Sneak Peek to 'One Tree Hill' Season 7

July 02, 2009 06:30:31 GMT

Along with the announcement of new time slot, the promo gives clue which couple lasts in the new season.

Sneak Peek to 'One Tree Hill' Season 7
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The CW has given the first look into "One Tree Hill" season 7 through a promo for its new time schedule. In midseason, the drama occupied the Monday 9/8c slot with the lead in from "Gossip Girl". But this Fall, "Hill" will be the Monday starter at 8/7c.

The promo did not only give information on the new time, but also what kind of story will be brought up. With the official departures of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, the drama is focusing the spotlight to Brooke and Julian. In the promo, Brooke is heard uttering the "I love you". A recent scoop from E! Online suggested that Brooke and Julian indeed will "last" on the series, while Lucas and Peyton are goners.

In replacement for the loss of two major characters, the execs have hired a bunch of new bloods as fillers. Robert Buckley of "Lipstick Jungle" fame will play the brash sport agent to Nathan while Shantel VanSanten is cast as Haley's sister named Quinn. Jana Kramer is the latest addition, playing Brooke's new face in fashion, Alexis.

The seventh season premieres on Monday, September 14.


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posted by stiupid you on Jul 15, 2010
one tree hill will never be the same with out Luke and Peyton just love them you are gona lose evry fan you have if they dont come back ONE TREE HILL IS NOTHING WITH OUT PEYTON AND LUCAS
posted by danielle on Jul 06, 2010
I love One Tree Hill, but I must admitt I am rather nervous to see season 7, because what often happens with shows after a period of time is the greatness gets lost. Cast members leave, and new ones who cannot level up to the ones who left, often kill the show. I am happy that not all members will be leaving but no one will be able to fill in Lucas and Peytons part. Their story makes others believe in hope and faith and love. I very much so hope season 7 won't die, and that it will still carry out to be wonderful as all the seasons have been through out 1-6, but this is the point now where the new co-stars, really need to make sure they step up there game and put all they have into it. Because One Tree Hill just lost two of the most amazing characters and if others are going to try and fill the position, then they better make sure they do a good job at it. Because I would really be quiet dissapointed if the greatness of this show fades, it has always grabbed my attention and made me hurting to see more, and I hope that doesn't change. One Tree Hill #1.
posted by ashie on Jun 16, 2010
I've seen seasons one to six about a million times and could never ever get sick of it! I love it but my favourites are Nathan and Haley. I don't think One Tree Hill will be the same without Lucas or Peyton but it is still my favourite. They should guest star sometime soon!! i love One Tree Hill. Makes you believe in love and hope
posted by Jj on May 22, 2010
Peyton & Lucas were The best so fuck off
posted by nathanlover on May 17, 2010
i have no yet seen season 7 , i have seasons 1 through 6 and loved it ! i loved lucus and peyton! i dont know what i'll think of them gone! i cant wait for season 7 to come out onto dvd to watch it, no episodes wooooooooo! I AM ONE TREE HILL'S NUMBER ONE FAN :)) p.s. nathan call me <3 613 561 9200
posted by othisthebest on Apr 15, 2010
i love season seven cant wait to see the finale four episodes april 26th.........ok dont get me wrong i loved lucas and peyton but i am glad they are gone because season 1 threw 6 was all based on lucas and peyton's love tht never ends no mater who they were with (yeah it had naley and brooke and all tht but the main focuse was leyton) so yea it was time for nathan and haley and jamie to shine as well as quinn and clay and brooke and julian...yes we miss leyton but let the other ppl in the show have the spottlight
posted by ONE TREE HILL LOVER on Mar 17, 2010
i think leyton should guest star sometimes too:)
posted by ONE TREE HILL LOVER on Mar 17, 2010
even though Peyton and Lucaas arn't on the show i still think the show will be the best:) i love all the cast mates:)
posted by ONE TREE HILL LOVER on Mar 17, 2010
I Loooove one tree hill it is the best show ever... i love Lucas And Peyton i wish they could still be on the show but i still think the show is the BEST....i love naley and brooke can't wait for the 7th season to come to dvd . i have all 6 seasons on dvd already... hopefully there is an 8th season:):)
posted by ONE TREE HILL LOVER on Mar 17, 2010
I &#9829;&#9829;&#9829; one tree hill it is the best show ever... i love Lucas And Peyton i wish they could still be on the show but i still think the show is the BEST....i love naley and brooke can't wait for the 7th season to come to dvd . i have all 6 seasons on dvd already... hopefully there is an 8th season:):)
posted by i love oth on Mar 08, 2010
all yall need to shut the hell up its still great i love it still if it ends cause all yall hatters i will b pissed so shut the fuck up oh am joey garner leave oth alone layton will come back just keep watching and layton dont have shit on haley and nathen...
posted by LSH on Mar 07, 2010
i am very disapointed that Lucas and Peyton are not on season 7. they was the one that brought excitment to me. the love that they had for each other was phinaminal it was so real.but iam learning to deal with it.But i love one tree hill.IT IS THE BEST SHOW!i also loved NATHAN and HALEY and is not the same like everbody from season 1 to season 6.dont ever go off the air because i LOVE it iam a number 1 fan:]!
posted by hc on Feb 22, 2010
it will never be the same without lucus and peyton xx
posted by Player on Feb 21, 2010
Ok wow ppl!! OTH RULES WITH OR WITHOUT LEYTON!!!! Rly Brooke is the best anyway and the show isn't the same but it still rocks!! I hope they make a season 8!!! Btw quinn, clay and alex make the show amazing!!!! I hope leyton guest star tough!
posted by dissapointed. on Feb 18, 2010
okay writers so use were trying to make a concept her of lucas becoming like an 'uncle keith' to jamie, well he cant very well be apart of jamies life when hes left the show. also peyton and lucas are supposed to be this timeless love story, 'meant to be' and now finally when they get there happy ending and there actual 'life' together is beggining, they leave? i am absoulutely gutted that they have left the show, esspecially lucas he is the show, the way mark produced this film was lucas as the main character everything he narrated was from his perspective, i think that everything one tree hill has promised, has actually failed. i am sincerly upset that the show has lost leyton and i do not if i will continue watching becuase its not one tree hill anymore, its lost all soul and meaning.
posted by EM on Feb 01, 2010
What the f**k,the show is nothing without peyton and lucas.I love brooke and haley BUT the show will definitely not be the same.Bring them back pleeease
posted by lucas loves peyton on Jan 30, 2010
1 tree hill is so incomplete without lucas.bring lucas back!!!!!!
posted by slips on Jan 04, 2010
So what the F*ck nomore lucas and peyton. I only watche dbc of them and were right now show with out them. And whats with just having them drive off, whats with that and what about the babe and why in the hell did you think we would continue to watch and (pay ur sorry a**es) without the main characters dont get me worng I dont mind the new cast but it just doesnt have the heart or grasp ur seat and cry your heart feeling anymore. Yes I know Chad(lucas) is trying to go big but he will always be Lucas. BRING THEM BACK. If you want a paycheque ur going have to listen to your fans
posted by jjjjj on Dec 29, 2009
where can i watch season 7 x
posted by Ash on Dec 27, 2009
I love this show it is like the best show eva
posted by jkxzkm on Dec 22, 2009
I love Brooke and Haley!!! wohoo!! It's their time to shine. I don't like Lucas-Peyton.
posted by KT on Dec 03, 2009
Every one is right the show is not the same without Lucas and Peyton they made the show. I just hope they will end up coming back.I just don't find the show interesting anymore without them. Please bring back Lucas & Peyton
posted by JD/onth #1 fan on Nov 30, 2009
I love OTH!!! I can"t wait until the next season! As long as James Lafftery and Bethany joy is still on it. they are my fav! It would be kool if Chad and hillary come back! I love james and Behtany love there magic on the show!!!!!
posted by L&P forever on Nov 23, 2009
i've tried to watch it without lucas and peyton and it's not working at all. i have come to the conclusion there would be NO one tree hill without Lucas. they aren't some sideline characters like rachel who are not significant. Nathan would still be a huge ass.. haley would be boring and judgemental.. well i guess she's still those things (though i loved her friendship with lucas), jamie wouldn't even be born (i loveeeeee that little kid lol!) brooke would still be sleeping around lol... point is there would be NO one tree hill without the characters Lucas and Peyton.. they ARE the show. i've never watched for really anyone else but them until jamie came into the picture. i can't see brooke and julians characters or haley and nathan carrying the show.. just don't see it. and these new characters i mean really? who cares about haley's sister and this other random guy they are trying to work in there. my prediction the show will fall off like the o.c did. and no explanation as to what even happend to lucas, peyton and little sawyer lol.. yeah right.. bye one tree hill
posted by LUCAS<3PEYTON! on Nov 23, 2009
Ok i don't care who left or who got fired or whatever. i don't know the story but if they were on a contract to be paid a certain amount of money the directors should have honoured that. ANYWAYS there is NO one tree hill without LUCAS OR PEYTON period. NO ONE can top lucas' narroration lol and i don't think anyone else on the show is that smart or wise anyway.. hmm well maybe haley but lucas and peyton had real "soul" don't know what it was but they had IT. brooke just gets passed around and sure she's pretty and i love sophia bush but NO WAY will she carry this show LOL and DEFINATELY NOT her and julian. so peyton and lucas have a kid and drive off and disappear? wow writers we are real idiots lol we must be for you to think we'd accept that crap. BRING MY FAVOURITE COUPLE BACK =)!!! i love the bond they had and you can't EVER replace that especially with the characters left lol... nope sorry but it was a nice effort. i'll only watch for jamie and dan really.. that's whenever i happen to come across it on the tv. i won't be setting aside time for this show unless i find out peyton and lucas are coming back oh then and only then will i set asdie time to watch the whole show... one tree hill really should have ended at season 6.. besides, i'm dying to see what little Sawyer looks like
posted by LUCAS<3PEYTON! on Nov 23, 2009
And WHATTTT is rachel even doing back? can you say insignificant.
posted by LUCAS<3PEYTON! on Nov 23, 2009
Ok i don't care who left or who got fired or whatever. i don't know the story but if they were on a contract to be paid a certain amount of money the directors should have honoured that. ANYWAYS there is NO one tree hill without LUCAS OR PEYTON period. NO ONE can top lucas' narroration lol and i don't think anyone else on the show is that smart or wise anyway.. hmm well maybe haley but lucas and peyton had real "soul" don't know what it was but they had IT. brooke just gets passed around and sure she's pretty and i love sophia bush but NO WAY will she carry this show LOL and DEFINATELY NOT her and julian. so peyton and lucas have a kid and drive off and disappear? wow writers we are real idiots lol we must be for you to think we'd accept that crap. BRING MY FAVOURITE COUPLE BACK =)!!! i love the bond they had and you can't EVER replace that especially with the characters left lol... nope sorry but it was a nice effort. i'll only watch for jamie and dan really.. that's whenever i happen to come across it on the tv. i won't be setting aside time for this show unless i find out peyton and lucas are coming back oh then and only then will i set asdie time to watch the whole show... one tree hill really should have ended at season 6.. besides, i'm dying to see what little Sawyer looks like
posted by Sophia bush super fa on Nov 21, 2009
mee tooo i hate lucas and payton i absolutely love brooke and julian I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH AND AUSTIN NICHOLS
posted by montana on Nov 21, 2009
I never liked lucas and payton i wanted lucas and brooke to be together but now that they left i dont care i LOVE BRULIAN
posted by xo.sara on Nov 17, 2009
is one tree hill season 7 ever going to play on Much Music?
posted by ShooSA on Oct 29, 2009
I couldn't wait to see OTH Season 7 and i guess it is still good BUT not quite the same. I keep waiting for Lucas and Payten to show up... They really do need to be on the show!!! They are such a big part of the show!!!! It really is not the same...:(
posted by really mad! on Oct 27, 2009
oh come on, OTH without lucas and peyton?! this show is one of the things I have grown with, and without Leyton, this show will suck for sure! Am living here in the Philippines and been watching the reruns on a local channel, and I just really can't help falling in love with Leyton's characters. Their story made me believe in true love, please, please, please,,,i want to experience more Leyton romance!
posted by Jdawg on Oct 12, 2009
Is one tree hill on tonight? cause its thanksgiving..
posted by Shawnaaa on Sep 30, 2009
When does season 7 start i havent been able to find it on tv anywere?!?!?!
posted by ltt on Sep 27, 2009
soooooooooooo pissed off that theyre off the show! considering to stop watching! they are the show, their love story is what kept ppl going!!!! wtf
posted by Cadence on Sep 23, 2009
ok Im with 99.9% of the ppl on this blog, however the thing that makes me the most upset is that it doesnt even explain anythign. in season 6 you have them getting married and havinig their baby girl and then in season 7 they just fall off the planet with no explanation? you should at least tell why there is no peyton and lucas. have them mention it on the show " they went to live with his mom" or SOMETHING!! you owe that much to the fans at least. Im threatening to not watch it anymore and I wont if they dont start giving an explanation soon. It sucks that a business decision has spoiled my 2 favorite shows. the oc got rid of their fav char. and look what happened to them!?! no lucas and peyton? no oth! its that simple you piss off the fans and they wont follow. o and what the hell is up with rachel and dan!?!?! Can we say EW?!?!
posted by sandra on Sep 22, 2009
Is the thig between nathan and this girl true!! I love one tree hill and my favorite character is NATHAN I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH!!! :D
posted by disappointed on Sep 22, 2009
My daughter and I couldn't wait for season 7 to start and very disappointed we are that Lucas and Peyton are gone. It used to be that nobody could talk to us while watching every episode including reruns as well, however, OTH was playing but I was busy doing other things and didn't even care. It almost makes you never want to watch any show anymore because you fall in love with it and then people change or are gone and its never the same. We love every character on OTH so when one leaves they all should leave because its never the same.
posted by GRRR on Sep 20, 2009
CHAD AND HILARY!!! LIFE ISNT ALL ABOUT MONEY YOU ARE DOING 10 TIMES FINE THEN MOST PEOPLE...HECK PROBABLY 100 times more!!! IM not going to watch sesason 7... neither are my friends because SOMEBODY!!!!...decidedd to QUIT!!!!
posted by LGM on Sep 20, 2009
HOW CAN LUCAS AND PEYTON NOT BE IN IT!! THATS THE REASON I WATCHED! I wanted to name my daughter Peyten. I wil definitly miss them. I probably wont even watch season 7...I will just watch repeats of all the other seasons.
posted by abby on Sep 19, 2009
y take out the two mane caracters,it will never be the same,will in that case u should have taking out brooke too and start a new would have been a good story with lucas and peyton and their baby girl,it would have been good.i will definetely miss peyton and lucas.i though it finish at season 6 when all the dreams come through,if so get lucas and peyton or it will go down,people may watch it only because of brooke,u have to get them back please.
posted by shawboot (belgium) on Sep 19, 2009
I just found out that lucas and peyton are not in season 7. how could they have let this happen!! I know the financial crisis affects all of us but c'mon you can't cancel them!! everyone should remain in the show! i really do believe that this will affect the show. I kinda hope that it has lower ratings with season 7 and that they have to bring back lucas and peyton as a solution. I'm not going to watch season 7 if lucas and peyton go!! IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME!!!! please consider taking them back! this show is just amazing, so why change it...
posted by OTH4ever on Sep 15, 2009
Chad and Hillarie did not get kicked off, they chose to leave because they want more money... I love OTH it's the best I have all 5 seasons on DVD and i am getting season 6 very soon. I too am going to miss Lucas and peyton very much as they are a major part of what makes oth. I mean Lucas was the narrator too... What are they going to do about that? I am going to give season 7 a chance... But it will never be the same!
posted by kl on Sep 15, 2009
who cares if peyton and lucas are gone..peyton was my fav.. but there is a reason they are not in the season. the show is still going to be kick ass. and the 8th season will most likely have peyton and lucas
posted by kelseyjeeeen on Sep 14, 2009
what is going to happen to peyton and lucas exactly ?? are they gonna be in the first episode at least ??
posted by jg on Sep 14, 2009
they should've just ended the season with the 6th. The last espisode would've made the perfect ending because it didn't leave anything hanging. it rapped everything up. and for them to make a 7th season with no peyton and lucas is just asking for the show to fail.
posted by natalie on Sep 13, 2009
i am so upset that lucas and peyton are not gunna be in season 7 that i'm not even gunna watch it. i mean they shoulda made the last season the 6th one because one tree hill isn't one tree hill without lucas and peyton!!!!!
posted by OTH fan!!!!!!!! on Sep 13, 2009
Why get rid of some of the main charachters. Bring Leyton back...... it ruins the show getting rid of them......
posted by mm on Sep 13, 2009
i have watched this show since day one and have never missed an episode- the show will not be the same without leyton they were the best love story of the show it wont be the same with julian and brooke, but since the writer is amazing maybe the show will be saved- hopefully
posted by othxlove23 on Sep 12, 2009
i love one treeee hill to and it deffently wont be the same i wish they were back (michael and hilarie). i think they left on there own tho but not like leaving cuz they hate it leaving cuz they had to do somthing else idk hilarie talked about it search on youtube or somthing. i cant wait thooo this monday 8/7c one tree hill season 7 starts GO NALEY!!!<3. peace(:
posted by Lizz on Sep 12, 2009
i am in loveee with this show .. its the best and im so excited for the new season .. i will peyton and lucas would be in it still ..i love them but im still going to watch the show no matter what cause its the best :) .. when i get older im deffanently going to name by baby girl peyton , and i also love the name nathan for a boy .. but well see :) LOVE OTHHH <3<3<3
posted by lewis on Sep 10, 2009
this is the worst news ever!!!! its going to end up like what happened in the oc when they killed off marrissa... ratings will drop and it will no doubt get cancelled.
posted by 44 on Sep 10, 2009
this sucks i want lucas
posted by SR on Sep 10, 2009
Bring back Lucas!!!
posted by em on Sep 10, 2009
one tree hill is fine the way it is! i love the show. keep it the way it is!
posted by oneeetreehillll on Sep 10, 2009
This is going to be the xact billionth time you're going to see that this show is nothing without leyton.g Let me tell you a story. I started watching this show 2 years a go. As soon as I did I knew that they were all inspirations to me. I slept with a huge smile on my face knowing that i made one of them best choices watching this amazing, inspirational show. You can't let this happen and you won't. Peyton and Lucas will not go away. Never. They are the heart and soul of this beautiful show. Peyton is my favorite character. I made this paper filled with these beautiful quotes of one tree hill. Most of them by Peyton and lucas. I was about to cry when i heard the news. For the love of the fas.. for the love of this amazing show... bring back the heart and soul of one tree hill. Just bring them back because I don't know what I'd do. I look back through this show and I know everyone else did and we realized that this cannot happen. Please bring them back. Please..
posted by dan should die on Sep 07, 2009
i can't wait for the episode when that scumbag dies! every1 seems to think hes a saint but lets not forget about KEITH people! So Keith slept with Deb, but that was the ONLY screwed up thing he ever did to Dan. Dan hired "Jules" to hurt him, he talked Keith out of his body shop, he abandoned Lucas for 17 years while KEITH took care of him, he tried to take the Ravens away from Whitey.. the one thing he loved, & above all, he KILLED KEITH & blamed it on an innocent troubled teenager who shot HIMSELF, theres so much more, but seriously every time Dan shows up something bad happens, that guy deserves to still be in jail, or better yet gone for good. I'll smile when he finally dies & nobody shows up at his funeral. Keith didn't deserve to die at all. Think about it, if Keith didn't die Karen & Lilly would still be there, and it probably would have led to LEYTON still being on the show. Everything changed when Keith died, & especially after Dan admitted it.
posted by lala on Sep 07, 2009
its preety obvious they cant throw away any character like lucas peyton etc... lucas and all of them are gonna come back if they want to still have a good season for at least a couple of years its a buisness problem and if they wanna make money they haft to bring them back or make a season or two about college years
posted by mrs. james-scott on Sep 07, 2009
love the show... am a lil' disapointed but as long the show continues im happy as ill ever be... thanks for making one of the greatest shows evers!!!
posted by ... on Sep 07, 2009
if peyton and lucas arnt gunna be in it then you should have just stopped it at season 6 i mean common they are 2 of the best charaters getting rid of them is a big BIG mistake!1!!! if noone watches this new season everyeone will know exacltly why! they cant just disappear like karen! i love the show but getting rid of peyton and lucas is a big mistake!
posted by 1234Aus on Sep 07, 2009
please dont take away any of the characters from the show. i love all the characters they are the best :) the show wouldnt be the same witout them
posted by ItalianOTHFan on Sep 04, 2009
This is seriously ill. I mean.. why remove, let's say, the MAIN CHARACTERS from this awesome show and add some gimmicks (all due respect)?? Very few people are going to follow this season, believe me! It shouldn't be like this.. Leyton are what made the show START!!
posted by anonymous on Sep 04, 2009
chad michael murray & hilarie burton CHOSE to why should the show just end?
posted by chad*fan on Sep 02, 2009
posted by stefdogg on Sep 02, 2009
i really wanted brooke & lucas 2gether, I just started watching a year ago & have been catching up with the previous seasons on soap-net, mow i will stop watching cuz i love lucas, he is the reason i started watching
posted by totally sad girl on Sep 02, 2009
brooke rocks, peyton sucks, bring back lucas!!!!!!!!!
posted by yyail on Sep 02, 2009
I can not believe thaat u r takind Lucas and Peyton off u should fired !!!! Love the whole cast!!
posted by kate1013 on Sep 01, 2009
Taking Lucas and Peyton away is one of the worst things you could do to this show. I mean seriously, they can't just vanish like Karen did. They are far too important of characters to not be on the show anymore. I think that if there is going to be a season 7 then both Lucas and Peyton need to be in it. If not, then One Tree Hill should have stopped at season 6. One Tree Hill is going to lose ALOT of fans.
posted by Mrs.Scott on Sep 01, 2009
posted by steph nigeria on Aug 31, 2009
this is ridiculous.howcan u remove lucas and peyton from the movie.y not nathan and haley.theyve enjoyed their luv for long.u knw hw much peyton has suffered .she deserves 2 be happy.she deserves to have a family and live happily eva afta.
posted by Abby on Aug 30, 2009
Hey guys...This is all The way from Nigeria.. .we all love the show but its really messed up without Lucas and Peyton..They are the heart-beat me OTH mehn..have something done and bring this guys back on screen and dont think you can just invite some strangers to act to the world cos we all dont want strange Faces.
posted by N,H and J on Aug 30, 2009
WOW, where will Lucas and Peyton be going exactly and i think i am going to cry!!!!! if i don't watch the show any more then that will be completely your guys' fault....... WAY TO GO!!!!!!!
posted by lexy on Aug 28, 2009
this show will crash and burn wen peyton and lucas leave wen i started watching this show i was ready 2 give up but the character peyton had so many problems but got throw it and even put a smile on her face..this show gave hope 2 me ....
posted by haggie on Aug 28, 2009
how can u let eyton and lucas leve the show it going 2 be shit without them it all stared with them if any1 remebers the frist ever episode so i think the show is going 2 b shit without them thay r goihn 2 have a dope in rateing i think the righters should have a long hard think and get them back if not its going 2 b shit
posted by wow on Aug 28, 2009
What is wrong with you, you cant just add new people. and just take peyton and lucas out with out something happening to them .. im ashamed
posted by banner on Aug 27, 2009
YOU cant take out peyton and lucas they have been the epic romance for 7 years , they are ONE TREE HILL without them you dont have anything
posted by Darbs on Aug 25, 2009
OTH is like by far my all time favourite show... and dont get me wrong im definately upset that they took Lucas and Peyton out, and i think that the baby Sawyer story would have been a great story in the show, but they're adding in good characters who i think are gonna make the show really good...annd ROBERT BUCKLEY IS HAWWTT ;) and im also glad that they're focusing on the Brooke Julian cause i think that they're like the new Leyton...and yeahh thats about it :)
posted by StephB on Aug 25, 2009
stop complaining about them leaving. It obviously sucks, but the show will never be anything less than perfect. Its unbelieveable and shouldn't be critised.
posted by jr. on Aug 25, 2009
too bad. one tree hill seems to be going downhill just like all the other shows once they reach a certain period. they should have just cancelled it after season 6, that was such a great ending1
posted by OTHluvr5 on Aug 25, 2009
OMG! I am soooo excited for the up comng seasons! My favorite charecters are Nathan and Haley! I love them together and I also looooooove Jaime! They make such an awesome family! Im gonna really miss Peyton and Lucas though! But i am sooooo glad Brooke actually fell in love! ONE TREE HILL ROX!
posted by paw on Aug 25, 2009
I'm more of the Naley fan, but I do love the character of both P.Sawyer and Lucas since they are the more intellectual character but i think i'll get by with the uber love story of Naley.
posted by Lunaaaaaa on Aug 24, 2009
Season 9 and 10 ?! Are you joking?! My god, they're going to kill it with 7.
posted by gogo on Aug 23, 2009
Why would they take them out when they just had a baby i thought it would be like Nathan and haley and how they got jamie. But i think they will come back in season 9 or 10. because they will get complants. like you dumb ass winers. it has always been good i do not think it is gong to change dumb shits.
posted by Blair on Aug 22, 2009
BTW I heart Nailey too! Nathan is super sexy and am soooo happy he made the NBA :)
posted by Blair on Aug 22, 2009
I absolutely LOVE Brooke. She is my all-time favourite character and I've watched OTH from the beginning. I will miss Leyton like the rest of you, but their chapter is done. Now it is Brooke's turn to take the spotlight and find true love and happiness!! And maybe Lucas and Peyton will come back for a cameo or 2... soooo excited for new season and what the writers will have in store for the characters that are still here. I have faith in them that will keep me and all of the viewers interested as they have for the past 6 seasons :)
posted by hhhhhtt on Aug 18, 2009
I love OTH, and though Peyton n Lucas will be leaving am sure it'll still be awesom! Hello ppl there will still be Broke, Haley and Nathan n best of Julian is going to be with Broke. It will be a whole new romance story at the Treehill. Broke and Julian forever!
posted by andy on Aug 17, 2009
one tree hill will lose viewers cuz lucas n payton r goin they need to bring them back, brooke wont be the same without payton
posted by Susan on Aug 17, 2009
I have Watched Each Season Over 3x And Lucas And Peyton Have Been The Main Character but Now Finally Thinks Get solved between Dan And Nathan ..Brook New Live and soo on
posted by Brisbane Australia on Aug 17, 2009
OMG !!!! R U Serious cannot believe that Peyton & Lucas are going....We have watched the whole series on DVD and totally loved it - but taking these two main characters out of the series will definitely alter the whole point of One Tree Hill...IT will never be the same. Lets face it who wants to watch a great series when the main characters are gone ?....Hellooooooooo get it together and bring them back, listen to the fans, common sense in my book...
posted by hilarieblover on Aug 17, 2009
okay, im super excited peyton and lucas got there happy ending..but i feel really sorry for hilarie burton because she has to leave the show because of chad.ugg. people say its because of money, but it could also be that he does not want to work with sophia bush because of there divorce.I just dont want hilarie to pay for that.I do love lucas but if he dose not want to be on one tree hill anymore they should kill him off ..It would ruin the show a little bit less.!!
posted by carlyy on Aug 16, 2009
I LOVE ONE TREE HIll! and i don't even care lucas and peyton are gone, i never really liked them, i'm more of a brooke fan :P
posted by WELL on Aug 16, 2009
WELL IF CHAD QUITE ,,, PPL THAT WANT HIM BACKK SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ... AND MAKE HIM COMEE BACKK ... BECAUSE THATS WHAT HES KNOWN FOR , one tree hill .. and if he cant see that then he iss really stupid .. he is letting down everyone by doing tht ... and he also got Hillarie fired by doing that...
posted by Layla on Aug 16, 2009
posted by wlkj on Aug 16, 2009
They didn't "take" them out. Chad Michael Murray quit. So, the only way to make viewers happy was to give them a happily ever after and take her off the show too. (You can see hilarie burton's goodbye video on youtube). The season will still be good without them, just different. I think it will just take the show a different direction. Don't stop watching the show though just because he quit. It's not the producers faults and I don't want to see the show end because of it! It's my fav :]
posted by PISSSED on Aug 14, 2009
posted by PISSSED on Aug 14, 2009
posted by Terry Osman on Aug 14, 2009
One Tree Hill has been a great thing to watch on TV, and in my opinion because of Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Hayley & Brooke. Taking these guys out, it no longer becomes one tree hill. I understand that times have to change and revamp is needed in some cases, but these main characters were and are the main formula to the magic. I can honestly say I watch it because of these guys, they made one tree what it is and I'm sure ratings will go down because of this. I say bring back Peyton and Lucas. It's the only way producers, listen to the viewers, we are the guys watching it, we know what we like..
posted by AJP on Aug 14, 2009
ummm yeah its dumb that Leyton isn't returning, but my big concern is when the hell is Dan going to die? He's been lingering around forever, and why does Peyton die in season 7 before Dan does? Ridiculous! Dan needs to die.. like asap lol.
posted by berry on Aug 13, 2009
i love lucas but peyton would cry the whole time
posted by berry on Aug 13, 2009
i love lucas but peyton would cry the whole time
posted by SLH on Aug 13, 2009
I can't believe Peyton and Lucas will not be on the new season, I love OTH but its not gonna be the same without them, how can the show that is mainly based on their lives go on without them? They need to be on the show or the ratings are def. gonna drop!!!
posted by GiGgLeZ* on Aug 12, 2009
I'M A HuGe FaN Of OnE TrEe HiLL & I AbSoLuTeLy AgRee WiTh OtHer FaNs ThAt ThIs SeAsOn WiLL NoT b ThE SaMe WiThOuT PeYtOn & LuCaS HoW ThE HeLL R ThEy GoNnA ShOw ThEIr LiVeS BeGiNNiNg & ThaN ThEy LeAvE ThE ShOw I DuNNo If I'LL EvEn WaTch It NOw I'M A FAn Of ThE OlD OnE TrEE HiLL ThE ONe WiT PeYtOn, LuCas NaThAn, HaLeY, BrOOkE, MoUTh,SkIllZ & All ThE OtHer MeMbErS Of ThE ShOw.........
posted by ahHhhh on Aug 11, 2009
i am very excitedddd for the next season but i am mad that peyton and lucas arent going to be there how do they leave?
posted by OTHFAN on Aug 11, 2009
cant believe lucas told jamie that he would like to think of himself as jamies uncle keith - wat was he talkin about if he was goin 2 leave
posted by HATE LEYTON on Aug 11, 2009
okay all of this is very funny, i love the show but missing peyton and lucas? really? all the episodes with peyton these last seasons are based almost entirely on her crying all the time, and lucas is just a caricature of....lucas at the beginning, they made the show so lame that i couldnt watch the season finale because i heard peyton was not dying after all! i can't wait to see brooke davis rule that show, she never decepointed me.
posted by Dee on Aug 11, 2009
I'm not watching again. Two of the MOST central characters and you have to WRITE them off! Hilarie Burton didn't even wanna leave! Loved OTH since the second I turned it on, but that's over now.
posted by milouu on Aug 10, 2009
always wanted to be lucas & brooke. and now they can't be together anymore... i'm gonna watch the show but it just sucks...
posted by oth4ever on Aug 10, 2009
I love OTH so much you won't believe it and i'm sure so does the other fans but i mean taking peyton and the star lucas out of one tree hill is the WORST thing you could do they are the show and ur gonna lose alot of fans i can tell you that!!
posted by OTHFAN on Aug 10, 2009
in choosing my own way of life the sixth episode of season six when brooke tells peyton about being attacked peyton says 2 brooke that she is stuck with her forever and that she isnt going anywhere ever - but all that changes thanks alot the show will never ever be the same again
posted by LUC on Aug 10, 2009
posted by disappointed on Aug 10, 2009
i love one tree hill but it will not be the same without luke and peyton. im sure the show will be good but it will not be as amazing as it normally is. it is a big mistake loosing them
posted by oth rox on Aug 09, 2009
i love OTH i cant wait till it comes back and im gunna miss lucas and peyton because they make the show but iam still supporting it any way!!!!!!
posted by othlover on Aug 08, 2009
I was just thinking how could they make this show better, and getting rid of lucas and peyton was at the top of the list. There so fricken irritating, peyton's voice makes me wanna bang my head against the floor, and lucas has only one acting move, the squinty eyes.
posted by *****STORMI***** on Aug 08, 2009
i am a huge fan of one tree hill and it will not be the same with out P sawyer and Lucas scott. I relley don't think you know how much they get to us its just the words they say and the way they say it. I think yall are makeing a huge mastike but yall just dont know it. And for the next season i think you shoulde shake things up like have a nother girl come one the show and just have her catch nathan geting drees and her just jump on him and start kissing him but have haley walk in kind of like season 6 but have her throw her ring at him and walk away but she does not know that it was not him kissing her. And then a couple of episodes later have her try to make him made by kissing another guy. but that is just a idea and if you aver need more i got a lot...... P.S. bring lucas and peyton BACK
posted by **Jessie** on Aug 07, 2009
OMG it sucks lucas and peyton are not coming back..they make the show and what about there baby sawyer we wanna see her grow up like we did with Jamie...ok brooke does need 2 start a relationship and have a baby but y get rid of the stars of the show like they did with keith and lucas mom and lil sis
posted by me on Aug 07, 2009
I love one tree hill and I'm really gonna miss lucas and peyton, but they have their happy ending so maybe it's good that they're leaving,,
posted by donna on Aug 06, 2009
ilove one tree hill and i love lucas i think hes fit i will definetely miss peyton and lucas but i do think brooke needs to fall in love some time soon
posted by ilovechad on Aug 06, 2009
the show wont be the same without chad and peyton!the whole story-line was about him it was his show! he made the show! he's the only reason y i watched it im still debating if im goin to watch it! i think it there mite not be an another season after this! they should have jus stop the show cause i think they lose alot of fans bacause of lucas & peyton are not in the show!
posted by xodanlleox93 on Aug 04, 2009
hi guys its danielle again from scranton i want to meet the cast more than anything in the world(: and chad and hilarie dont leave the show would not me anything without you(: i love you guys .your doing a great job on the show and the mark shawn cant do any better than he does(:
posted by xodanlleox93 on Aug 04, 2009
i love one tree hill so much i watch it everyday and i have all the seasons my walls are filled with one tree hill (: chad and james are so hot , and the girls are very prettyy (: i would love to meet the cast and i would be so honored too meet them(: daniellee.
posted by OTHFAN on Aug 04, 2009
seriously it is a big mistake!!!! 'this fall we have said goodbye to one tree hills two most loved characters but more surprises are to come with new faces and new drama but still the one tree hill you love including a major character return' so even they dont think it will be as good without them but they think new people will fill their spaces - never known any1 to be so wrong!!!! who is the character returning????
posted by =) on Aug 03, 2009
Well i LOVE *One Tree Hill*huge fan! =D but i think its a big mistake that Lucas and Peyton will not be apart of it anymore, its not even right! Im sure the show will still be good, but come on, this show is about friends and family and accomplishment! Lucas and Peyton are HUGE; not just them as a couple, but as individuals too! They are really really important to everyone! Peyton is Brookes best friend! Whats going to happen to their friendship? Lucas has made such a big difference in EVERYONES lives! What about Haley, Nathan and Jamie? They are all family! Haley is his best friend, and sister-in-law, Nathan is his brother, and poor Jamie wont have an uncle!! How are they going to explain their absence? What happened to Lucas following in Keiths foot steps? That certainly wont happen if hes not there! I just dont understand! Its not just about Lucas and Peyton, it would be bad if ANY character left, they are all important, but man Lucas and Peyton..please bring 'em back! This is one of my favorite shows, but after these IMPORTANT characters leave, i dont believe it will be.(oh, and to all the Nathan Haley fans, they wouldnt be NALEY if it wernt for Lucas>>just sayin) =D
posted by bitch on Aug 03, 2009
i think if you get ride of the stars then you r so stupid the show will be shit and i never cared about brook at all lucas and petyon r the show it started with them and it should end with them
posted by Leyton on Aug 03, 2009
They can't take lucas and peyton off the show how will lucas follow keith's footsteps and how will he be a better man then dan so they can't leave
posted by aussie on Aug 02, 2009
I love One Tree Hill as a show. The characters & the story lines is what made it OTH. It wont be the same without Lucas & Peyton but it definately still has Brooke, Nathan & Haley who make the show just as good! If not better. I got so sick of watching the dramas of Lucas & Peyton that when it finally came to the time when they are happy together, just makes it perfect. And maybe, perfect timing for them to not have to continue the show. They are not continuing so they can have this opportunity to go out & do better things. I'm from Australia & i put up with the slow dling of OTH just so i can watch it in time with the USA screenings. And i will continue to do so. I just hope OTH doesnt end up like The OC and has an unexpected finished just because ppl stop watching.. i personally will be unhappy..
posted by andylover238 on Aug 02, 2009
you know you ever hates peyton and lucas are messed up the show will have no drama in it and you know what they were my to favorite people and the people who are going to replace them you know there know point of having the show cause half the people are gone!!!!!!!!!
posted by OTH fan¤croatia on Aug 01, 2009
i will watch a tree hill i dont care if peyton and lucas are not in.bdw the show will be much better without them.
posted by cierrra on Aug 01, 2009
well i will not be wacthin onetreehill no more because peyton and lucas are not goin 2 be on there and they made onetreehill into wat it is now.i really want them back
posted by faithful303 on Aug 01, 2009
seriously having issues imagining the show with out peyton and lucas. i have no idea how they are going to manage just cutting them out of brooke and jamie and everyones lives along with the new baby sawyer they made such a big deal out of last season. i think the show should have done more to keep the characters of peyton and lucas. it wont be the same and i doubt the show will continue after season 7 because of it. i will still watch just because i am a huge huge huge nathan and haley fan, and my prediction is they will be adding more little ones to that family very shortly. but i just wanted to say how disappointed and truley sad i am that they made the mistake of cutting out leyton.
posted by Dan is sexy. on Aug 01, 2009
Honestly, I think Peyton's definitely one of the greatest characters, but as long as Dan's on the show then I'm good (:
posted by BS on Aug 01, 2009
all right now... the producers should really think about changing the name of the show. I mean is this still about the (one) TREE HILL and the rivercourt or is the story going to be somewhere in LA or NY...By the way since peyton and lucas arent here anymore and Mia is on tour and brooke is in LA and karen is on vacation and dan is gone... the show lost its purpose with all these Friends separated...
posted by e on Jul 31, 2009
who cares if they leave...the story of payton and lucas was getting to repetitive anyways. Haley and Nathan are the BEST couple and Brooke and Julian are going to make a great storyline!
posted by ugh on Jul 30, 2009
k honestly, all of you who are complaining "oh oth isnt gonna be the same without leyton" yeah thats true, but you should all be glad that oth is gonna even have a 7th season. and by not watching it, it might get cancelled and the chance of ever seeing LP's growing love & Sawyer Scott won't happen. Just because they're gone for the 7th doesnt mean they migt not sign on for a possible 8th season. so quit complaining. Naley is just as good.
posted by why?? on Jul 29, 2009
Just somebody tell me whats the point of oth if lucas and peyton are gone.
posted by othlover3 on Jul 28, 2009
um.. lucas is the narrator of the entire show.. who will do the talkin now? Its not about lucas and peyton but its not going to be the same with out them.. i just wonder what excuse there will be for them not being there.. like what will the other cast say in the shows.. i know they dont expect us to just forget about them.. idk.. cant wait!!
posted by JS on Jul 27, 2009
I can't believe this without Peyton and Lucas the show is not going to be worth watching. WAY TO GO!
posted by al on Jul 27, 2009
wow, without peyton and lucas the show will not be nearly as good, dont even know if ill still watch it. way to go!!!
posted by oth 4 life on Jul 27, 2009
yep i totally agree. guys just give it a chance okay. we're not gonna flunk like the oc.. we still gonna go on & win ratings.. lucas n peyton will come back. you never know guys.. oth is full of surprises..
posted by come on! on Jul 27, 2009
posted by phibi on Jul 25, 2009
i only wish mark reconsiders his decision n brings back lucas n peyton,brooke cant loose her best friend jst like that
posted by daisysmail on Jul 24, 2009
i really want brooke and lucas bak together..i hate peyton!and when chad and hilarie both go i think one of them should die!i cant wait to see haleys sister!why doesnt her parents ever come back?
posted by A FAN on Jul 24, 2009
posted by OTHFAN on Jul 24, 2009
cant believe chad nd hilarie arent stayin it will never be the same without them im still gunna watch because i love jackson he is the cutest thing ever if he leaves aswell i will never ever watch it again cause my 3 fav characters would have gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring back chad nd hillarie bring back lucas nd peyton oh yeah nd thier baby sawyer
posted by OBSESSED on Jul 22, 2009
My favorite couple is totally Naley soo im still watching the show as long as they're on it and i also love brooke and mouth and skills and jamie so I'm still watching
posted by chiOTHlvr on Jul 20, 2009
One Tree Hill seasons 1-3 are my absolute favorite things to watch in the world!!! Season 4 was okay, 5 kinda boring, and 6 not-so-good. I never ever liked the whole Pucas relationship. I was way more "Team Brucas". But if they were going to have Peyton and Lucas leave the show, they should have at least had some dramatic ending! Like Peyton die, and Lucas move away to where his mom lives raise his child. Or something! I just thought season 6 finale was the MOST boring finale of any show ever!!!! I was soooo disapointed!
posted by DANCE GIRL on Jul 17, 2009
this show is about a big group of friends who have been through everything together and to even think about seperating this group is truly stupid because it ruings the whole affect on the show!!! i thinnk the seriese will loose alot of fans if you decide to go trough with this !! you wont loose me because im a ugeee fan of Nathan and Hayle and James! but it still wont be the show that made me realize how life isnt the same with people by your side! one tree hill made me open my eyes to life!! but with out those 2, i doont know if it will ever do the same to someone else! BIG MISTAKE
posted by OTH biggest fan! on Jul 17, 2009
posted by ..... on Jul 17, 2009
Lucas and Brooke should be together !!!!!!! just like it is now !!!! lucus and peyton dont look good as lucas and brooke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i am never watching one tree hill again with out lucas..... and peyton .... the show will never be the same !!!! i will miss them both but not as a couple just brooke and lucas as a couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yeah there really is point with out both of them there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sarah on Jul 16, 2009
i don't agree with anyone. I DON'T feel that OTH is about lucas and payton. It's about how 2 brothers came together after all these years and THAT is what makes the show. If you watch the show for only Lucas and Payton then that's messed up because it's not all about them. You have Nathan and Haley you have Brooke and Juilan then there Mouth and others. This show was also origenally about friendship and how these groups of friends went through everything together. Also Lucas and Payton are happy. You should be happy with that. Theres still things about Nathan and Haley still unsaid. How is the NBA going? Are they still madly in love? Also with Brooke and Juilan. What happenes in there realtionship? Will they got married? and what about Mouth and Skills? and Dan? Those are what should be improtant. Honestly i still want Lucas and Payton on the show, but not as regular cast because there story is done and i think we need to start thinking about the cast that has questions unanswered. So you may say your a REALLY BIG OTH fan, but if you only care about one little couple out of the whole show then i'm sorry, but YOUR NOT A REAL FAN!
posted by vanessa on Jul 16, 2009
i know what people are saying that this show will SUCK without lucas and payton. honestly i think it will still work. I LOVEEE them, but i've always been a BIG naley fan! :) and juilen reminds me of lucas with the whole nice guy with a good heart, but at times can make mistakes. Like when they showed clips of him being a jerk to payton when they were together. Its the same thing with lucas and brooke. He use to treat her like shit sometimes. I love brooke and juilan and i also love mouth. Honestly i can't wait for this new season!
posted by mhyrubio on Jul 14, 2009
i do love one tree hill so much! eventhough Lucas and Peyton will not come back again the show must go on! and i still love watching it even i was so sad because of that but still i know the story will come out good...
posted by Tessa on Jul 14, 2009
I am a HUGE OTH fan! and everybody who is like me, knows that the show won't work without Hilarie and Chad! I mean OTH is about Leyton, every season they have been the most important characters! I recognized myself in Peyton, I loved everything she did, wore and said! I mean what does the CW think!? That everyone will accept the new characters.. I most certainly am not about to do that! I LOVE leyton! and will stick with them, if they leave, so will I!
posted by OTH on Jul 14, 2009
i am a huge fan of one tree hill, and am guttered that peyton and lucas arent returning for season 7. The show will not be the same without them, they had such presence on the show and gave something different and interesting, there story through the past 6 seasons has been amazing without them it will be so boring. i am really thinking about not watching it but if i do i hope peyton and lucus are in season 8 and they return to tree hill. Really like brooke and julian tho.
posted by r s xxx on Jul 14, 2009
omg i soo agree with u no wayy is this gonna work without peyton and lucas its based on them...i'm really gonna miss them!!!
posted by josie on Jul 13, 2009
omg this is back at welshyy yea i would so love to read the novels. that would be amazing. sad there going but at least we no they end up together and leave together. to TMS i going to my little girl peyton thats when i start a family anyway. cant wait to of watched all of season 6 im on edge. x x
posted by nevaeh on Jul 12, 2009
luk guys every1 nos peyton and lucaus were da best part of the show but n da last few episodes of season 6 dey built up peyton and lucas and i dnt think its far i luv the hole crew but y take out one of the couples who id have 2 say had me cryin mostr of the time dey made it interestinand whoeva says show more of haily and da family is rediculaus bcuz dere lyfe is boring now dey r just lyke any married couple who r totally n love and brooke needs a super gud love line but not dis way and not with julian not dat hes a bad person but ive neva had a crush on a famous person but chase should def b wit brooke just bcuz it would give him more air time lol by da way i totally think dey should make a few one tree hill movies with da whole cast i would totally buy all of dem
posted by outrageous218 on Jul 12, 2009
go to the cw and look at the new previwes lucas and peyton are both in it in fact its co directed by chad michael murray which shows there still there but the true question is for how long
posted by emily H on Jul 10, 2009
Okay these comments are rediculous sure it sucks that peyton and lucas are not coming back yeah i am very sad about it but come on one tree hill is my fave show sure i was mad that those two are not coming back but i mean like one treee hill is still going to be great i mean brooke and julian finally got together and i am so happy for them and Nathan (my lover) just got in to the N.B.A like we are supposed to be happy. Yeah and Mark (the director) said he was going to make everybody happy so come on give him a chance
posted by AG on Jul 10, 2009
Now how ''stupid'' can the producers be by letting go of Peyton and Lucas. just the Narrator him self is lucas.... well im still going to watch the show i hope i like it... even doe i think its going to be crap without them.
posted by lover on Jul 09, 2009
Peyton sucks! Brooke rocks!
posted by bringLEYTONback on Jul 09, 2009
one tree hill started with LUCAS AND PEYTON. they cannot just take them out like that. one tree hill won't be the same without the two. i thought one tree hill is their "home" so why are they leaving?
posted by dudette on Jul 09, 2009
time for chad to do something else. Liked hem in the house of wax. He can be the even better brad pitt.
posted by Anonymous on Jul 09, 2009
That's sad that Lucas and Peyton are leaving. But oh well, One Tree Hill is still gonna be awesome. And is Julian and Brooke gonna actually be together? Because Brooke's been switching guys a lot. And I like Julian and Brooke together. And Mia and Chase. And Millie and Mouth. And Skills and Jamie's teacher. Oh, and I hope Sam comes back. And something happens to her biological mother and she goes live with Brooke and Julian and they'll adopt her. I just hope it will be real good to get me to keep watching. Because I love One Tree Hill. :)
posted by Hannah_C on Jul 08, 2009
i think OTH will fail with out those two i hated it at the start then the whole lucas and payton thing started so it got really intressting and even tho the uk is behind it will really truly suck with out tbem good luck yous are going to need it alot!
posted by onetreehilladact! on Jul 08, 2009
ok look, no one is 'MAKING' Them leave. THEY made teh decision to leave, and they show will still be AMAZING with out them. we still have the majority of the cast anyway, everyone but them plus more!
posted by tyra on Jul 08, 2009
wats OTH without luc and Peyt? its definately a no show! pse dont kill my entertainment!!!!!
posted by chrissy on Jul 08, 2009
i will not lie i am trilled about oth season 7 but sad, and pissed of about lucas and peyton that they are not going 2 b there, DANG U SHITTE PRODUCERS, but i will still watch, hope it's goooood!!!
posted by TGY on Jul 07, 2009
posted by sl on Jul 06, 2009
you guys are making the biggest mistake ever by making peyton and lucas leave!godd luck!you guys really need that!i doubt anyone would be watching the show anymore.
posted by brendha on Jul 06, 2009
the fact that peyton and lucas are going away makes me just don't wanna watch the show anymore:(
posted by kd on Jul 06, 2009
How can you just take them off the show after you finally get them together after we watched for so many years? Should it be about what the fans want and not so much about money!
posted by lime221 on Jul 05, 2009
How the heck does that promo show a glimse of how one tree hill is going to be next season. All of those clips are from season 6
posted by emilyy on Jul 04, 2009
i dont think the show will be good without peyton or lucas i orginally didny like peton and lucas i alwas wanted it tot be lucas and brooke but even so with 2 main characters goin i dont think it will be the same its nice wen the camera is shared equally between the 5 of dem but wen theres onl 3 main characters i think it will get boring
posted by waters on Jul 04, 2009
it sucks that Lucas and Peyton are out. they were my favorite couple. Brooke and julian were interesting but i never really loved their team-up. Where's Mia and Chase? Those two make such a cute couple. I hope they come back, they'd make OTH a little more fun especially now that the show has lost its main couple.
posted by SWTROYALE on Jul 03, 2009
People, come on!!!!!!!!!! Who do you think will watch OTH without those two? Temutubowa.
posted by racer1030 on Jul 03, 2009
the show was pretty much based around Lucus. I love him, didn't like peyton too much. I am on the fence about this one... don't know how the show will be without Lucus. I hope they show more about Nathan and Haley and Jaime. I also hope that Brooke finally gets a great love romance going on... she deservese it. I also hope Sam comes back! Good luck OTH... I think you are going to need it!!
posted by Maxi on Jul 02, 2009
Peyton and Lucas were a boring drag. Fans kept watching hoping Brooke would get Lucas back, but when that ended the show dropped off in viewers. Now that they are both gone new direction new SLs. Maybe better character development.
posted by Ashleigh on Jul 02, 2009
Peyton and Lucas are the best storyline of the show! They keep everyone watching wanting to know if they will ever really be together and now that they just get rid of them?! Will there be any kind of explanation on the show for where they disappear to? I really think that the show will drop tremedously in ratings without Lucas and Peyton...I have to admit I originally started watching the show simply because of Chad Michael Murray.
posted by Jane on Jul 02, 2009
BRING BACK PEYTON & LUCAS!! Not sure how much longer I will watch the show since they are gone
posted by kayl on Jul 02, 2009
one tree hill is mint
posted by Me on Jul 02, 2009
Lucas and Peyton made the show. OTH is going to flop with out them! So disappointed in the producers, letting another great go down the drain!
posted by welshlion on Jul 02, 2009
um we a bit behind here in uk, could some1 tell me who lucas goes off with at end of last series start of this 1 pls
posted by people!! on Jul 02, 2009
I hope they are gonna be in there coz thats the onli reason y any1 watches it is coz we wanna no bout lucas n payton so if u take them away then no1 is gonna watch ya show and i reali think u shud get them back it wud also be reali nice to c more of nathan hayley and jamie:0 p.s lucas is way fit
posted by WELSHYY on Jul 02, 2009
I wish Peyton and Lucas didn't leave, but I was thinking is it just me or would everyone like to read Lucas's novel? (If it was actually written?)
posted by DG on Jul 02, 2009
NOO more brooke and julian! They should do more NATHAN HALEY and JAMIE
posted by je on Jul 02, 2009
theres just no point one tree hill going on with out lucas and peyton. Its just lost its story as ev1 loves lucas and peyton
posted by TMS on Jul 02, 2009
I absolutely love One Tree Hill & really like the PEyton & Lucas storyline! I even debated on naming my daughter Peyton and I ended up naming her Brooke as a middle name! I will definetely miss Peyton & Lucas!!

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