Custody of Michael Jackson's Children Remains Questioned

June 27, 2009 06:21:23 GMT

There haven't been official words on who will get the custody of Prince Michael and Paris, both of whom are Michael Jackson's kids with ex-wife Debbie Rowe.

Michael Jackson
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Amidst mounting speculation on the cause of Michael Jackson's death, a new question emerges on who will get the custody of Michael Jackson's children; Prince Michael and Paris, whom he has with former wife Debbie Rowe. Besides, to whom the legal rights to look after Michael's other son, Prince Michael II, will be given is also questioned as the identity of his mother has never been revealed publicly.

Contrary to what people have believed so far, Debbie never gave away her parental rights over the two kids to Michael, making it possible for her to obtain the legal custody of both kids now that their father has passed away. Debbie's former attorney, Iris Finsilver, who represented her throughout her custody battle with Michael back in 2005 has confirmed the matter, telling People that Debbie is Prince Michael and Paris' legal parent and can gain custody of them if she chooses.

Iris, furthermore, admits she has reached out to her former client on Thursday, June 25 regarding the matter, but can't confirm just yet if Debbie plans to seek custody of her kids. "She was inconsolable," Iris claims. On the same tone with Iris, the lawyer who represented Michael throughout the case, Lance Spiegel, says Debbie can seek custody of her son and daughter, adding that the only reason she would not be handed custody is if she is found to be "detrimental to the children".

Michael's camp hasn't addressed the issue just yet. Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael II are currently staying with the Jacksons. The three children "are doing fine" and "are in the care of a nanny," Brian Oxman, the Jacksons' family attorney for 20 years, confirms.

"Ms. Jackson will care for them and I'm sure there will be all kinds of discussions that will take place about the kids," Brian continues when referring to Michael's mother Katherine Jackson. As for the kids themselves, Brian says, "They're well-trained, well educated and extraordinarily talented. They get to play with their cousins and their nieces and their nephews. They are just smarter than smart can be."

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posted by Burrelshrri@yahoo.co on Jul 13, 2009
I think that Kaherine should remain in te chilrens lif b she is too od to have ctody and when s passes custody would have to be moved again, that freak Joe hould not be allowed to raise a cat,these are darling children give them a brake give them to a careing family member maybeJanet.
posted by kooshtee on Jul 13, 2009
posted by kathleen on Jul 09, 2009
i think the children should all stay together with the grandparents they have been through enough and to spilt them up and take them away from what they know would be wrong thats the only family they know and should stay put x
posted by Elaine on Jul 06, 2009
I was always under the impression, since I know two fathers who have gone through this, that if a birth certificate has the fathers name on it that they are legally responsible for the financial welfare of the child. In other words if a wife has cheated and becomes pregnant, but remains with the husband and his name is put on the birth certificate as the father then he is responsible for the child. I have two friends who have paid Child support for years because of this and were not the biological fathers of said children. Maybe the fathers could go to court and prove they aren't the fathers and things changed, but why wouldn't Debbie Rowe do this a long time ago if she truly wanted her children. I mean anyone can look at all three of these children and know that Michael isn't they're biological father. Doesn't mean he didn't love them as if they were, but if nothing was done legally then why didn't the parents do something before his death?
posted by Maggie on Jun 30, 2009
When I read that Micheal's father's nickname for him was "big nose" and seeing the emotional results of that abuse, it's hard for me to imagine more kids in that environment. Michael's parents are in their twilight years and these children are quite young. Not that it makes a bit of difference what anyone thinks, although guardianship is next to impossible, I do think their Nanny, Grace should continue to be at these chidlren's side.
posted by Ellie on Jun 28, 2009
It does not matter that they were from diffrent doners, a family is a family regardless. As long as the children are loved and cared for correctly and by whom they want is all that matters now. MJ was a legend, Bizarre yes but amazing and clearly had a troubled life. He will always be remembered for his amazing music and the biggest lesson from all this from one mother to whom ever takes care of his kids is to protect them and allow them to experience a 'normal' life as possible.
posted by jochidi2003@yahoo. c on Jun 28, 2009
His kids sld be taking care by micheal mum, all the so call mother of the kids are not after MJ,S INTERST.i love michael and i want his kids to start from were he stops
posted by Els on Jun 28, 2009
Try not to judge him for you don't know all the details and who are you to judge??
posted by superfly tnt on Jun 28, 2009
Oh, so now others think that there prejudices and opinions matter in determining the good or bad Michael left behind. The problem is that some people judge Michael like he was some divine mishap, I add, if he was then let his creator be the judge. Keep your judgement for real issues my friends. Our goodness is not determined by how we are conceived or how we die but by the 'dash' of our lives. As for Michaels children, we all know that they are not heading to some orphanage but to the loving arms of FAMILY.
posted by crazy4coffee on Jun 27, 2009
teresa, kim's right. You must have a huge chip on your shoulder. I feel deeply sorry for his kids,his parents, siblings and fans. It is no secret that his life was bizarre, and I am deeply sorry for that. This is not a judgement, but is was a bizarre life in which we will never know and should not judge whether he was a victim or innocent. That is up to god to decide, and last I knew god was you. You should refrain from judging Teresa, you are just showing all that you are immature and ignorant.
posted by hiprofgrl on Jun 27, 2009
Ok, first of all no one knows how his children are raised, were raised, or are being raised. They could be perfectly normal. Second. What decisions Michael and the mothers made, that is between them. Obvioulsy the mothers felt safe enough to give Michael parental control of these children. Whatever Michael Jackson did or did not do, is not for us to judge. We are not God, only he can make a judgement toward Michael. I believe Michael Jackson was a very used abused little boy, who as an adult chose to live in a make believe world of children where no one could hurt him anymore. I pray Michael did not hurt any children, mentally or physically. My hope is that he will be remembered as an icon for all of us and generations to come and that he will finally find peace and love.
posted by kim on Jun 27, 2009
Teresa, You must have a big black chip on your shoulder.If you read my blog I was referring to his bizarre lifestyle, which is public knowledge.Am I sorry he is dead? Of course, he was one of the world's greatest entertainers.Do I feel sorry for his children, sure I do, they are now fatherless and motherless and didn't deserve it, do I feel bad for his parents, you bet, parents shouldn't have to bury their children. I don't live in a special little world that is whiter than white. I live in a sad world that that has people who indulge themselves and innocent people pay for it!Have a great day Teresa!
posted by lizbrny on Jun 27, 2009
i think that michaels parents should take custody of his kids and raise them the way he would have wanted michael will live in our hearts 4ever my condolences to his family
posted by teresaanne on Jun 27, 2009
we lost a legend may he find peace at last in gods kingdom rest in peace michael
posted by teresa o connor on Jun 27, 2009
isnt it great kim that you can so willing knock michael jackson for his bizarre life boyth of himself and his kids . perhaps you live in a special little world of ypour own where everything is just whiter than white . i hate to dissapoint you but theres no such place and it takes all sorts of class and creed to make the world go around . so lets remember instead of knocking him in death he lived his life how he wanted and perhaps the only way he knew how . and remember he leaves children and a family behind that dont deserve snidy comments about their son and father whom they have just lost . so for all his faults or what ever it is ye want to find in michael jackson let him rest in peace and dont judge unless we are prepared to be judged ourselves . heres an old irish saying by oscar wilde wheres ignorance is bliss its a folly to be wise and for the grace of god go i. to michaels jacksons mam and dad brothers and sisters and his children may god give you all the strength to bear and deal with his tragic loss rest in peace michael ar dheis de go raibh a anam slan go bfoill micheal let god judge him not us
posted by kim on Jun 27, 2009
My heart goes out to Michael Jackson's children.These kids have been raised in the MOST BIZARRE lifestyle, with one parent who didn't know who they were in every since of the word and one who gave them up for a pay-off. It's sad sad sad. Then there is the problem of them coming from different doners! Good grief, Michael Jackson lived a bizarre life and left a MORE bizare mess as his legacy. This whole horrible situation should be a lesson to people that how your own selfish indulgences effect innocent people!

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