Video: Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Criticizes Favorite Celebs' Fashions

Video: Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Criticizes Favorite Celebs' Fashions

The famous character criticizes Robert Pattinson and Miley Cyrus' fashion style, yet praises musical trio Jonas Brothers'.

Two days shy of "Bruno" U.S. release, Sacha Baron Cohen apparently won't stop generating media attention as his titular character has recently turned into real-life fashion critic that dished the fashions of some favorite Hollywood celebs. Famous names in the business, like Robert Pattinson and Miley Cyrus, were some of his targets.

"Fantastish, Fantastish, I mean he's probably too gay, you know some have said," Sacha's Bruno stated when MTV News' reporter handed him a pic of Robert and asked him to comment on the British actor's fashion style. He then added, "I think maybe he should take the t-shirt off and the red hair is it dyed? Just don't know."

And when it came to Miley, the male performer commented, "Just don't think so. I mean the boots, why is she wearing two boots? Everybody knows you got to wear one boot. I mean I'm an Austrian, we know our style. We basically styled WWII. Also, this hair move it and probably the head too."

Sacha's Bruno then went on speaking about Jonas Brothers, who unlike Robert and Miley, earned praise. He said, "The Jonas Brothers, those guys are uber-hot. They're incredible. They're incredible musicians. Were they playing today [July 7] at the [Michael Jackson] tribute concert? That's a travesty. That's the biggest tragedy of the last few weeks. Those guys are great and just all the Yonas Bruthers. They're one of the best."

In addition to them all, Sacha's Bruno made comment on the fashion style of high profile couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Greater than that, he also criticized the fashion style of his depicter, Sacha Baron Cohen.



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