Video: Top 10 'American Idol' Rehearsing for Summer Tour

June 26, 2009 07:28:42 GMT

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta join Top 10 'American Idol' season eight, singing 'Don't Stop Believing' during a tour rehearsal.

Video: Top 10 'American Idol' Rehearsing for Summer Tour
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Top 10 "American Idol" season eight have been rehearsing for their upcoming summer concert, and a footage from the rehearsal session has arrived via Los Angeles Times. It captures them performing Journey's 1981 ballad song titled "Don't Stop Believing".

Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre are seen sitting behind piano opposite each other. Meanwhile, the others including Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey and Megan Joy, are shown standing near them with mics in their hands.

The former contestants of 2009 "American Idol" will start the roadshow at Rose Garden in Portland on July 5. They will then make one last stop at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester on September 15. "Don't Stop Believing" reportedly will be the concerts' final number.

Beside gearing up to kick off the tour, some of those singers, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta, also have studio albums in the works. Kris and Allison's debut efforts will be released via 19 Recordings/Jive Records, while Adam's will be dropped under 19 Recordings in partnership with RCA. All of the records are set for fall release.

Top 10 "American Idol" sing "Don't Stop Believing" at tour rehearsal:


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posted by thymekpr on Jul 05, 2009
Vada: This song is set in Adam's key, so he is going to sound better. Uh, just what key ISN'T Adam's key???? :)
posted by wondie on Jul 04, 2009
Adam is absolutely amazing. Incredible. Untouchable. He makes music exciting again. LOVE him!!
posted by ianaleah on Jul 04, 2009
Have fun everyone, and be good to each other. I'm driving 2 hours each way just for the tour.
posted by lily on Jul 02, 2009
where is lil round? Is she behind michael?
posted by GM on Jun 29, 2009
The original group performance early in the season sounded so much better with Allison, Kris and Adam. They should be the only ones touching this song haha
posted by M on Jun 28, 2009
Adam sounded the best, but im kinda partial to him anyways :D Kris sounded o.k. until that last part. It needed some practice .... Still think Adam is way above everyone else when he sings, so why was he standing in the back far away from the rest of the group ... That bothered me a little .... Sounds like the tours gonna be great and I cant wait to go :D
posted by nagelchick on Jun 27, 2009
love them all--ADAM rocks--can't take my eyes off of him:)
posted by Ashley on Jun 26, 2009
They are were struggling, it seemed, except Adam and Matt. Matt's falsetto is way underestimated, but awesome. I can't wait to see them in concert, their solos will be awesome. I think this might have been arranged before Kris won.
posted by Vada on Jun 26, 2009
When Matt is struggling for the high notes, and Scott just can't get there, the key is just too high. Even Danny struggles in some parts, and he has a great upper range.
posted by Vada on Jun 26, 2009
So, higher is always better? Why not just sign up the chipmunks? This song is set in Adam's key, so SURPRISE, he is going to sound better. Adam sings higher than Kris. Kris sings lower than Adam. I just hope all of the group numbers are not set in the chipmunk range. That gets old, very fast.
posted by Jack1 on Jun 26, 2009
Lambert is the only one who seems ready to tour. When I see this vid I can't help but be shocked all over again that Kris Allen won AI. His voice is amazingly weak.
posted by bl on Jun 26, 2009
Adam is just ridiculous. As usual in a league of his own. SUPERSTAR!!!!!
posted by adamlovers on Jun 26, 2009
OMG!! adam was freaking amazing!!!! i like kris too but not when he did the high note!!
posted by emmy on Jun 26, 2009
have u seen anoop laughing at kris when he did that high note!!! lol!!!

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