Johnny Depp Interested in '21 Jump Street' Movie

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp would love to make a cameo appearance in Jonah Hill's adaptation of '21 Jump Street', stating that 'it sounds like a great idea.'

Johnny Depp has shown his interest to make a cameo in "21 Jump Street" movie. "If we find the right thing to do, it could be very funny," Johnny said to MTV News while promoting his Michael Mann-directed movie, "Public Enemies".

Although Jonah Hill, the writer and producer of "21 Jump Street" adaptation, wasn't sure if the original star of the cop TV series wants to join the movie, Johnny has stated that he loves the idea of him making cameo appearance in the adaptation. "It sounds like a great idea," he shared, before adding "It'd be hilarious."

The plan to include Johnny in the movie as a cameo was first mentioned by Jonah when he attended 2009 MTV Movie Awards. "We wrote a really awesome Johnny Depp cameo. I talked to his agent a few times. I've never met the man. He probably won't do it, but if he does, it will be one I think he'd be proud of, and it's a real crowd pleaser. It's not cheesy," he stated at that time.

In the interview, Jonah also mentioned that he found out the media thinks his idea to make the adaptation "is the worst idea ever." However, the "Superbad" star defended that his "21 Jump Street" will not be spoof of the original. "It's a comedy that is also an action movie," he explained.



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