Sneak Peek to 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 6

June 29, 2009 09:45:43 GMT

The season of cooking on FOX's 'Hell's Kitchen' will begin with two large teams competing for Gordon Ramsay's favor.

Sneak Peek to 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 6
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More shouting from Chef Gordon Ramsay will echo through the walls when the sixth season of "Hell's Kitchen" enters this July. A preview, released by FOX is given for the new season, showing BBQ being burnt, salmon being put in freezer and shrimps falling like rain.

As usual, 16 people are selected to compete in the cooking race to win a vacancy at a prestigious eatery. The winner for this season will be granted a spot as the head chef at Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia. This would be the first in the show's history for a winner to be given a job in a Canadian restaurant. He or she will also have the added privilege of joining executive chef James Walt in welcoming the world during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

"Hell's Kitchen" will premiere on July 21 with two-hour show. On the first episode, Ramsay will go by the tradition, asking the contestants to cook him their signature dishes. However, this time, he will pit the men and women in two separate teams. The winning team will win a special prize but the other one will endure a losing agony.


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posted by smokey on May 19, 2010
Gordon is the elite of ass- chewers. If he cant get your attention, then you are probably deceased. Keep them on their toes Gordon, cant wait for the new season.
posted by hig on Feb 09, 2010
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posted by Big Mick on Jan 21, 2010
I am from Glasgow and from the same end of 'town' as Chef Ramsey - he is what we call a hun bigot which is derived from his support of the anti-catholic and anti-Irish club Glasgow Rangers. He could no more fight that marine than he could drop the prices in his failing restaurant
posted by jonnnyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
wat we goy next son
posted by jonnnyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
heyy mother fucker wuu2 and im ur dad wat prestige u on on cod 6
posted by jonnnyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
mother fuckerrrr im ur dad in it blud wat we got next
posted by mother fucker on Jan 12, 2010
do 1 u home sexeral
posted by jonnnyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
im ur dad mr jack yeo
posted by jonnnyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
im ur dad u homo
posted by jonnyyyyyyy on Jan 12, 2010
who dies ffs
posted by talitha on Dec 24, 2009
i love hells kitchen i watch it every night and i have to record it for my to parents who are amazing chefs that dream to own a restaurant some day, but first they need a few more tips and help. my parents would love to work for ypu some day and personaly i think your are a role model for me. im only 12 but i love your t.v show.pleese give my parents a chance.
posted by Jean Claude Van Damm on Jul 23, 2009
Who you think will win the fight? Chef Ramsay or the ex-marine guy? I personally think Chef Ramsay will kick that ex-marine guy's ass. We'll see it next Tuesday at 8pm est.
posted by NellBell on Jul 21, 2009
I saw the first episode tonight (of course, since it began tonight.) I don't remember his name, but I must cheer for that guy that finally really took a stand. I like Ramsey and all, but I even have to agree that he can take it too far. And i must say, I was glad to see that someone was brave enough. I honestly have to say, i can't wait for the continuation.
posted by stan schurman on Jul 21, 2009
I started to watch season 6, but had to pack it in. Once again the notion that any one of these people could be executive chef in some high end restaurant is just a little bit of a stretch. Not to mention they'll need subtitles for that ex-marine and the guy from Texas. The whole show is just so contrived and predictable.
posted by kjih-tv media on Jul 05, 2009
then serve it.
posted by me on Jun 30, 2009

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