Video: Kris Allen Rehearsing Bill Withers' Song for 'American Idol' Tour

July 04, 2009 07:22:34 GMT

Kris Allen rehearses his vocal, singing Bill Withers' classic song called 'Ain't No Sunshine' for the forthcoming Top Ten 'American Idol' Summer Tour.

Kris Allen
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Photo credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Another video footage showing preparation for upcoming Top Ten "American Idol" Summer Tour has arrived, featuring Kris Allen's rehearsal session. The winner of the Idol season eight is seen sitting behind the piano and singing to Bill Withers' 1971 song "Ain't No Sunshine".

In the roadshow, Kris Allen previously said he will deliver five songs, one of which is The Beatles' 1968 track called "Hey Jude". On when he will take the stage, Kris shared he will "go last". He added, "I have nothing to do until later, but I'm so weird I'll probably be watching from the wings anyway."

Adam Lambert, meanwhile, will sing a medley of David Bowie's songs "that goes from 'Life on Mars' into 'Fame' into 'Let's Dance'." And, Allison Iraheta is scheduled to perform three songs, including Janis Joplin's track "Cry Baby".

Top Ten "American Idol" Summer Tour will be started at Rose Garden in Portland on July 5, and wrapped up at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester on September 15. Each concert will be closed with "Don't Stop Believing" performance by all of the singers.

Most recently, Anoop Desai tweeted that he and the other singers were working on a Michael Jackson tribute but the idea was scrapped due to logistic issue. "So we tried to work in a short MJ tribute to the end of the show today during rehearsal but it didn't work out logistically, unfortunately..," he wrote.

Kris Allen's rehearsal session:


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posted by Emmy on Jul 07, 2009
Adam is not fat, he looks amazing!!
posted by Kerry Kolsch on Jul 07, 2009
Adam needs to lose some weight like Danny. Now there is a hot man.
posted by Kerry Kolsch on Jul 07, 2009
Adam looked like he had fat gut in concert.
posted by LuvsKris on Jul 06, 2009
Kris is so lovable, as a singer, writer, and musician. I can't wait to watch the AI Tour, I'm flying in just to watch it in California. To Grandma who posted earlier, I don't think people will be booing, I won't boo Adam for one thing (he's great, just not my cup of tea). Heck, I paid to enjoy the concert and see Kris, not to criticize. Jeez people, lighten up.
posted by peaches on Jul 05, 2009
A true Glambert here...but I love Kris, too! This will be the best concert of American Idol! A Double Whammy!
posted by barbara on Jul 05, 2009
Last 3 performers should be Kris, Allison, then Adam.
posted by Ollie on Jul 05, 2009
posted by Jennifer on Jul 05, 2009
Kris is going to look like a total loser following Adam.
posted by gracie on Jul 05, 2009
I want to see adam's one.
posted by springtime on Jul 05, 2009
When Kris sing "Hey Jude," I will sing along with him... Ohh, it is going to be beautiful!
posted by summer09 on Jul 05, 2009
Kris is the reason I bought the tour tickets. It is going to be a great music night. Can't wait.
posted by Shirley on Jul 05, 2009
It will be so great to hear Kris singing 5 full length songs on the tour. He already sounds so amazing in all his studio version but he sounds so much more better in live performances. But I want him to sing Ain't No Sunshine with just the accompaniment of piano and string instruments. The addition of drum is too distracting. I want to hear his amazing vocals!!!
posted by vanjees38 on Jul 04, 2009
Darcey, you are pathetic.Do you believe people don't like the kind of music Kris and other contestants sing? It is people like you who make people hate Adam. You must be ashamed of yourself.
posted by Mary on Jul 04, 2009
For some reason, Darcey (see below) trolls around websites just to comment that Kris is bad and Adam is better and (blah, blah) what a shame Kris is performing after Adam -- but Darcey ignores that Kris performed after Adam in the finale and won. Kris is a wonderful performer; Adam is a wonderful performer. Let's just enjoy them both. And grow up.
posted by Darcey on Jul 04, 2009
By the end of the first night the tour will be know as Adam and the others. I fee sorry for Kris going last, what a bore it will be.
posted by keri on Jul 04, 2009
Kris is so adorable. He was my favorite all season. I just love his style and his voice. I like the others too, but Kris is who I'll be going to the concert to see the most. For those people that think Adam is all anyone is going to the concert for... You are totally underestimating Kris's appeal. Adam's fans may be more vocal, but Kris has just as many if not more fans that love him. We're just more *chill* like Kris. lol This is going to be a fun concert. Can't wait!
posted by Marie4thofJuly on Jul 04, 2009
I have attended many AI concerts in the past. The winner is always last by tradition. I do feel sorry for Kris in the respect that many a fan, including me, have walked out after a high energy performance from what was supposed to be a warmup act when the headliner (Brooks and Dunn,in my case, whom I love)came up with a set of ballads. In my opinion, that is all Kris can sing. Ballads. Whether he liked it or not, I think his pairing with Keith Urban in the finale was perfect because that is exactly where he may end up being the most respected-Country. He can try to be Mrazy all he wants and good luck. I am a Glambert and a grandmother, so I have been around the music scene a long time. Good luck to all as they face a real audience who are critics themselves! I cannot count how many live acts I have heard and actually met. I even went on tour with one headliner as the nanny and stood backstage with the child who wanted to see what it is about and believe you me, from the vantage point of an artist or stagehand, the shear size of an arena type crowd will shake the faith of the best of them. In DC it is the Verizon Center and it is just absolute pandimonium when the AI tour comes. If you have stage fright or don't sing well in front of a large audience, you are going to be in trouble. Besides, AI fans are quite willing to boo loudly any performance they do not like. So all the best to all on the first night.
posted by ianaleah on Jul 04, 2009
I'm a Glambert who also loves Kris and his music. He's a wonderful guy, and his voice sounds beautiful,but what I like the most about his style is how he understands the lyrics from his point of view and makes everything so much more intimate when he sings. I'll have double the fun at the tour seeing Adam and Kris. Looking forward to Allison a lot too.
posted by AC on Jul 04, 2009
I'm so excited to see Kris on tour! woohoo! can't wait to go all fangirly. haha
posted by desiree on Jul 04, 2009
ya darcy u really shud get over it and accept that kris is just BETTER :)
posted by desiree on Jul 04, 2009
posted by j9bt on Jul 04, 2009
I am so excited to hear Kris perform on tour. It will be tough to wait the entire concert to hear him, but all of the IDOLS seem to be having fun preparing their songs, so hopefully they will be good too. Kris it the reason I'm going to the concert. He's the one who gives the most heart felt performances out of the entire bunch, which is certainly why he is THE AMERICAN IDOL.
posted by Tawny on Jul 04, 2009
I like Kris but Adam is a hard act to follow because of his energy. It was a good thing he sang last or next to last on AI because the other singers just do not have that wow factor with the exception of Allison. All are talented.

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