Request for Michael Jackson Tribute by Paula Abdul on 'SYTYCD'

June 27, 2009 04:00:21 GMT

Being the one responsible for the early choreography of Jacksons family, Paula Abdul is expected to pay a tribute on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

Paula Abdul
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Paula Abdul has exchanged messages on Twitter with "So You Think You Can Dance" head judge, Nigel Lythgoe, regarding a tribute for Michael Jackson on the dance show. On Friday, June 26 Nigel wrote, "People please use Twitter-Power. Ask @PaulaAbdul to choreograph a Michael Jackson tribute on SYTYCD" and Paula came with a favorable response later.

As a reply to Nigel's request, Paula wrote, "Have your people call my people Nigel and let's do it! Lol". Paula began her career in the '80s, choreographing for the Jacksons family including for Janet Jackson's "Control". She recalled, "I worked w/ the whole family when they got ready for the Reunion tour,1st video was 'Torture' & did the Victory tour."

In a later post, Nigel replied Paula's response, writing "I would get my people to call yours? But I have 2 issues. 1. I don't know who your people are? 2. I haven't got any people? Xox"

Michael Jackson's death coincided with the result show of "SYTYCD" on Thursday, June 25. Nigel opened the episode by paying tributes to Michael, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon who all died within the same week. Michael's video of "Thriller" was then played.


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posted by QueenBee on Jul 02, 2009
RIP Michael, Fly with Angels Wings....
posted by sharmayne on Jun 29, 2009
at last he is dead.if he died a black person maybe,abusive people reduce in the world.i loved his music not his character he wasn't agood person only his music was
posted by superflytnt on Jun 28, 2009
Thank you to Paula for sharing your genius traits with us through Michael and sibblings and other entertainers. Please keep us entertained-the world has become bitter and such a borehole where everybady is afraid they will meltdown or ashdown. With music and dance the world becomes a rising balloon which can take you up above hell and it's meltdown sorrows.
posted by juan Pablo Madrid on Jun 28, 2009
i wish it never happened...he was a saint.. he will never be forgotten..he was the king of pop, we love you micheal..
posted by superfly tnt on Jun 28, 2009
Dear Michael, Others thought that they could make you so common and damp you at the flea market like some junk bargain, in death you sleep like a priceless soul free to fly away above all the vultures.You may now look down and have the last laugh. Michael our singing and dancing KING! We will always, always sing after you, all the nice music and dance our troubles away, away like you did. May you sleep in peace.
posted by Seminole Pride! on Jun 27, 2009
To the Jackson Family please keep your head up and remember he is in the best place right now. He will never be forgotten!!!
posted by paula1fan on Jun 27, 2009
When will this tribute dance happen?
posted by dchimera_62 on Jun 27, 2009
Condolences to the Jackson Family. Michael will never be forgotten he was one of the best entertainers ever!!!!!!!! We love you Michael. RIP
posted by Mohammed Salem on Jun 27, 2009
I think Janet Jackson and her siblings should record a tribute track and do a tribute concert with other celebrities once a respectable time has passed. The music will live on forever. As they say heroes get remembered but LEGENDS never die!
posted by lizbrny on Jun 27, 2009
rest in peace michael i hope your free from all the pain and suffering u endured love you always xxx,
posted by teresa o connor irel on Jun 27, 2009
we have lost the greatest of all times legend but he will remain in the hearts of those who loved him . rest in peace ar dheis de go raibh a anaim slan go bfoill michael
posted by Jamila on Jun 27, 2009
R.I.P Michael Jackson Unfortunately We Have Lost The Legendary King Of Pop ... An Icon And Entertainer That Has Inspired Many Generations... Your Legacy Will Live On Forever... My Heart Goes Out To Your Family and Loved Ones Gone but Never Forgotten
posted by RJ on Jun 27, 2009
posted by RIQUEZZA on Jun 27, 2009
posted by RIQUEZZA on Jun 27, 2009

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