Details of Michael Jackson's Most Current Will Unraveled

July 01, 2009 04:15:59 GMT

The will, which is believed to be signed by the legend in 2002, reveals that Katherine Jackson has been appointed as guardian for his three children.

Michael Jackson
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In the wake of attorney John Branca's claim that he possesses the most current will of late singer Michael Jackson, details of the particular will have been uncovered. A person with knowledge of the document revealed that the draft was signed on July 7, 2002.

Jackson, as stated in the will, named music executive and family friend John McClain and Branca as executors of his estate. Additionally, the late music superstar left all his assets to the Michael Jackson Family Trust and named his mother Katherine Jackson as guardian of his three children; Prince Michael Jackson Jr., Prince Michael Jackson II, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.

At the time of writing, Jackson's family and its lawyers are reviewing the document. Branca reportedly could submit the will to Los Angeles Superior Court as soon as Thursday, July 2. Though so, a copy of the document was not immediately available.

On Monday, June 29, Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson filed legal papers in Superior Court, seeking to obtain the rights to handle Michael Jackson's property as they believed their late son died "intestate," or without a valid will. However, on the same day John Branca claimed he possesses the most current will of the singer.

Branca worked for Jackson from 1980 to 2006. He was the one who helped Jackson scoring a deal to purchase The Beatles' publishing catalog back in 1985. Both of them reunited when Jackson re-hired him just three weeks before he passed away.


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posted by Iya\'a on Aug 01, 2009
Mikaeel rocked d world! He is truely d king of pop.May his soul rest in peace. May he be accepted into Janat'ltul firdous(paradise). May Allah provide best guidance 4all he left behind. Al-fathia
posted by unknown on Jul 05, 2009
mickeal jackson was a legend im only 17 nd think hese great pple that r hatin on him shud be shot dead he did nuffin wrong nd nobodies prooved he has he has given us alot keep it buzzin in heaven micheal ur gods real son x
posted by Mariam K. on Jul 04, 2009
Alla yerhamak, Inshallah jannat El khold ya Mickaeel..Yes Mikaeel..he changed his name..U r the True Muslim cuz u entered islam religion and never born to be islamic by family..."Ena llah wo ena elayhi rajeoun"! Pls all & specially Muslims read " Alfateha" for his soul...
posted by saffron on Jul 04, 2009
May god bless you Michael. The world will never be the same again RIP xxx
posted by Alina on Jul 03, 2009
Why Michael, why did you leave so soon? Will remain in our hearts!
posted by Alina on Jul 03, 2009
His father is responsible for addiction to drugs!
posted by dmz on Jul 03, 2009
He searched for freedom, and he found it in Islam. May Allah Bless you..
posted by Malaysia.. on Jul 03, 2009
He searched for freedom, and he found it in Islam at last. May Allah bless you Mikael..
posted by jessica on Jul 03, 2009
we miss you please come back we love you even if you in hevan
posted by purplesand on Jul 03, 2009
rip micheal jackson... may allah bless u,,
posted by CT Zoo on Jul 03, 2009
Hope Michael really died as a Muslim. This means Allah luvs him. He is as pure as a newborn baby without sins. He is very lucky. And Allah is very great!
posted by blake on Jul 03, 2009
In many ways, Michaelís life and death bore striking similarities to that of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Perhaps in 2000 years his name will live on as a symbol of all that is good and pure.
posted by roe on Jul 03, 2009
may he live in peace...the great king of pop....STOP ALL THE NONSENSE and let the man rest in peace peacfully
posted by babydoll17108 on Jul 03, 2009
He may be missed but i aint knw wat foe cuz he waz a child molester and he luked like a fckin gurl and he waz fine tha wy he waz wen he waz in tha jackson 5 he luked hot but then he had to be a white dude and make himself into a gurl dat just dumb az hell he wont missed and WILL BE FORGOTTEN HIS SISTER IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN HE WUD HAVE EVER BEEN HE LUKED LIKE A CHILD MOLESTER THERE WASNT NUN GUD BOUT HIM ANYWYZ HE WL REST IN HELL! BUT I LUV JANET SHE DA BOMB! IF MY BRO LUKED LIKE MICHAEL DID I WUD NEVER WANT TO BE SEEN WIT HIM EVER AGAIN!
posted by sam on Jul 03, 2009
i hope that mikaeel's brother jerimine jackson will be a parent of his children as he is a muslim. and would teach his children islam as mikaeel did too. we all pray for mikaeel may he be blessed from allah and go to JANAT! aamin!
posted by #1 fan on Jul 03, 2009
Babydoll 17108,u should be ashamed of yourself think of Michaels family speaking ill of the dead disgusting!
posted by #1 fan on Jul 03, 2009
The world lost the greatest idol in history there will never be another Michael jackson he was the best ever.Sleep well no more pain your at peace now,you have been taken too soon love you always xxxxx
posted by Ryan on Jul 02, 2009
Muchael is the best. And I will mis him. Long. Live. The king. Of pop. Rip
posted by Tee-Tee on Jul 02, 2009
I pray for the family of Michael Jackson. Michael we will miss you may God bless and keep your soul,because we have truly lost a great person. King of Pop it's your time to rest now.
posted by jyasmine on Jul 02, 2009
May Allah bless you Michale Jackson..Rest in peace and hope to see you in paradise..allah love you and have place you a great honor to die as muslim and clean..
posted by ASHFAQ UDDIN AKAND on Jul 02, 2009
posted by waleska on Jul 02, 2009
people please let michael rest in peace
posted by lynda on Jul 02, 2009
rip michael jackson. may god bless yr children and keep them safe.forever u will live in our hearts.
posted by Smanglz Mte on Jul 02, 2009
...... lets stop with the speculation and may his soul rest in peace...iregardless of which religion he died in.... his soul is now free
posted by Annie on Jul 02, 2009
rest in peace,ll be live forever.
posted by murtala ambursa on Jul 02, 2009
it is beautiful micheal died as muslim may his soul rest in peace
posted by sharon k on Jul 02, 2009
its so sad that he is gone my thoughts and prayers goes out to his family
posted by RASHEL on Jul 02, 2009
i will miss you so much Micheal Jackson
posted by andrea on Jul 02, 2009
i do hope Janet Jackson will take care of Jacksons children while he is gone.Micheal we miss you alot..................
posted by chantel on Jul 02, 2009
i love the jacksons family so much keep on living
posted by TASHAUN on Jul 02, 2009
posted by Carly on Jul 02, 2009
Oops, typo - vitiligo. Which, by the way, comes in patches, and doesn't turn you white all over from one day to another.
posted by Carly on Jul 02, 2009
Oh please. Listen to you all. He was a child molester! He was a great entertainer, but that doesn't diminish the fact that he was causing a lot of grief to a lot of people. And you are worshipping him as if he was a god. As for the kids. Even if he had vitiligi - he was still of African descent. His kids would have some pigmentation in their skin. They are all white as snow! No way his sperm fathered these kids! Poor kids. My hope is Diana will get them and keep them as far away from the Jackson Clan as she can. They are all nut cases!!
posted by naz on Jul 01, 2009
u r a lucky man dying as a muslim may Allah grant u a place a janat
posted by Deborah Marshall on Jul 01, 2009
I think that Janet will be a good parent to her brother kids.
posted by tiggerssp on Jul 01, 2009
It's my belief that Janet would be a good parent to those children. She would see to it that her father would not destroy them too.
posted by Shima on Jul 01, 2009
Yes, i hope Janet Jackson will take care the children... :)

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