First Sneak Peek to 'Californication' Season 3

June 24, 2009 07:05:51 GMT

Watch how charming writer Hank Moody enrolls as a college teacher and attracts the queen bees in the new promo released by Showtime.

First Sneak Peek to 'Californication' Season 3
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A glimpse of "Californication" season 3 has been shared by Showtime. Lead character Hank Moody is now taking a foray into the school world where he becomes a college teacher and a new idol for the young girls.

No date has been given by the cable network for the premiere but TV Guide said that it will return quite late this year. A confirmed guest star in the new cycle will be Rick Springfield who is going to play as what he knows best, a rock icon. Another one is "Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick who will be a student with fascination on vampire lit.

On related news, the second season of "Californication" will arrive in DVD via Paramount Home Entertainment on August 11. Split into two discs, it will be on sale for suggested price of $42.99.

At the end of the second season Hank completes his biography of Lew Ashby, Mia departs L.A. for her cross-country book tour and Sonja gives birth to a baby who is decidedly not Hank's. Karen decides to take a job in New York City. But when Becca and Damien patch things up and she decides she wants to remain in L.A., Hank decides to stay behind for his daughter.


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posted by bob on Feb 04, 2010
Maybe its an age thing (i'm 32) but I found the Mia character so nauseating, and glad she is gone, though i understand she was so important to the plot line. Miss Les, and finding season 3 a little boring without him, not sure on K turners character.As for Heroes , childish that what i would say about that series, I mean how much can you drag the theme out
posted by Kelley68 on Jul 30, 2009
I am with you there on the Rick Springfield appearances! He is not only an awesome musician/songwriter...but he's a good actor too. Can't wait!
posted by JeffB on Jul 10, 2009
Youtube video says removed by user.
posted by Helone on Jul 05, 2009
Eva Amurri really only has one movie credit from like five years ago. She was nothing special and the casting of her on this show is baffling. As is the mess the writers made of season two and undoubtedly season three with such a weird cast lineup. And am I the only one nauseated by the Daisy storyline. That girl is not only unattractive, but so so so boing even as a porn star. Is she sleeping with the boss? Cause she isn't in the talent league of any one on the show except Evan Handler, who is equally repulsive.
posted by Dustin on Jul 05, 2009
She is the unwatchable, untalented, unattractive spawn of Sarandon and some man named Amuri. Guess Susand wasn't able to pass on her looks or talent genes, unfortunaely.
posted by Ting Ling on Jul 05, 2009
Who is Eva Amurri?
posted by Tara on Jul 05, 2009
I was a huge fan of Madeline Zima, now she's not on the show. She was my favorite character. Guess Showtime couldn't afford her given she's the number five hottest women in the world on the FHM list. I'm happy she's on Heroes now, that is a better show than Cali will ever be.
posted by Mfyawny on Jul 05, 2009
Who in the world would want to watch that wierdo Kathleen Turner and Eva Amurri. This show has gone downhill so fast. It was awful last year. We wanted to see what Mia would do with his book instead we get nauseated by a stupid rockstar looser storyline. I give up. The show had promise, but lost it with a change of cast winning formua.
posted by TJ on Jul 05, 2009
The book stealing plot line, was the only good thing about this show. With Mia on Heroes now, the show will simply be as unwatchable as it was last yeaar
posted by Dustin on Jul 05, 2009
Without Madeline Zima the show will stink like it did last year when she was criminally underused and we all wanted to know about the book, but now I guess we won't. I too will become anew Heroes watcher.
posted by Ethan on Jul 05, 2009
How can there be a californication without Mia. I guess I just have to stop watching Cali and becom a Heroes fan.
posted by lejjamie on Jun 24, 2009
Hurray for Rick Springfield- I'll be sure to watch those episodes - exciting!

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