'Hell's Kitchen' Season 6 Promo: The Confrontation

July 11, 2009 02:26:16 GMT

In the sixth season, Chef Gordon Ramsay gets an equal rival in terms of foul language and yelling.

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 6 Promo: The Confrontation
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Somebody's taking off the apron and dropping the F bomb on the upcoming "Hell's Kitchen". FOX is making use of the tense moment to promote the new season which is premiering for two hours on Tuesday, July 21 at 8/7c.

During deliberation, Chef Gordon Ramsay exchanged arguments with a sous chef named Joseph. Hitting the false note, Joseph got out of the line and threatened to walk out of the competition by confronting the host.

Joseph is a Long Island native who enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. after graduating from high school. While in the Marines he was a Food Service Specialist/Corporal. He is a 27 year-old who resides in Massapequa Park, New York.

This season's winner will win a position as head chef at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia. He or she will also get an exposure during 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


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posted by butto on Jun 25, 2010
"e forgot who is his Commander and Chief on the show is, what a jerk, no respect..." Considering Ramsay hardly shows respect for his contestants, the irony of your posting that is astounding. As usual, it was all staged, I want a REAL fight dammit!
posted by jeff collins on Jan 18, 2010
gordon will kick he`s ass ...! joseph u are a twat .....he asked u a simple question and u go of on one are u crazy...! twat thats all i can say ! TWAT
posted by Samari1 on Sep 10, 2009
I think that Joseph guy was so stupid he didnt know how to answer the simple question he was asked , and it Embarrased him, so he lashed out instead of Telling the chef ramsy, he didnt know how to answer that question, anyone else notice he looked like a dear in headlights? Joseph is that is
posted by Marine on Jul 29, 2009
First of all he was a cook in the Marines... LOL... That position was done away with over 7 years ago because it's worthless when the food is "ready to eat" in the field anyway... and when you back on base civillians handle the chow. This was hard to watch, I hope some of his former fellow marines come forward and relieve the pressure by saying how much of an ass he was, and what happened when he was in. If he is former... there is obviously a reason he is not still in. Joseph... man... all he did was ask you a question... Joseph may have done ok if he wasn't wound so tight... shame.
posted by biilnbbvfb on Jul 27, 2009
melinda will win!!!!!
posted by latsau on Jul 25, 2009
I'm a former U.S Marine and a fellow Texan and I am severely disappointed in the attitudes of Joseph and Van , both of whom I was originally rooting for and now hope both get kicked as soon as possible. It's been 20 years since i did my tour in the Marines but we were trained to be respectful, joseph is a disgrace to the corps imo.
posted by PWIns is an idiot on Jul 23, 2009
Not all marines are that tough, hell I've taken down quite a few with my mma training.
posted by Joseph is a bitch on Jul 23, 2009
I wish he'd win so when he comes to whistler I'd drive up there and hand him his sorry ass.
posted by Chef Sgt. Rock on Jul 22, 2009
I wonder if Chef Joseph is an Ex-Marine, as in he quit or was dishonorably discharged. I personally cannot see a US Marine behaving that way. He is an embarrassment to Marines everywhere.
posted by pullstring go boom on Jul 22, 2009
one more thing... SemperFi
posted by pullstring go boom on Jul 22, 2009
He probably did get fuckin discharged for being a shitbag. But what can you expect from a fucking cook in the corps, let him try to to do that as a grunt, arty or armor see what the fuck happens. what an idiot.
posted by luvburd on Jul 22, 2009
ramsay will kick dudes ass all up and down the kitchen and then ask if their is anything else he can do for him, ramsay is not a punk that man is just as crazy as the other dude but he can back his shit up
posted by Tex on Jul 22, 2009
It must be Josephs time of the month. That can only make him one thing....a B#%*@. As you could see in that episode Ramsey didn't step back. He met him toe to toe. Joseph is a flappin idiot. I heard the "I'm a TOOL" series is looking for contestants.
posted by Anothercoilgun on Jul 22, 2009
Any guesses as to why "EX"?
posted by Anothercoilgun on Jul 22, 2009
Joseph is a 5150 wacko. I'd sleep with my .50AE cause Joseph has absolutely no intention on cooking but on destroying randomly. Ramsey should kick his ass just on principal. When you see the end of episode 2 you will understand. Joseph had a snowballs chance in hell to be winner. No one wants to be around this mental person. Average Mean time between jobs will be 6 months.
posted by PWIns on Jul 21, 2009
you actually think gordon ramsey could take an ex marine in a fight. meatpie go fuck yourself
posted by Ducky on Jul 21, 2009
Who gets hurt in the episode cause i dont want to wait respond quickly please
posted by Meatpie on Jul 17, 2009
LMAO...If they went outside, Gordon would rip that little punks head off and crap down his neck!
posted by justiciero on Jul 17, 2009
So let`s see, a chinesse,a black woman, a marine, a gay dude, a mexican, a fat ass , a red neck....etc... walk in to a fake restaurant... same crap , next season...
posted by chef carlos V. on Jul 17, 2009
wipeass gordon crosses the line very often,so it was bound to happened that some one did what he did to marco pierre white, so no better or worst just another gordon in training...
posted by Chief Plonker on Jul 11, 2009
You would think that an ex marine would have 1. done his research and seen what was coming from the previous five seasons and 2. be used to being yelled at (unless that is why he is EX?? Marine) What a tool! I'm sure he will get his five minutes of fame once eliminated and doing the talk show route - he may have even won a few bets and a couple of fans - but not the top job! Chief Plonker The Plonker CLub The Unofficial Gordon Ramsay Fansite

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