Adam Lambert Works With Sam Sparro for Post-Idol Album

June 25, 2009 06:33:27 GMT

Beside working with RedOne, Adam Lambert also has Sam Sparro helping him to finish his post-'American Idol' album.

Adam Lambert
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It is revealed that Adam Lambert will be working with Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Sam Sparro for his post-"American Idol" album. "On my way to songwriting session w the brilliant Sam Sparro!!" so Adam wrote on his Twitter.

In related news, Adam Lambert gives details about what kind of sounds he will craft for the record. "The vibe is gonna be rock at the center of it, but in a pop fashion," he told E! Online. "So lots of hooks, lots of beats on there to make people dance, with an electronic production. So it's definitely going to sound modern, but with like a nod to the 60's and 70's rock feel, and the 80's."

Beside working with Sam Sparro, Adam will also be helped by acclaimed producer RedOne in getting the effort done. "I want to go rock -- David Bowie and Queen, but make it more easy for people to get. It has to be rock, but with an interesting dance angle to it, you know? You'll like it," RedOne previously said about his project with Adam.

Adam's post-Idol album is yet to be titled. It will be released under 19 Recordings/RCA this fall. Greater than that, an album that he recorded long before he auditioned for Idol will also be dropped before the end of this year, only this time it will be delivered via Hi Fi Recordings. Most recently, his song titled "Want" from the pre-Idol effort has been made available for digital download on iTunes.


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posted by tikya on Jun 28, 2009
Adam, for me, is the best ever to set foot in AI. Adam is actually too big for AI. He saved the show. Even if you have that talent but you dont have the connection in the industry, it will be difficult to make it in the industry. Its really coming in at the right place and at the right time. So joining AI is the right platform and the right time (27 years old when he joined) because he is confident enough and with thicker skin (per Adam). Watch "Tootsie" and you will know what I mean. Adam you are the best.
posted by valigirl on Jun 28, 2009
Adam has what it takes. An undeniable talent. You can not fake that kind of talent. He has drawn in young and old. I have been truly inspired by his vocal accounts and his impressive ability to bring your fiilings to the surface. He has made me laugh and cry and remember the tenderness and sexiness with in my own life. Thats what a great entertainer does. Adam is it!
posted by thymekpr on Jun 27, 2009
All I know is, I really looked forward to AI every Tuesday...because of Adam. Watching/listening was always an event and listening to the man hit that high note and feeling absolute awe - only to have him raise it up an octave! OMG, what a talent. I've really come to like Kris more and more, and actually think the two of them should regenerate the old 'Buddy' movies - would be great.Can't wait to hear and see more.
posted by nagelchick on Jun 27, 2009
lola--you summed it up perfectly--the first time I saw ADAM perform--I called all my friends and said "I have just witnessed the birth of a STAR"-and I have been happily addicted ever since!!!
posted by Lamberkitten on Jun 27, 2009
I agree with Lola. And all those who don't like Adam - go away and listen or read about what you do like rather than spouting your venom. You have to wonder what makes people need to complain. You always have the choice to switch OFF the music, or not to read about it when it says ADAM LAMBERT in the title! Simple really.
posted by michael on Jun 27, 2009
Adam & Sam Sparrow song writing collaboration..fantastic!! This will definately be a mega dance/club hit!
posted by Lola on Jun 27, 2009
I'm in my 50's, was a huge retro Elvis fan, have a degree in theater, and have performed with a traveling chorale troupe. I have enjoyed Idol as casual entertainment, especially last year with David Cook. I didn't see Adam until the top 36 eliminations, when he, performed Satisfaction. I was thrilled and amazed. Feeling rather dumb, I nevertheless called my brother, who has always enjoyed music with me, and told him that a superstar just performed on American Idol. I felt that way the moment I saw Adam perform, and have heard variations on my story from countless people, including professionals. It didn't take any hype, any newspaper stories or gossip or hyperbole for me to recognize that someone extraordinary had walked onto the Idol stage. The fact that some of you don't feel that way, or don't see it is OK. That's why there is a variety of musical styles from myriads of performers. Elvis, Michael Jackson, the Beatles all had many detractors. That did not stop them from becoming icons. In fact, I think only those different enough to be disturbing to some faction of the population will effect change on the music landscape. RIP Michael, may you find your peace in the next life.
posted by Hkhgfd on Jun 27, 2009
Wak Wak Wak
posted by Peggy on Jun 26, 2009
Adam has been consistently and repeatedly praised by some of the top names in the business - and given standing ovations by more than just Simon Cowell. His vocal command, ability to convey the emotion of the song, breath control, charisma and personality (his generosity and just plain decency to others) have been equally praised by those that have worked with him. You are free to not like his style, but to tear down his talent shows a real lack of class and appreciation on your part. In any case, there are enough people that adore and appreciate Adam that his career is assured.
posted by emmy on Jun 26, 2009
and what do u think about simon's satnd ovation?! never never in all idol history simon did it!! and he done it for adam!! cauz he knew he got talent!! talent that he've searching for 8years ago!! so for all the haters: shut your fucking mouths!!!
posted by Millie on Jun 26, 2009
What are u talking about,Mariah?This guy just has a nice voice and not that talented?His voice is just like other guys? That's crap,I disagree!Who sang like that?There's been 8 season now,that voice is the 1st in A.I!Nobody did that before because they can't.If they can,they already did that& won(if he's not gay).Adam is the best & he deserve the best!And,Fake,u think it easy to become superstar?10yrs struggling so that's means he doesn't deserves all this?He should success long time ago if he's that awesome?There's a lot of superstar struggled before they become rich & famous.Let me name 1,Jim Carrey.He took 15yrs before people know his name in Ace Ventura.So,are u saying Jim not awesome too?In Adam case,it's A.I that he needs as a platform and not Ace ventura.There I said all!!WTH??!!
posted by Mariah on Jun 26, 2009
This guy has just a nice voice like lots of others guy. He's not THAT talented. He's just a guy that AI production is making ready to sell through smart promotion, controversial issues, lots of media generated interest and by recruiting all the top writers and producers to help him. Big deal. This way, nearly anybody would be a seller. Real talent is another thing. He's a whore ready to become whatever to sell himself. Oh.. and I am a lesbian, so his sexuality is not a problem for me. It was for HIM, or he would have outed way before, and not selling even THAT to Rolling Stone. I agree with Fake. This guy is fake.
posted by Annie on Jun 25, 2009
To Fake: As admitted by Adam and every other Idol contestant to date, it is extremely hard getting into the entertainment/recording business hence, American Idol. That's why, once again, Adam and all the AI contestants say AI is the best platform for singers. It takes an international venue to showcase talent and that's what AI does and that's what Adam is, ultimate talent!
posted by anonymous on Jun 25, 2009
For all Adam haters - so, do you think all the 4 AI judges were wrong when they praised Adam? Do you think all the praises that he got from all the news' commentators were wrong? Do you think that 19/RCA, RedOne and others were wrong when they invest in Adam? Sorry, the facts speak loud and clear.
posted by Melanie on Jun 25, 2009
Love Adam to pieces and Sam Sparro is awesome! I just can't wait for Adam's new album this fall it's going to be amazing!!!!!
posted by kimberly on Jun 25, 2009
to Mali: how rude can u get?and what's this with the whole real music lovers? REAL music lovers recognize true talent- and that talent is soooo present in ADAM LAMBERT.
posted by sara on Jun 25, 2009
ROCK ON ADAM!!! u're such a superstar! and im soooo sure that ur album will turn out fantastic!
posted by RoRo on Jun 25, 2009
Right, "Fake", are you sure Adam's not just faking having a voice? You seem to think he's faking everything else, like being gay. Sounds like, "I don't like anyone who thinks of doing something before I do." Must be fake, like Madonna's hair color. Like David Bowie's costumes. Like Freddie Mercury's name.
posted by regina on Jun 25, 2009
ADAM! i love all ur music and cant wait to hear ur debut album!!! ill be supporting u thruout!
posted by abbie on Jun 25, 2009
he took years to get famous. Too many. If he was that talented, he should have done this all without Idol's help.
posted by Mali on Jun 25, 2009
Adam Lambert is a fat attention whore. With a nice voice, but it's not like he has it and nobody else hasn't it. I agree all this hype about him is destined to make real music lovers throw up soon.
posted by Fake on Jun 25, 2009
This guy is fake in his core. He's got a nice voice, but face it, it's like 10 years that he struggles to face off and he needed idol, and all the fuss about his sexuality to grab attention. He's workin with the cream of the cream and with the juggernaut promotion of AI machine sure he will sell. But he's a faker. All these media about him are pumpin up fakeness. If he were SO awesome, in 10 years of trying with the music industry someone would have put him in the spotlight WAY before. it didin't happen for a reason. BUt now he will cash money, don't worry. And do ANYTHING and fake anything to have them. That's no serious. Though I like Sam Sparro, and I am curious to hear what this thing will sound like. The guy has a voice, after all.
posted by Denise on Jun 25, 2009
Adam, we Adam Lovers want anything that has to do with you ! Anything! We want to purchase the "want" song just because it is you but it will harm you in anyway we won't. Don't know if you read all these but could you somehow let us know your thoughts about purchasing this. We love you and we will purchase the fall release as soon as it comes out even if we have to cause a stampeed !! We love you no matter what !! Lots of love from Missouri
posted by Fake Your The Fake.. on Jun 25, 2009

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