TV Schedules for Michael Jackson Tributes

Michael Jackson

A Michael Jackson tribute marathon will be in a lot of TV programmings this weekend, including the last-minute-altered BET Awards on Sunday, June 28.

Michael Jackson's death has resulted in a TV event when networks are racing against each other to air a tribute to the late King of Pop. Within hours after the singer was pronounced dead on Thursday, June 25, NBC and CBS gathered up documentary about his life but it was CNN's coverage that led the Thursday night rating.

The news channel drew up to 3.9 million viewers despite fierce competition from Fox News (2.9 million) and MSNBC (1.4 million). According to TV by the Numbers, the numbers show a boost on average performance by the networks with CNN in particular gaining 381% raise from its second quarter average.

However, more similar footage about Michael are expected to run for weeks. Below is the run-down of tributes airing on several networks in the days to come. Some may be mashed with tributes for Farrah Fawcett who also passed away on the same day Michael did.

Saturday, June 27
10.30 A.M. - "Michael and Farrah: Lost Icons" - E!
11.00 A.M. - "True Hollywood Story: Michael Jackson" - E! (repeat on Sunday at 12 noon)
10.00 P.M. - "Bio Remembers: Michael Jackson" - BIO Channel
12.00 P.M. - "The Jacksons: An American Dream" - TV One (repeat at 7 P.M. and at the same time Sunday)
7.00 P.M. - "Forever The King: A Tribute to Michael Jackson" - BET
8.00 P.M. - "Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror" - CNN (repeat at 11 P.M. and at the same time Sunday)
9.00 P.M. - "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Fox News Channel

Sunday, June 28
1.00 P.M. - "Michael Jackson: His Musical Legacy" - TV Guide Channel (repeats at 3, 6 and 9 P.M.)
2.00 P.M. - "The Jacksons: An American Dream" - TV Land (repeat at 7 P.M.)
7.00 P.M. - "The Life & Times of Michael Jackson" - TV Guide Channel
8.00 P.M. - "BET Awards" with special tribute to Michael Jackson - BET

Monday, June 29
8.00 P.M. - "American Idol", re-airing of Michael Jackson week - FOX

Wednesday, July 1
10.00 P.M. - "Michael Jackson" the documentary - E!




    posted by david on j
    Jan 16, 2011

    michael jackson was the king of pop ever his music will last forever.

    Aug 17, 2010

    i love you mj r.i.n.p mj

    Nov 08, 2009

    we made contact with him on t.v they said what is your namde michael said back michael it is great news i gotta feling sometimes his spirt is in my house in the moring

    Nov 06, 2009

    i feel sorry and i lost my favorite dancer and king of pop i send this message may he r.i.p

    Nov 06, 2009

    it is so shoking i can not belive he left with not saying goodbye may he live in our heart forever and may us love him we lost our dancing king of pop and may us pray for him ever night

    Nov 06, 2009

    it was shoking news we lost our king of pop may his family live long and may michael.j r.i.p

    Jul 04, 2009

    micael the king of pop left us withuot a word of good-bye.the question every one isasking is what killed the king of pop reporters say it was a drug over dose micaels murmorial will be held on tuesday the 7 july 2009 micael made a statement in life saying it dosnt matter if u blac or whiye or if u can dance aslong as u have the pation you can go far in life also a quick note to his fam it is haraam to do an artopsy long live the king of pop

    Jul 01, 2009

    i am asdounded that this has happened to the king of pop. and i am sorry for his family and beautiful children that has been left behind. shall R.I.P michael jackson.

    Jul 01, 2009

    yes it was saundenly shuocking news of micaeljakshon this man sacraficed his childhood for our entertainment. god bless his soul and his family. michael you can rest now. your work here is done . good bye michael jakshon for now from afreen

    lisa Barron
    Jul 01, 2009

    Micheal Jackson was a true legend and he will be truely missed by all of his fans. Micheal will always be the king of pop and my heart goes out to his family as micheal will never be forgotten.

    Jun 28, 2009

    I am so sorry for him

    superfly tnt
    Jun 28, 2009

    Goodbye to our dancing and singing King. You were the one and only! May you rest in peace... Michael you left so much joy it feels bigger than death.

    Jun 27, 2009

    R.I.P Michael Jackson Unfortunately We Have Lost The Legendary King Of Pop ... An Icon And Entertainer That Has Inspired Many Generations... Your Legacy Will Live On Forever... My Heart Goes Out To Your Family and Loved Ones Gone but Never Forgotten

    Jun 26, 2009

    The loss of the king of music was shocking and devastating to me. This man sacraficed his childhood for our entertainment. God bless his soul and his family. Michael, you can rest now. Your work here is done.

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