Panic At the Disco Split in Half, Brendon and Spencer Speak

July 07, 2009 03:58:01 GMT

With Panic At the Disco's Jon Walker and Ryan Ross departing, the remaining members will continue the album and the tour in August.

Panic At the Disco
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Rock act Panic At the Disco have lost two of their members, guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker. Through a formal announcement on the band's official site, Ryan and Jon said they are leaving the band in order to "embark on a musical excursion of their own".

"Though the four of us have made music together in the past, we've creatively evolved in different directions which has compromised what each of us want to personally achieve," the statement is read. "Over the years, we have remained close and honest with each other, which helped us to realize that our goals were different and that parting ways is truly what is best for each of us. We are all excited for the future, you should be too."

The remaining members, lead vocal Brendon Urie and drummer Spencer Smith, will continue under Panic At the Disco. They have also released a statement regarding the split, writing "It's been an amazing journey being in a band with them, but sometimes individual tastes take friends in different directions and you can't ignore it. They are some of the most talented guys we know, and we're sure that whatever they do next will be great."

Brendon and Spencer said further that they will commence the work of the third album and still embark on a tour with Blink-182 and No Doubt as scheduled. "We know everybody has a lot of questions at this point with everything being so out of the blue, most of those should be answered in the coming weeks. We appreciate every one of you, and hope you continue with us on this incredible ride," they ended the post. The tour is to begin on August 8 in San Diego.


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posted by Krista on Aug 13, 2009
This is sad =[... but i think they will still be good in the end and whatever jon and ryan decide to do will be great too =]
posted by Fredzical on Aug 13, 2009
I don't care what people classify them as, emo, alternative etc. it doesn't matter, its just a genre, their music was origional and really REALLY good. Their old music was better, i think in pretty. odd. they were just trying too hard to conform, but they sounded great and i think it was mainly brendon who made it as origional as it was. Ik, we lost ryan, but we just need to wait and see (or listen to) what their new sound is like before we can judge
posted by Shazz on Aug 06, 2009
Well aslong as they keep on with P!ATD il be finee i think ryan changed the band and made it turn to pop music wich suckedd and tbf all of yhu who say emo shud die and its sumit to be ashamed of shud shut up cuz like when they were an emo band they were offivaly amazin i miss theyre emoness xD a fever you cant sweat out FTW!! matee xD
posted by Norma on Jul 30, 2009
Panic at the disco was a great band...My Favorite. when i found out they broke I was devastated.All of you people who say they suck, You have a terrible taste in music.They were awsome.I hope you sleep with one eye open tonight. D:<
posted by winnie1 on Jul 27, 2009
The split will destroy the band. They were the first fresh thing I had heard in years where the words actually counted.
posted by Alyssa on Jul 24, 2009
yeah wtf people shut up they were a great band with amazing music. if you dont like them dont say shit.
posted by chinkachu on Jul 15, 2009
how are they emo? they are alternative, i mean i can't skate to this, but i mean that doesnt make it emoo, but it's nothing like thoe fag bands like AFI, My Chemical something, and yeahhh,.
posted by shanji on Jul 14, 2009
Niice! I hope they do go back to their old sound. I never liked Ryan and when he started singing my ears wanted throw up.
posted by Patrick on Jul 13, 2009
I just died. D:
posted by izzy on Jul 13, 2009
yo manny, i disagree with you in two ways. one, PATD is amazing. sure they dont sound the best, but their lyrics are good, which is the most important thing due to music having no originality nowadays. and yes disney-based artists should burn in hell, but dont forget to include the rap group. they all sound the same, they all suck, and they all just went into an easy-acceptance career for the money. for rappers, image is everything, music being second important, which it should be first. champ out
posted by Bobby Eel on Jul 10, 2009
Guys, PATD being emo? Maybe before, but now they only sound like bad Beatles wannabe.
posted by manny on Jul 09, 2009
Panic at the disco sucked. Emo wave was/is a waste of time completely. Glad that is living its last days, very clearly. Now if the Disney related garbage would as well (JoCrappersBro, Cyrus and company) this could clean for good the music scene finally.
posted by sarahh on Jul 08, 2009
the band was good. the lyrics were always great. its sad that those of you who disagree would even post anything at all..this band made it and were around for a while, its much more than anyone will ever say about you.
posted by NOOO. on Jul 08, 2009
I am lookingfor Panic At the disco shirts for ever. I just found one last week in Taiwan, And i hear that they split? o.x I think i just died.
posted by Backtothebeat on Jul 08, 2009
Oh crap this sucks. Dont take ur fav bands for granted :i
posted by AAHHH on Jul 08, 2009
THIS IS HORRIBLE! I am nottt happy! No more beautiful duets between Ryan and Brendon... How did this come to be? I love them the way they were..]=
posted by Pamela on Jul 08, 2009
They are emo. And emo is really something they should be ashamed for. Panic At The Disco are gone. GOOD.
posted by Jennahh on Jul 07, 2009
As much as I like them, even though most people don't, I think them just calling quits. All bands break edventually (except for the Rolling Stones). The lyrics would suck without Ryan anyways.
posted by AAHHH on Jul 07, 2009
I am so pissed!!!!!!!!!!:(
posted by hahaha on Jul 07, 2009
why are they carryin on panic at the disco??!! no one likes them there shit FFS!!!!!
posted by OMG on Jul 07, 2009
Who frickin cares? Emo sucks, let's hope all of them disappear. They had one decent song in all their time, and I just said "decent".
posted by Blaaah on Jul 07, 2009
I'm going to cry. Better yet, kill my boyfriend's best friend with fangirl-ness. Sorry. =P
posted by hollywoodxftw on Jul 07, 2009
:[ i think i just died.
posted by Cat on Jul 07, 2009
What is wrong with you people? This band is amazing! They're not "emo", and people DO in fact like them. They are a very inspiring band, far better than the crap lots of people listen to. Don't ever diss something you don't even know shit about. The band split for the best, and I wish them all the luck. <33

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