to Introduce the Next Miley Cyrus

July 15, 2009 07:09:54 GMT

Bridgit Mandler will take the lead role of a new TV show 'Good Luck Charlie' because she has all the qualities to be a Disney star.

Disney Channel to Introduce the Next Miley Cyrus
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After Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, Disney Channel is ready to launch its latest tween star. Bridgit Mandler, the 16-year-old who has guest starred in several Disney shows like "J.O.N.A.S!" and "Wizards of Waverly Place", has been hired by the mouse house to be the lead cast of a new series called "Good Luck Charlie".

"We just fell in love with her," said Adam Bonnett, senior Vice President of original programming at Disney Channel. "She has all the attributes of a Disney star." Bridgit's cameo can next be seen in the four-part saga of "Wizards" that airs starting July 24. In the show, she is guest starring as a vampire girl named Julie.

The show is going to be part of Disney's program next year. Bridgit will play the role of Teddy Holliday who, together with her brothers must babysit their baby sister named Charlie while their parents go to work. According to THR, Teddy will create a video diary for Charlie, telling her about the adventure of the day and also advising her on what to do when she grows up.

"It felt like the right time to have a show with two parents, to debunk the myth that Disney never has the mom in the picture," Bonnett said. "Because it is a myth." Supporting as the parents are Leigh Allyn Baker and Eric Allan Kramer. Playing Teddy's brothers are Disney regular Jason Dolley and newcomer Bradley Perry.


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posted by Ray on Mar 18, 2010
Miley isn't the Queen of Disney!!! Raven Symoné and Brenda Song are!!! By the way Demi and Selena rule... Miley really made Disney looks bad!! She was at her best in Season 1!!!! but after the middle of Season 2, she started to suck....
posted by huewh on Feb 28, 2010
i think she is pretty.. she did good on wizards.she will do good.. i can tell
posted by sandra on Dec 27, 2009
posted by bitch on Oct 20, 2009
you are a whore hannah montana
posted by jamilsarman on Oct 20, 2009
i hate you i hate you but my cousin loves you !!!!!!!!
posted by asfak or flexi monke on Oct 20, 2009
i hate hannah montana because she is totally ugly like me !! (hahaha)
posted by sascha on Oct 20, 2009
i dont talk to tirza because i hate her she is soooooooooo nasty im not afraid for her or her mother she cant do anithing to me or my B.F.F group so bug of tirza sarman.
posted by anisha on Oct 20, 2009
i dont talk to tirza
posted by jamilsarman on Oct 20, 2009
i hate hannah montana i think my cousin loves you so mucccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
posted by tirzasarman on Oct 20, 2009
hannah montana you are soo a rock star
posted by Mylies great (: on Aug 22, 2009
Im the same age as Mylie and I might sound like a child but I dont care I love her shes amazing and shes not a slut cos everything she does everyone does when there a teen including me and everyone whos sayin they hate her is just jelous cos how can you hate someone you dont even no? There all brilliant cos if they can make it that far to be that famous there obviously tallented so leave them alone!
posted by mileyfan on Aug 09, 2009
i love miley and i like her how she is. i dont want a new miley.
posted by pretty on Jul 24, 2009
they do not need to change miley cyrus
posted by Jillianlovesjonas. : on Jul 24, 2009
I hate her. She's a suckish actress. Nobody could EVER replace Miley or Demi. Sorry, but I won't let it happen.
posted by passerby on Jul 24, 2009
Miley can't b replaced by any1 !
posted by Erica on Jul 23, 2009
i don't want a new miley or demi:( you guys rock and selena
posted by Slasher on Jul 23, 2009
They're all fucking whores!
posted by queenmiley on Jul 21, 2009
miley is the disney channel queen! her fame is sooooo high demi nor selena can even top it! none of the movies they even made were in theaters. every album miley made was #1 and demi;s was #2! miley rules disney!
posted by MILEY SUCKS ! on Jul 21, 2009
posted by miley fan 2 on Jul 19, 2009
miley is so cool how dresses up an pretty just like me jennifer anaya an just like all the out they in the world but i am the frist one in the wrold
posted by amanda on Jul 18, 2009
i thin she is ok but i cane sing better than her and she is cool in her oun why
posted by zannah on Jul 17, 2009
I won't follow this new girl, she's taking miley cyrus's title. miley is a Christian and i'll always follow miley cyrus. i love miley cyrus more than anything and i hope my kids will be able to love her as much as i do.
posted by JBFAN on Jul 16, 2009
UGhhh one miley cryus is enough. Miley already made disney look bad!
posted by Mileyfan on Jul 16, 2009
I love miley but she's not going to be the queen for ever! She's not the new Miley! and Miley wasn't the new Hilary Duff and this one ain't the new Miley! No one can be the new miley or the new Selena or Demi! cos they are their own people! Miley is energetic in Hannah Montana, and Demi's funny in Sunny with a chance! and Selena OMG she's hilarious but not in a funny way in a way that Harper nearly makes her look smart when you know she's actually real dumb in Wizards. AND SHE IS SO LAZY! I LOVE HER!! but this one what's her name........ bridget I think.... well her show will probly be as popular as Brian O'Brian which is a lil funny but they are copying Mr. Bean! any when it all comes to all, Miley ain't gonna be here forever!!
posted by zxcvbnm, on Jul 16, 2009
i hope her show does good. shes pretty and a good actor
posted by asdfghjkl on Jul 16, 2009
selena and demi so top miley! it's better that they're bffs!!!!!
posted by mileysucks on Jul 16, 2009
she may be the queen but she doesnt have wat it takes to be the queen. when u take pictures "naked", u dont hav wat it takes to stay innocent! SHE'S A BRAT TOO
posted by qertyuiop on Jul 16, 2009
posted by blahblaj on Jul 16, 2009
i dont think miley can sing or act. she's not funny either. demi and selena are the best dc girl stars. both can sing and act but demi is the better singer nd selena is the better actor. both of them r x-tremly talented.
posted by Vianney on Jul 16, 2009
She will never be as big as MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!Miley RULES
posted by Kelsey on Jul 15, 2009
Shanaynay I totally agree with you.... Miley will always be my favorite!
posted by Vic2763 on Jul 15, 2009
I wish they would just stop saying "the next Miley"...Why not say New DC star, and see if breaks big. Dont put that kind of pressure on em. Stop making predictions and let the ratings numbers speak for themselves. Miley is multi talented: sings & acts, plus the energy, she is almost hyper =]
posted by ohmy on Jul 15, 2009
relax - Disney is just preparing itself for the BIG stars growing up & moving on - BUT Miley is Definitely the Queen & Selena & Demi are right behind her. But remember before Miley was Hilary Duff & Raven so Disney needs to keep looking for newer younger talent to keep the shows for the tweens going. Personally I'd be very happy if Hannah Monatana went on for at least 2 more years & Wizards & Sonny too - but I would not care if they took Jonas off tomorrow because that show stinks.
posted by Jill1915 on Jul 15, 2009
Oh! ya right just like they said about two years ago. And look who is still the queen of teen a and BIGGER THAN EVER
posted by Qwerty on Jul 15, 2009
Seriously? I could see Demi as a star like Miley, same with Selena, but this call is almost as lame as Miranda Cosgrove. She was good in JONAS, but I couldn't see her becoming a superstar, her voice wasn't amazing, not something I even remembered until this article. I hope she does well in the industry, as she is talented, but I couldn't imagine her being as big as Miley, Demi, or Selena. And all of the "next Miley's" have become superstars in their own right WITHOUT taking Miley's thrown, so I can't see anyone overthrowing the queen of teen anytime soon!
posted by Shayne on Jul 15, 2009
She is nothin compared to even demi or selena
posted by ALYSSIA on Jul 15, 2009
i dnt give a care bout this gurl. shes ugly anyways. and she will never b as big as MILEY!!!!!!
posted by pseudo on Jul 15, 2009
Disney would LOVE for her to become 'the next Miley' but there is only one Miley and she is a rare talent...Miley is cuter than anything, sweet, a great singer, a great actress, a great dancer, did I mention beautiful and cute?
posted by mileyrocks19 on Jul 15, 2009
no one is as talanted or as energetic as miley miley is the best, no saleena,demi or this new girl can ever replace miley cyrus, she is the the best love you miley, you rock
posted by sam on Jul 15, 2009
the new girl is so weird and i love miley so so so so so much more then her.And she looks bitchy
posted by Mileycrazed101 on Jul 15, 2009
Miley can not be replaced! Nobody can be better than Miley!!! This girl is not the new Miley!!!!!!!!
posted by eco-friendly on Jul 15, 2009
miley is so so much better no one demi or this loser can beat her!! MILEY CYRUS ROCKS
posted by urgghh on Jul 15, 2009
i hate this chick.. she looks so bitchy and mean-girl. She's so not a disney and cant be the new miley. Miley is way, way better
posted by Tiffany on Jul 15, 2009
disney ALWAYS do 'that'
posted by Jenny on Jul 15, 2009
I think this girl is very beautiful and disney have made some good decisions before so i trust them
posted by payton on Jul 15, 2009
i dont even like like the name bridgit luv ya mi and tay swift:)
posted by Shellie on Jul 15, 2009
Shellie thinks that This strange person is weired and very Creepy . We don't like Miley Or this Girl.
posted by Shanaynay on Jul 15, 2009
She will NEVER be the next miley cyus no one will this new girl sounds boring Miley is way more better :]
posted by taylor on Jul 15, 2009
no one can replace miley cyrus becuz mi is the queen no one will ever replace her she will just fade away like any other horrible star i no that she will never become like mi, sel and,demi so if she thinks that she will knock them out then shes wrong she will never b that big luv ya miley and tay
posted by QWERTY on Jul 15, 2009
well she won't replace her! but I hate her! #u@k her
posted by dhsfhsefhkejwshfwkj on Jul 15, 2009

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